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Fiction and Excerpts [1]

Fiction and Excerpts [1]

Does The Geek’s Guide to Dating Work on a Real Date?

, || Finding someone to date shouldn't be like trying to party up in an MMORPG: running around, repeatedly spamming chat channels for a group, and anxiously seeking a random encounter. (Random casual encounters are for Craigslist. This isn't that kind of book.) No, seeking out Player Two is more like an old-school RPG: a gradual progression that, with the right walkthrough, becomes much, much easier.

How Long Was the “Endless Summer” in The Wheel of Time?

One of the many ways the The Dark One attempts to unmake the world in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series is by influencing the weather. When the series begins an unnaturally long chill has pressed itself over the land, and it is broken only by the emergence of the series’ savior, The Dragon Reborn.

Later on in the series, the world (or at least the part of the world that we see) is beset by an endless summer. Heat pervades, drought persists, and there is no doubt that The Dark One is doing so in an attempt to smother the denizens of the world into submission. The threat is considered so great that the advancing plot of the entire series is eventually called to a halt so that this “endless summer” can be thwarted.

New York City, and really the entire northeastern United States, is still reeling from experiencing the hottest summer in recorded history. This endless steamroom of a season was probably what Rand, Mat, Egwene, and company had to suffer through in The Wheel of Time. While autumn has finally broken what felt like a four month-long heatwave here in NYC: how long did the world of Jordan’s Wheel of Time have to hold out?

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50 Years of Star Trek People Drinking Coffee

It’s obvious to us now that Starfleet ships are not fueled by antimatter but rather, coffee.

Be it a raktajino (Klingon coffee) or just coffee–black–a surprising number of Starfleet’s finest can’t seem to function without pounding back a pint of the dark stuff before considering yet again whether to fire Chakotay.

In our eyes, Captain Janeway is the golden standard-bearer of coffee consumption in the 24th century, but she’s simply reinforcing a long tradition of Star Trek characters subsisting on coffee coffee COFFEE. Without further introduction, we present a stately walk through Starfleet’s love of the bean.

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The Soviet Version of The Hulk is a Giant Bear With a Machine Gun

Hey, who wants to see a giant bear with a gatling gun? The answer is: everyone.

A trailer for the Russian-made movie Guardians has been lighting up the internet in the past few days, drawing comparisons to 2012’s The Avengers in regards to sheer, eyeball-widening superhero action. The plot is terrifically simple. A machine army is attacking a present-day Soviet Union (according to the press materials, although the trailer says differently!) and the government has mere days to assemble disparate Soviet/Russian superheroes into a fighting force the likes the world has never…I’m sorry I can’t hold it in anymore…THEIR HULK TURNS INTO A GIANT BEAR AND IT’S ALL I’VE EVER WANTED.


Winnie the Pooh and Piglet Too…at Tanagra!

Temba, his arms wide! Kira at Bashi “Winnie the Pooh and Piglet Too…at Tanagra”. Bastian, atop Falkor!*

*Yeah sorry we only have so much of the Tamarian language available so I’m subbing in human pop culture here. Anyway, I found this over on Geek Club Facebook and thought it too perfect not to share!

Update: Thank you, commenters, for identifying the original artist of this piece as Lar DeSouza! This and many other funny sci-fi/fantasy comic illustrations can be found on his Twitter account.

What We Know About Max Gladstone’s Next Book: Six Feet Over

B&N Blog broke the news earlier this week: Max Gladstone’s Craft Sequence is moving from Tor Books to the Publishing imprint! The news came on the crest of a wave of new information following the recent release of Gladstone’s novel Four Roads Cross; information that charts out the future of this epic-sized fantasy series.

The sixth novel in the Craft Sequence is titled Six Feet Over, and will be published by Publishing. But what else do we know?

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Help Decide Which Characters Will Be in GRRM’s Wild Cards TV Show

George R. R. Martin recently posted a big, big update on the production of his next big TV series: Wild Cards! The show now has a production company, a show runner, and a rough timeline, but most interestingly of all, George R. R. Martin is soliciting suggestions for which characters YOU, the readers, would like to see first in the show!

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What Order Should You Read The Craft Sequence In?

Max Gladstone’s fantasy series the Craft Sequence was written and published out of order (scandal!) with Book 3 coming first, followed by Book 2, then Book 5, and so on. Although Gladstone’s books converge into a fantasy series, every book is itself a standalone story taking place in the same world, and a reader can start the series with any book and still get a full experience.

With the first five volumes of the Craft Sequence now out on book shelves, readers can choose their own chronological or anti-chronological voyage through the series. So what order should a reader approach the Craft Sequence in?

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Max Gladstone’s Craft Sequence Feels Like it Could Fit Into Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere

It was during the end of Three Parts Dead, with its many reversals and its clash between different and intricate rule-based magic systems, that we both recognized the inner thrill of reading a new Brandon Sanderson story. Except…Three Parts Dead isn’t a Sanderson novel, it’s a Max Gladstone book from a few years back.

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