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Wolverine Channels Johnny Cash in the First Trailer for Logan

How has it taken this long for someone to use Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” to describe beleaguered mutant Logan? Even after the mutants are gone—as seems to be the case in the first trailer for Logan, Hugh Jackman’s purportedly final Wolverine film—old man Logan staggers on. Speaking of old men, however, he and Professor X are on a road trip! To find a young girl who’s “like you, very much like you.”

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To Be Continued: Supergirl, “The Last Children of Krypton”

“I do not do well with change,” a flustered Kara declares on this week’s Supergirl, as her new boss unhires her as a reporter and a new threat descends upon National City. In a cruel twist of fate, Kara has to say goodbye to both Clark and Cat, as various obligations pull them out of her orbit and into their own side plots. But not before Supergirl and Superman have one last #TooMuchFun teamup against Project Cadmus.

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Meet Your New Prehistoric Shark Hunters

Almost twenty years ago, Steve Alten dreamed up Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror, about a prehistoric shark known as the Megalodon and the only man who can stop her. Four books later, the MEG series has released its latest installment, Nightstalkers, and director Jon Turteltaub is adapting the first novel into a thriller starring truly the only man we can trust to hunt down a deep-sea terror: Jason Statham. In case you were still having trouble visualizing this, Warner Bros. shared the first photo, of Statham and costar Li Bingbing.

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Wesley Chu Pits Roen Tan Against Rand al’Thor in Battle

“I’m a member of the Screen Actors Guild, a Kung-Fu Master, and a former vice president at a bank,” Time Siege and The Lives of Tao author Wesley Chu introduced himself in his recent Reddit AMA on r/books. “I summited Kilimanjaro last year and now have a 3 month old baby who thinks sleep is for the weak, so I’m a little delirious from not having more than four hours of sleep at a time in over three months.” Perhaps that deliriousness is what provided him with the perfect answer for one Redditor’s question, about which fictional character he would put up against one of his own in battle.

Chu gave this a lot of thought.

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Saga Press and Gollancz to Publish Elizabeth Bear’s Space Opera Ancestral Night in 2018

In 2014, Gollancz revealed that it had acquired a space opera duology from Elizabeth Bear. The author described the first volume, Ancestral Night—inspired by the works of Iain M. Banks, Andre Norton, and C.J. Cherryh—as full of “sprawling conflicts, politics, and ancient alien technologies, all wrapped up in a package of gritty, grounded personal drama.” According to an announcement from Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi this week, Ancestral Night will be published in 2018; Gollancz will partner with Saga Press to publish the book simultaneously in the UK and the US in summer 2018.

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Best F(r)iends Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero Reunite for the First Time Since The Room in New Movie

Thirteen years after starring together in the cult classic The Room, Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero are teaming up for a new movie: Best F(r)iends, in which Wiseau yet again plays the bizarre, misunderstood, vaguely creepy man with big dreams and Sestero his naïve partner in crime. Except this time it seems like actual crime, as a mortician (Wiseau) takes a hitchhiker (Sestero) under his wing and into his shady business. And of course, there’s a woman who threatens to come between these best f(r)iends. Also, at one point Tommy Wiseau wears a mask of Greg Sestero’s face. Yes, I am here for this.

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BookTubers Describe Themselves in 3 Fictional Characters and Discuss the Future of BookTube

When asked how they became part of BookTube—that is, the YouTube community who vlog about book reviews and commentary—the four panelists on BookCon’s “The Evolution of BookTube” talk had the same answer: “We didn’t have a lot of people win our lives we could talk to books about,” said Kat O’Keeffe (Katytastic on BookTube). “We turned to cameras, and people started watching the videos.”

“And more people started to watch!” Christine Riccio (polandbananasBOOKS) chimed in. This sense of finding one’s community of fellow readers on the internet also guided Jesse George (jessethereader) and Natasha Polis (tashapolis); Natasha also pointed out that the difference between a book review and a BookTube vlog is the warm, fuzzy feeling you get seeing someone else as excited about a book as you are. It was fitting, then, that one of the most fun questions of the panel tapped into the question-turned-meme that’s been on everyone’s Facebook walls and Twitter timelines in the past few weeks: If you could describe yourself in three fictional characters, what would they be?

