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American Gods Gets the Retro Cover of Neil Gaiman’s Dreams!

We’re getting a new paperback edition of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods! Gaiman’s publisher was already planning to put out a new edition of the “Author’s Preferred Text” to coincide with Starz adaptation of the novel, but since excitement for the show has exceeded all expectation, they’ve actually run out of books to sell, which means we’re getting the new edition months sooner than expected.

But that’s not all! About a year ago, Gaiman and his editor had a conversation about the unique beauty of the painted paperback covers of the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s, particularly those of Robert E. McGinnis, who created iconic covers for Ian Fleming’s James Bond series. A few days later, Gaiman learned that McGinnis was, in fact, still painting, and was, in fact, “intrigued by the commission”, and now we’re getting an entire series of Gaiman reissues with amazing retro covers!

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The Sweet, Sweet Songs of San Diego Comic-Con

While many of the trailers that debuted over this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con favored the perennial BRRRAAAAHHHHMMMMs made popular by Hans Zimmer (Wonder Woman), or familiar soundtrack music (John William’s lilting Harry Potter theme popped up in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) a surprising number of filmmakers used really well-curated rock and pop songs, plus a hip hop classic. As a public service to you, the trailer viewer, I have compiled the greatest hits into one easy place, so if you’ve been frantically searching for that American Gods song, we’ve got it! (And thank you Commenter Elroy, for pointing us to it!) I’m going chronologically through the weekend—let me know if I missed any songs you loved!

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The New Mystery Science Theater 3000 Is Coming to Netflix!

After the one of the most successful fundraising campaigns in Kickstarter history, an insane live telethon, and a reunion hosted by Rifftrax, Mystery Science Theater 3000 made a triumphant announcement: the show will be coming to Netflix! The streaming service announced the news via their Twitter account.

We’ll update the news as it comes in!

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Allow Rick & Morty to Present the Most Disturbing Version of Kafka’s Metamorphosis

This year’s Rick & Morty panel at San Diego Comic-Con gave only a few details of Season Three (co-showrunner Dan Harmon says “it’s the most epic so far”, and that he wants Vin Diesel to do a guest spot) but most important, he and Justin Roiland gave us a hellish adaptation of Franz Kafka’s masterpiece, The Metamorphosis.

Or maybe it’s Flowers for Algernon.

Whatever, Just click through if you like violence, or if you really hate rats.

[If you like rats even slightly, you don’t want to see this.]

Roxane Gay and Yona Harvey to Helm New Black Panther Spin-Off Series!

EW has shared some fantastic new from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con: Roxane Gay  and Yona Harvey will be writing Black Panther spin-off comics! And not just any old Black Panther spin-offs, but a series called The World of Wakanda, which will focus on the tales of three women of Wakanda.

Roxane Gay is an author and critic who is currently spinning a lot of plates. She has a story collection, Difficult Women, coming out next year, a memoir releasing in 2017, and her novel An Untamed State is being adapted for film. This will be her first foray into comics, and she’ll be working with poet Yona Harvey.


Did Bryan Fuller Just Ask Steven Moffat To Write a Star Trek Episode?

Nerdist hosted a lively panel called “Nerdist TV: The Boundary Pushers” with Bryan Fuller, late of Hannibal, and currently of hotly-anticipated Star Trek, and American Gods, his American Gods co-showrunner Michael Green, and Doctor Who and Sherlock‘s Steven Moffat. Moderator Alicia Lutes lead what sounds like a merry panel, and over the course of the conversation, Fuller dropped hints that Hannibal may be back sooner than we thought, and… asked Steven Moffat to write for Star Trek?!?

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The Man in the High Castle Previews Season Two Promises Even More Tension in their San Diego Comic-Con Panel!

Last night’s Man in the High Castle panel brought some chilling alternate history to San Diego Comic-Con. Season one was the biggest hit from Amazon’s streaming service, and also turned out to be one of the strongest Philip K. Dick adaptations I’ve ever seen. We have a few highlights from the panel below, plus some new footage, but only click through if you’re caught up on season one!

