Jul 21 2008 5:02pm

Dan Dos Santos and Green

A quick show-and-tell.

Here are Dan Dos Santos' sketches and final art for Jay Lake’s Green -- an upcoming novel based on his short story of the same name.

I was with Dan at a convention when he was bemoaning how busy his schedule was and how he didn’t have time off for months and months. As soon as he finished I said, “We have a book about a gorgeous, deadly, assassin girl.” Suddenly he had an open spot.

Beth Meacham
1. bam
Oh, yay! for posting this! I love this painting so much. I'm sure Jay will be along soon to tell Dan how much he loves it too.
eric orchard
2. orchard
Really beautiful. And green is a hard colour to work with.
will shetterly
3. willshetterly
Ooh! Please keep posting sketches! I love seeing the process of creation. Yes, it means you'll get people saying they preferred a version that wasn't ultimately chosen, but that's just part of the discussion.

These are all great, though I love the winner most.
Ruby Blotzer
4. angellemarcs
This is amazing and I can't wait to read the book. It was a really good short story.
Beth Meacham
5. bam
I forgot this part:

GREEN by Jay Lake. pub date June 2009. I don't have the isbn handy, and I don't think you can order it yet anyway.
Jeffrey Richard
6. neutronjockey
When I grow up, I want to be a Dos Santos cover.

Paul Abbamondi
7. pabba
Stunning work. I like the pose of Green sliding down the rooftop, but the upside-down view is definitely the best shot of the bunch.
Maurizio Manzieri
8. MaurizioManzieri
Awesome illustration! I had seen a larger version of GREEN on the Dos Santos website... but not the sketches!

Isn't the choice difficult when concept art is so gorgeous?
Beth Meacham
9. bam
Actually, from my point of view as the editor of the book, it wasn't difficult at all. Not only is the upside-down sketch a striking design, it carries a wealth of symbolism from the novel. The choice was obvious.
Irene Gallo
10. Irene
Too add to BAM - I loved her matter-of-factness, about being upside. It made her seem that much more dangerous.

Dan did mention that dealing with the color green so not the easiest thing - a little to yellow it would get a bit sickly, and little too green would go minty. However he did it, he seemed to get down, alright.
Arachne Jericho
11. arachnejericho
I really love the final cover. I have a soft spot in my heart for deadly, gorgeous assassin gals, too.

For anyone who wants to read it, Jay put up the original short story on his blog.
Maurizio Manzieri
12. MaurizioManzieri
Thanks a lot for your comments, BAM and Irene!

...and thanks arachnejericho! After your tip I'm jumping to the Jay's website! :-)

Have you all a great Comic-Con!

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