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Fiction and Excerpts [8]

Fiction and Excerpts [8]

The Jewel and Her Lapidary Audio Excerpt

|| Listen to an audio excerpt from Fran Wilde's THE JEWEL AND HER LAPIDARY. The Jeweled Court has been betrayed. As screaming raiders sweep down from the mountains, and Lapidary servants shatter under the pressure, the last princess of the Valley will have to summon up a strength she’s never known. Read by Mahvesh Murad.

Revealing the Cover for Elizabeth Bear’s The Stone in the Skull

We’re excited to share the cover for Elizabeth Bear’s The Stone in the Skull—the first book in a new trilogy set in the world of the Eternal Sky. The series makes a great entry point for new readers and fans alike who wish to explore Bear’s exotic and intriguing fantasy world, as The Stone in the Skull takes readers over the dangerous mountain passes of the Steles of the Sky and south into the Lotus Kingdoms.

Check out the full cover by artist Richard Anderson below!

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Malevolent Lurkers: Revealing the Cover for Victor LaValle’s The Changeling

We’re excited to share the cover for Victor LaValle’s The Changeling, the wildly imaginative story of one man’s thrilling odyssey through an enchanted world to find his wife, who has disappeared after having seemingly committed an unforgivable act of violence—available this June from Spiegel & Grau. Below, LaValle shares the experience and creeping dread that inspired the story, plus Yuko Shimizu’s quietly haunting cover illustration…

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Man-Eating Mayhem: Revealing the Cover for Sarah Gailey’s River of Teeth

Imagine an American frontier infested with feral hippos. Sound outlandish? It’s not: the U.S. government once considered hippos for meat production. Only Sarah Gailey could bring this alternate history of America to life with such humor, depth, and vibrant detail, and we’re thrilled to unveil the cover and first excerpt from River of Teeth, her fantastic fiction debut about the hard-living, knife-wielding mercenary cowboys tasked with taking back the Mississippi from the bloodthirsty ferals who have claimed it, out this May from Publishing. readers already know and love Sarah Gailey for her series on the women of Harry Potter and smart, original takes on science fiction and fantasy culture like her passionate defense of villainesses. (You may also know from her live tweets about her first viewing of Star Wars: who could forget Space Voldemort?) Sarah is a major talent in the making, and River of Teeth is the fun, fast-paced alternate vision of America you never knew you needed, packed with a diverse cast, romance, betrayal, and of course, man-eating hippo mayhem. River of Teeth is the first in a duology, and the sequel is expected later this year.

See Richard Anderson’s cover and meet one of River of Teeth’s hippo-riding mercenaries in an exclusive excerpt below!

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The Future of Democracy is About to Implode: Revealing the Cover for Malka Older’s Null States

Malka Older’s debut novel Infomocracy took the world by storm, blazing a bold path towards a not-too-distant future and earning widespread acclaim. It has been praised as one of the best books of 2016 The Washington PostThe VergeBook RiotFlavorwire, and Barnes & Noble, and The Huffington Post declared it “one of the greatest literary debuts in recent history.”

On September 19, readers will take the next step into the future with Null States, and today we’re pleased to reveal Will Staehle’s stunning cover for the second novel in the Centenal Cycle.

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Free eBook Giveaway of Some of the Best of 2016 Edition

We are very excited to offer a free download of the 2016 edition of Some of the Best from, an anthology of 25 of our favorite short stories and novelettes from the last year. Readers worldwide can download the ebook for free by signing up for the Publishing newsletter from midnight EST on January 10th until 11:59 P.M. EST on January 17th.

Of course, you can always enjoy all of our free weekly short stories by visiting’s fiction index. These stories were acquired and edited for by Ellen Datlow, Ann VanderMeer, Carl Engle-Laird, Liz Gorinsky, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Justin Landon, Diana Pho, and Miriam Weinberg. Each story is accompanied by an original illustration.

See the table of contents below, along with download instructions for the giveaway!

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Fiction Affliction: Genre-Benders for January

Eight genre-benders are here to enliven your January, from a new Elizabeth Hand collection to an eerie Salem-set murder! Samata Schweblin’s Fever Dream arrives in an English translation; Ellen Klages’ Passing Strange brings magic to San Francisco; and two kinds of high-school horror refresh your memory about the difficulties of growing up.

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Fiction Affliction: January Releases in Science Fiction

Seventeen science fiction books kick off the year, featuring time travel, space diplomats, space murders, digital privacy, and so much more. Charles Stross begins a new series with Empire Games, Neil Clarke presents a selection of Galactic Empires, Marissa Meyer transforms her fictional world into graphic novel form, and—last on this list but certainly not least—Nnedi Okorafor returns to the world of her award-winning Binti with Binti: Home. What to read first?

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