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Classic Hollywood Stars Meet Classic Superheroes!

Joe Phillips has already given us unique takes on superheroes with his beefcake Steve Rogers and Superman art. But now he’s going in a bold new direction, casting the greatest stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age as an impressive lineup of comics’ finest heroes! Our favorite? Humphrey Bogart as a presumably-even-more-gruff Hellboy, with Peter Lorre taking on the role of Abe Sapien. Throw in Lauren Bacall as Liz Sherman and we have movie heaven!

[Wait until you see Marilyn Monroe…]

Star Wars Topps Cards: Mark Hamill Commentary Edition!

Forget headshots—the real fun thing to get autographed are collectors’ items like these vintage Star Wars Topps cards. Especially because Mark Hamill gets wonderfully snarky in signing them. (Poor Luke! But it’s so true.) Check out more at Comics Beat. Seriously, though, Hamill needs to record commentary for all of the Star Wars movies, even the one’s he’s not in!

Afternoon Roundup brings you animals that actually benefited from losing their superpowers, upcoming awesome speculative fiction, and how A Wrinkle in Time changed sci-fi forever!

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Check Out This Moving 3D Tribute to Hayao Miyazaki!

What was your first Miyazaki movie? Because if you watch this wonderful 3D tribute to his films, getting a glimpse of that first one is probably what will make you tear up. That’s assuming the music doesn’t have you weeping first. French animator Dono created three-dimensional environments that bring Miyazaki’s various memorable creations together in one shared world without ever getting too intrusive.

[One note: Needs more soot monsters!]

A Young Tim Burton Learns That Hollywood is a Snake Pit

Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, one of the greatest films of all time, premiered 30 years ago this week! In celebration, Paul Reubens posted a few behind-the-scenes stills from the shoot, and while they’re all adorable, we particularly loved this one of a young Tim Burton rasslin’ snakes!

Morning Roundup looks at the state of film criticism, the state of the superhero film, and the state of Samuel Delany!

[Plus, vampire cars.]

Go Go PokeRangers!

So long as the Internet exists, there will be headscratching crossover cosplay, like these amazing PokeRangers who must have entertained everyone they came across at Otakon. Click through for a bevy of amusing photos, from them goofing around to even posing for a fake movie poster. (Interesting how Magikarp is the clear leader, even over Mega Charizard X.) Forget the Power Rangers reboot, this is the movie that children of the ’90s demand.

Afternoon Roundup brings you #NewHarryPotterBooks, the most epic entry in summer TV programming, and Disney princes you may not want to be part of your world!

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Announcing the Winners of the First Annual Dinosaur Awards! is proud to announce the winners of the first annual Dinosaur Awards! The proud tradition of the Dinosaur Awards began in 2015 when local malcontent Chris Lough mispronounced the title of Victor Milán’s The Dinosaur Lords. The awards were presented on whatever day this article goes up, during a short, respectful ceremony up in the production office.

Congratulations to the winners and nominees! You’ve all been dead for millions of years.

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Finally Stained Glass Artistry Reaches its Full Potential!

Who rule the stained glass equivalent of BarterTown? Why, Master Glasster of course! Nerd Approved shared this gorgeous R2-D2/Tiffany glass mashup, which is available in Master Glasster’s Etsy shop, along with a beautiful glass TARDIS, and art inspired by Avatar and Pokemon.

Morning Roundup brings you the future of viewing pleasure, an awesome British rock/Pluto connection, and Neil Gaiman’s time-tested cure for writer’s block!

[Plus, a brief history of Tilda Swinton]

Who’s There? Max Gladstone Reads Hamlet in Bryant Park!

If you’re wondering who would brave the midday heat in New York City to discuss revenge dramas on a Tuesday, the answer is Max Gladstone, author of Last First Snow! (We have to say, any kind of snow seems appealing right now.) He teamed up with the Bryant Park BookClub and Oxford University Press to lead a discussion on Shakespeare’s famous text at the Reading Room, an open air library in Midtown Manhattan.

Check below the cut for Gladstone’s thoughts on Hamlet, the reluctant avenger!