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See the Ash vs. Evil Dead: Season Two Trailer That’s Too Bloody for Comic-Con

Poor Ash. The guy tries to take an early retirement in Jacksonville, where he can spend his remaining years with kegs and bikinied young people, and then the Deadites have to come along and ruin everything, and then San Diego Comic-Con bans his trailer! Apparently SDCC thought this gory, bloody, decapitation-heavy Ash vs Evil Dead: Season Two clip would be a bit much for the younger Comic-Con attendees, but we’re happy to show it here!

Just be warned, it’s super gross, and probably NSFW, unless you work somewhere incredibly cool.

[And it’s all set to Motörhead!]

Meet Mantis in the New Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 Concept Art!

We’ve got some cool new concept art for Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and guess what? We get to meet Mantis! Entertainment Weekly premiered the picture, which was then shared by James Gunn on his Facebook page. You can see the whole image below but first, take a look at Drax’s shoulder. Have Drax and Baby Groot bonded since the adorable dancing scene in GOTG Volume 1? And what does Groot still being teeny mean for the film? Executive producer Jonathan Schwartz had some thoughts:

He doesn’t have the wisdom and experience of that Groot. He’s a younger Groot and a more rambunctious Groot. The question is, is he the same Groot, just smaller? Or is he a different Groot that’s sprung up from the seed of the first Groot?

This is deep territory. Click through for Mantis and more!

[Can we please just go to Groot’s home planet, already?]

Nested Pop Culture Narratives: A Hundred Thousand Worlds by Bob Proehl

Bob Proehl’s debut novel, A Hundred Thousand Worlds, has what may be my favorite premise of a novel ever: Andrew Rhodes and Valerie Torrey—an alternate dimension David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson—fall in love on the set of their television series, Anomaly, and have a child together. This was, literally, everything I wanted to happen during the mid-90s. I didn’t ship Mulder and Scully—I wanted the characters to stay platonic partners without messing up their relationship with sex. It was incredibly important to me (and still is) to see a hetero man and woman working together as friends, and trusting each other, without assuming a will-they-or-won’t-they relationship. But I shipped the hell out of Duchovny and Anderson.

Proehl makes a great, smart, daring move, because having given us everything we’ve ever wanted, he quickly dashes all his readers’ hopes: the relationship ended terribly, Valerie and Andrew have been estranged for years, and Valerie has raised their child, Alex, not just alone, but essentially in hiding. It’s only as the book unspools that we slowly learn exactly what Valerie is hiding from, and why she’s finally decided to let Alex meet his famous dad.

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Series: Genre in the Mainstream

“Mo’ Power? Mo’ Problems!” Samuel L. Jackson Sums Up A Game of Thrones For You!

Samuel L. Jackson is one of our greatest actors, but it turns out he’s also an excellent summarizer of fantasy epics! In the seven-minute-long video below, he gives a somewhat spoilery, highly NSFW recap of all five seasons of Game of Thrones, with a few skips and fastforwarded montages for brevity, which will be perfect for anyone still on the fence about committing to the show. Jackson keeps returning to the White Walkers and the Wall (like all GoT viewers who are interested in the long game), but becomes just a little frustrated with viewers obsession with the dragons.

Sure, they’re cool, but Game of Thrones is so much more!

[Let Samuel L. Jackson sing you a song of Ice, Fire, and More Ice.]

Check Out this Real-Life Version of Aquaman’s Trident!

The smiths of Man At Arms: Reforged have forged many mighty weapons over the years, but this one might be my favorite: Aquaman’s Trident of Neptune! The metalworking itself is lovely, but it’s the test run I really love. First, it leads to a man in Aquaman cosplay hurling a trident around in a field. But even better, as we see the weapon easily defeat milk bottles, hay bales, and fish tanks (don’t worry, no fish are harmed) proving that while some of Aquaman’s powers might be a little silly, his Trident is bad ass. Watch the forging below!

[But can he talk to fish?]