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New Game of Thrones Set Photos Reveal Lyanna Mormont’s Next Move

Watchers on the Wall has posted a number of set photos from Game of Thrones (currently shooting at the Corbet, Northern Ireland studio) that reveal that everyone’s new favorite character from season 6, Lyanna Mormont, is indeed back next season. But another batch of photos are sparking speculation about who exactly the fierce young Lady of Bear Island might meet in her journeys.

Spoilers for Game of Thrones season 7 and the end of season 6.

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Naomi Novik Expanding Short Story “Spinning Silver” into a Novel

During her Reddit AMA last weekUprooted author Naomi Novik revealed her next big project: She is expanding “Spinning Silver,” a short story she wrote for Saga Press’ anthology The Starlit Wood, into a novel. The anthology, edited by Dominik Parisien and Navah Wolfe, includes fairy tale retellings from Seanan McGuire, Genevieve Valentine, Sofia Samatar, Max Gladstone, Amal El-Mohtar, and more; “Spinning Silver” is a reexamination of the trickster Rumpelstiltskin.

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How to Be Kara: Supergirl Season 2 Premiere, “The Adventures of Supergirl”

Kara Danvers, a.k.a. Supergirl, is back! Same time, different place—the shiny, real headquarters of the DEO! Which is a sly little metaphor for Supergirl finding its “real” home with the rest of Greg Berlanti’s superhero television series on The CW after CBS. That little dig is the show’s only display of attitude toward its former network, as the season 2 premiere takes off flying, picking up at the very end of the season 1 finale. Kara is joined by her cousin Clark Kent, a.k.a. Superman, to investigate a crash-landed Kryptonian pod; to save Lena Luthor from an assassin armed with killer drones; and to help Kara decide what she wants out of her budding romance with James Olsen and her future at CatCo Media. Or, as she aptly sums it up: “Last year was all about figuring out how to be Supergirl, and now it’s time I figure out how to be Kara.”

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Black Mirror Blurs the Line Between Virtual Reality Horror and Real-Life Fear in “Playtest”

Charlie Brooker’s delightfully bleak Black Mirror returns on October 21, with six episodes dropping at once on Netflix (the series’ new home after formerly airing on the UK’s Channel 4). However, New York Comic-Con attendees got to catch one of the episodes, “Playtest,” two weeks early at a special screening. This cautionary tale, about an American tourist playtesting a radical new virtual reality program in London, both feels like a Black Mirror episode and not. It’s the series’ funniest installment by far, which sets it apart from its graver counterparts. If you love self-aware horror movies, you’ll plug right in to this bizarre tale. If not, you’ll have to dig a bit deeper to find enjoyment in “Playtest”—but there there is a dark, classically Brooker moral lurking beneath the layers of this episode.

SPOILERS for Black Mirror 3×02 “Playtest.”

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The Man in the High Castle Season 2 Trailer Explores Parallel Universes

Everyone has two sides, as the pulse-pounding first trailer for Amazon Studios’ The Man in the High Castle season 2 reveals. Season 1 of the series, based on Philip K. Dick’s novel, presented an alternate reality in which the Allied Powers lost World War II—allowing Germany to control the East Coast of what is no longer the United States, Japan to control the West, leaving the Rocky Mountains a neutral zone that is threatening to become less neutral. The season also revolved around the discovery of strange films that presented another version of this world, making its inhabitants question their history and their identities.

As you can tell from the season 2 preview, each character can’t help but wonder who they would be in this other world…

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The First Trailer for Power Rangers is Basically a Sci-Fi The Breakfast Club

Dear Angel Grove, we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. But we think you’re crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us—in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a freak… and a screwup… and a guy who gets bullied… and a girl who gets bullied… and a tech whiz…

Does that answer your question? Sincerely yours, the Power Rangers Club.

Zordon’s “teenagers with attitude” have been replaced by misfits with even more attitude and bigger chips on their shoulders in the first teaser trailer for Power Rangers, which was released during NYCC.

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