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Everything in the Marvel Universe Really is Connected!

Forget multiple universes and Battleworld—what really unites all the members of the Marvel Universe are the fictional businesses that make up their lives, superpowered and not. Empire Flippers (via The A.V. Club) has created this impressive infographic mapping every tech company, restaurant, and newspaper across the United States that has played a role in Marvel Comics. (Does that mean no Avengers shawarma place?) Start planning your road trips accordingly…

Afternoon Roundup brings you a partnership between Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking for our own good, how time travel (sort of) led to Rogue One, and an exhaustive list of every time Lois Lane has discovered Clark Kent’s identity!

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Hodor Hooray! Oh! Hey! Oh!

Autocorrect is usually pretty infuriating, but every once in a while it yields something wonderful. James Chapman typed Game of Thrones‘ character names into his phone, and then illustrated the results, he may have succeeded in the nigh-impossible task of making GoT fun again. Check out Santa Stark, Throne Greyhound, and Karl Frogs here!

Morning Roundup brings you thoughtful meditations on fandom, news of The Defenders, plus a road trip on the Enterprise, a pocket-sized Cumberbatch, and a shiny new Star Trek character!

[Plus, Star Wars, through the ages!]

The Best Ant-Man Viral Marketing is the One You Almost Don’t Notice

With its Ant-Man advertising, Marvel had to be careful to toe the line between cutesy/clever and groanworthy. Case in point, the tiny Ant-Man billboards that popped up randomly everywhere. But this bit of viral advertising out in the wild is so wonderfully specific—and not immediately apparent—that we have to tip tiny hats to the marketing team. Our thought process basically reflects this tweet: “Did a car knock over this??” *takes a closer look* “WAIT WHAT”

Afternoon Roundup brings you the perfect ass-kicking, horse-picking-up superheroine; The Force Awakens‘ Finn back when he was defending against a whole other crop of aliens; and a tongue-in-cheek movement against bald baddies.

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This Nursery Has Leveled Up!

Baby Grant’s dad decided to create a magical, Yoshirrific, coin-filled Mario Kart-themed nursery! That is some A+ Dad-ing, Father-of-Baby-Grant! You can check out the whole build process here. And presumably once Grant becomes a moody teen, he can remodel the room to honor Castlevania

Morning Roundup compares Fury Roads to Genysises, looks back at the impactful history of a font, and suggests some deeply depressing cartoons for all the grownup to enjoy.

[Plus, the best thing to happen to Batman V. Superman!]

Sith Lords for Better Highways

Maybe Darth Vader felt just a little guilty about blowing Alderaan to smithereens, because as this photo shows, he did his little bit of goodwill and adopted a highway. Or, you know, a normal person co-opted the Sith Lord’s moniker (and, later, his helmet) to raise awareness about the Adopt-a-Highway program. Virginia bus driver Henry Wakley took it even further when he dressed up as Vader to pick up trash along the roadway—making Anakin truly a role model for the kids.

Afternoon Roundup brings you Frank Miller discussion from the most unexpected source, #firstworldapocalypseproblems, and snarky posthuman commentary.

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Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist… Chihuahua?

Josh Lynch has done us all a great service with his Dogs of the Marvel Universe series. While they are all very good dogs yes they are, this Iron Chihuahua just slightly edged out Ghost Rider Doberman, because, well, look at him! He’s got a martini! He thinks he’s people. You can see all of the adorable dogs (and one nefarious cat!) here.

Morning Roundup brings you another view of Ant-Man, another view of Jar-Jar, and some of the most gorgeous movies ever to grace the screen.

[Plus Mad Max as you’ve never seen him before!]

6 Things We Want to See in the Jurassic World Sequel

After breaking box-office records to become the number 3 top grossing movie, Jurassic World is getting a sequel. Just as the demand for resurrected dinosaurs was high enough to build a theme park in Colin Trevorrow’s fourth installment, the franchise finds a way. And we have some ideas where all of your favorite characters (yes, including Blue) will be in the next Jurassic installment.

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