Jul 18 2008 10:52pm

A Homeless Moon in Print

Homeless Moon, a group blog of young, promising writers, has released their first publication, sliding down the slippery slope towards becoming full-time publishers.

From their website:

The five Odyssey grads who make up The Homeless Moon join together like a piecemeal mutant Voltron to bring you a cache of eclectic genre fiction.

Michael J. DeLuca, “Construction-Paper Moon”
Jason S. Ridler, “Impracticable Dreams”
Scott H. Andrews, “Colonized”
Erin Hoffman, “The Recurrence of Orpheus”
Justin Howe, “Welcome to Foreign Lands”

If you're not going to be at Readercon 19, you can go to their website and either download a PDF or send them a $1 (to cover shipping) to receive a printed copy for free!

You can learn more about the contributors at their website. I first became aware of the group because I had received high-quality submissions from a bunch of them. The current issue of Electric Velocipede has a poem from Erin Hoffman in it and she'll have a story in the magazine next year.

But it was Erin's post about an open-source speculative fiction model that caught my (and others) attention about this group. A lot of what Erin said in this post is what's happening here at Tor. If you go check out her post, make sure to read the comments; there's some great thoughts happening down in there, too. This is a group of very smart, forward-thinking writers. I bet the chapbook will be fantastic.

I won't be at Readercon this weekend, so I sent them $1 to get a copy. I've downloaded the PDF, and I'll give a review of it next week.

Erin Hoffman
1. Erin Hoffman
Wow, thanks very much for the mention, John, and for the kind words. We were all floored and flattered by your post. And I at least await the review with trepidatiously bated breath!

I had noticed that seemed to be doing many of the things I was grousing about -- terrific looking site, and truly changing the dynamics of the online SF community. Well done, all.
Erin Hoffman
2. John Mark Ockerbloom
Did the review ever appear? (I can't seem to find it on the site if it did.) I'd be interested in seeing reviews of this book either from you or other well-known reviewers.

John Klima
3. john_klima
I'm hoping to get the review up today. I was a total loser in getting this done on time. :(

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