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Donald Glover will be Lando Calrissian in Upcoming Han Solo Standalone Film

We have a new Lando! And it’s Donald Glover! has just announced that Donald Glover, late of Community and Atlanta, will play young Lando Calrissian in the still-untitled Han Solo Star Wars film, which will be directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. He’ll be joining young Han Solo Alden Ehrenreich for a story that will cover their formative years as “scoundrels on the rise in the galaxy’s underworld” which sounds promising to us.

The directors enthused over Glover’s casting, saying: “We’re so lucky to have an artist as talented as Donald join us. These are big shoes to fill, and an even bigger cape, and this one fits him perfectly, which will save us money on alterations. Also, we’d like to publicly apologize to Donald for ruining Comic-Con for him forever.”

In addition to Community and Atlanta, Glover has also appeared in The Martian, will star in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and has a longstanding rap career under the name Childish Gambino. What does everyone think of the news? Personally, I can’t wait to see him rock a floor-length cape.

Imaginative Anthropology: In Celebration of Ursula K. Le Guin

Ursula K. Le Guin was raised by an anthropologist and a writer. Not just any anthropologist: her father Alfred L. Kroeber, was the first person to earn a Ph.D. in anthropology in the United States, and after graduating from Columbia University he founded the first anthropology program at Berkeley.

This was where Le Guin grew up, in a redwood house near the school, and spending summers in Napa Valley. The descriptions of it sound idyllic, actually like something out of one of Madeleine L’Engle’s novels. She sent her first story to Astounding Science Fiction when she was 11, but was unfortunately rejected. During World War II her three brothers were away in the military, and she spent the summers of her teen years sharing the house with her parents.

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The Sequel to Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere is Coming to Radio!

Radio 4 is producing “How the Marquis Got his Coat Back”, the follow-up to Gaiman’s 1996 novel/BBC series Neverwhere. The novella was originally published in George R.R. Martin’s Rogues anthology, and features the fantastic Marquis de Carabas’ attempts to retrieve his beloved coat, amongst other adventures. The cast of this new radio drama is The most interesting thing here is that the casts from both the ‘90s BBC television series and the 2012 radio production will combine to form a giant mega cast! The Marquis will once again be played by Paterson Joseph, while Richard Mayhew and Old Bailey will be played by two veterans of the radio production, James McAvoy and Bernard Crimmins.

And as if all that isn’t enough, Neil Gaiman is also making an appearance! He’ll play The Boatman, who ferries The Marquis across Mortlake, the River of the Dead.

McAvoy enthused about his return to London Below, saying, “It’s just a privilege professionally… it’s just fun to go back into that world where so much is unknown and anything is possible.”

And Neil Gaiman is excited to revisit the character, saying, “The Marquis is probably the most fun character I’ve ever written. He is always unpredictable, he is conniving, he is unreliable. He is… especially in Neverwhere, we see him from the outside. So I thought, it would be fun to see him from the inside. It would be fun to watch what happens when we’re actually following the Marquis on a usual day! I mean, a usual day for him seems to involve the threat of him losing his life, several old enmities coming back, brainwashing and some unwanted family relationships. Plus, having to wear a poncho.”

You can head over to Radio Times for a special “first listen” preview of the drama and to read more about the production. “How the Marquis Got His Coat Back” will be on Radio 4 on 4 November, and available at BBC iPlayer thereafter.

Gandalf Brings Street Magic to Middle-earth!

What if Gandalf, rather than being a serious wizard on a mission, decided to have a little fun with his magical talents? In College Humor’s Gandalf: Street Magic, we see a much more David Blaine-esque Gandalf, merrily blowing minds with sleight of hand…and leading to the occasional orc murder. But be warned: this magic show has a twist ending, and it’s also most likely NSFW, unless you work in a place that features lots of wizard nudity.

[In which case, congratulations on having such a rad job!]

A Series of Interesting Tangents: Jonathan Lethem’s A Gambler’s Anatomy

Jonathan Lethem’s latest novel, A Gamblers Anatomy, flits through so many plots it’s hard to figure out what type of book it is. Is it a flashy tale of an international gambler? A medical drama? A critique of Anonymous? A meditation on Berkeley? A satire on modern culture?

All of them?

Lethem decides to go with all of them.

A Gambler’s Anatomy follows Alexander Bruno, professional backgammon player, as he navigates a run of bad luck, an illness that may prove terminal, the romantic attentions of two very different women, and, most complicated of all, an uneasy relationship with an old high school acquaintance who suddenly becomes central to Bruno’s life. Will Bruno survive his illness? Will he survive going home to Berkeley? And what are we to make of this novel, that can’t quite figure out what it wants to be?

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Series: Genre in the Mainstream

Celebrate Halloween with Ten Tales of Possession!

October, Greatest Month of All Time, offers many riches including but not limited to: animals in Halloween costumes, dying leaves that remind you of your mortality but are so pretty you don’t really mind, pumpkin-spiced everything, and, best of all, lists of horrific books!

Below, I’ve gathered up a by-no-means exhaustive list of books dealing with possession, personality shifts, and the paranoia that sets in when your friends are replaced by demons, aliens, and even robot-duplicates… If I’ve missed any of your favorites let me know in the comments!

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You Can All Stay Home – This Kid Just Won Halloween

I know, I know, the internet is filled with hyperbole. But this is the literal best thing I’ve ever seen. I want one. Hell, I want a fleet of these things. Can you imagine how amazing it would be to have a full body tauntaun to walk around in once Winter has us in Its icy grasp?

Clint Case of Bruiser Custom Cycle created this custom costume for his son, and because he wanted the internet to be its best self, he shared a photo to Instagram and a adorable video, which I have posted below.

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Luke Cage Meets Family Matters in this Perfect Mashup!

Luke Cage is the hero we need, and Carl Winslow is the hero we deserve! Each time I think that the internet has nothing new and wonderful to show me, some beautiful User comes along and proves me wrong. In this case, it’s Greatest Redditor of All Time Zach Ace, who has given us the gift of Luke Cage mashed up perfectly with ’90s sitcom classic Family Matters. 

As the days go by-y-y-y, you’ll click through and be filled with joy by this video.

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