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Apr 21 2015 1:00pm

The Best AUs are Pacific Rim AUs

Pacific Rim AU, Iron Man, bilcrist

It’s far too much fun imagining your favorite characters in another environment, especially when you plant them in a different fictional universe. This is one of the reasons why Harry Potter alternate universes (or AUs) are so prevalent; everyone wants to know what the Buffy the Vampire Slayer crew would be like at Hogwarts, what houses they would get sorted into.

But the Pacific Rim AU may have stolen my heart in this regard. You should see some of the gorgeous work that accompanies it.

[Why Pacific Rim, you ask?]

Apr 18 2015 8:33am

Check Out the First Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer

The first Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is here, in glorious HD! And in case you were wondering why “Batman” comes first in that title, it’s because everyone hates Superman.

[Watch the Trailer!]

Feb 6 2015 3:29pm

Gene Luen Yang to Write DC Comics’ Superman

Gene Luen Yang new Superman John Romita Jr DC Comics

DC Entertainment has just announced that it’s doubling its output of comic book series, adding 24 new series (starting at #1) without pausing its 25 existing series. This new direction for the DC Universe is intended to bring greater diversity to the books and present classic characters in a more contemporary light—by bringing onboard writers including Brendan Fletcher, Garth Ennis, and Gene Luen Yang making his DC Comics debut.

[Read more]

Dec 9 2014 11:48am

Syfy Joins the Superhero Prequel Game with Krypton

Krypton prequel series Superman Syfy

Blame Gotham: Wanting to get in on that sweet origin story action, Syfy is developing Krypton, a prequel series set on Superman’s homeworld.

[Read more]

Nov 20 2014 9:00am

Morning Roundup: We Have Every Confidence in the Weyland-Yutani Dog Walking Corporation

Do you love your dog, but also occasionally daydream about an alien bursting forth from her chest? least about scaring the crap out of everybody at the dog park? Then do we have something for you! Storenvy created this fantastic alien facehugger harness, and we love them for it.

Morning Roundup wants to join Barbie’s computer class! We’ve got more discussion of Interstellar’s science stuff, and a look back at a holiday classic!

[Plus a thoughtful discussion of the marketing of Star Wars.]

Sep 15 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Are We All the MacGuffins of Our Own Lives?

Who knew MacGuffins could be so cute? So, as you probably know, a MacGuffin is an object of desire in a movie where the desire for the thing is more important than the thing itself. So, um, spoiler alert, but Rosebud fuels the plot of Citizen Kane even though the sled itself is barely in the movie, thus, MacGuffin. Same with the eponymous Maltese Falcon. Artist 100% Soft has immortalized the greatest film MacGuffins, including the Infinity Stone from Guardians of the Galaxy with this adorable art! His “Lil MacGuffins” series will be featured in a three-person art show with Glen Brogan and Russ Moore at the Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, so go buy some art!

Morning Roundup is its own McGuffin! We have links to the Prattiest of all PrattPratts! Also, a cameo appearance by Grandmaster Flash, and math porn!

[plus some creepy Star Wars stuff.]

Aug 27 2014 3:00pm

Lois Lane Gets Her Own YA Novel With Virtual Reality Video Games and Internet Romance

Lois Lane young adult YA novel Fallout virtual reality video games cyberbullying Instant Messenger Clark Kent Superman DC Comics

When DC Comics publisher Dan DiDio hinted last year that “we have big plans for Lois Lane in 2014,” we assumed that meant her own comic, in time for Superman’s 75th anniversary. Instead, Lois’ first real solo project will be a young adult novel called Fallout, by Gwenda Bond.

Much like Dean Trippe’s excellent (and, sadly, rejected) Lois Lane: Girl Reporter pitch, Fallout aims to introduce Lois to an entirely new generation of comics fans and reporter wannabes. And they’re doing so in the most Millennial way possible.

[Read more]

Jul 25 2014 11:45am

For a Brief Moment, Mankind Granted Nicholas Cage the Power of Flight

Nicholas Cage Superman trailer documentary

The late 90s were a dark time for the Superman franchise. The character was still reeling from the EXTREME!!! marketing stunt of his death in the comics and attempts to revive the character in film turned into a weird four-five-six way tug of war between Tim Burton, a string of producers, Kevin Smith, and Nicholas Cage.

A fan-made documentary is attempting to shed light on this weird almost-was film, dubbed Superman Lives. And now that documentary has a trailer.

[Watch the trailer for The Death of Superman Lives]

Jul 24 2014 4:15pm

Superman Can Probably Use the Force, So This Picture of Henry Cavill as A Jedi is Right

SuperJedi, Henry Cavill dressed as a Jedi

We sort of wish that Zack Snyder had put a little more effort into finding a suitable Jedi robe for Superman, though. It’s got that horrible shiny, crinkled I-just-got-pulled-out-of-a-plastic-costume-bag look. Come on, Snyder. Cavill’s worth more than that.

Still, whatever it takes to make our crossover dreams come true, right? Does this mean Cavill will be wearing this to the Warner Brothers panel at Comic Con this year?

All of our ongoing San Diego Comic Con 2014 coverage can be found here.

Jul 10 2014 11:15am

Is Doomsday in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?

Batman v Superman Doomsday

Bleeding Cool is reporting that concept art exists for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice featuring the character Doomsday, whose primary claim to fame is beating the crap out of Superman so hard that Superman died. The 90's were like that.

And, you know, at this point why not? The film already features Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Lois Lane, Alfred, Perry White, and is rumored to be including hints of Arrow, Aquaman, Green Lantern, The Flash, and others. Surely the addition of Doomsday will be the thing that finally excites us? We hope Paul Giamatti is playing him. His Rhino was effortless and beautiful.

Jul 7 2014 3:13pm

Former Superman Brandon Routh Joins Arrow

Brandon Routh Arrow season 3 Ray Palmer the Atom Superman DC Comics the CWYou’ve got to admire actors who are willing to take more than one try at playing a comic book superhero, especially when the first hero isn’t as well-received by audiences as hoped. Ryan Reynolds went from Deadpool to Green Lantern; we’ve nearly forgotten about current Captain America Chris Evans’ past as Johnny Storm... and now Brandon Routh joins the club of superhero reduxes.

Six years after he played the Man of Steel in the tepidly-received Superman Returns, Routh returns to the DC universe. Except this time it’s on television—the CW’s Arrow—and it’s a character of a, shall we say, smaller stature than Superman.

[Then again, big things come in small packages]

Jul 3 2014 11:40am

Brooding Superman Teams Up With Sad Batman in New Batman v Superman Photo

first look Superman Henry Cavill Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice sad Batman Ben Affleck photo

We know that Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent are frenemies in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (more on that title in a sec), but this first official photo of Henry Cavill donning the cape again reminds us a lot of our first look at Ben Affleck in the Batsuit two months ago.

That is, he looks very sad and brooding, frowning into the (Gotham? Metropolis?) rain.

[Why so serious? Wait, wrong movie.]

Jun 13 2014 12:10pm

What Are the Odds This is the Justice League Movie Line-Up?

JL8 by Yale Stewart

Hollywood tipster Nikki Finke has posted a list of the Justice League slate of movies that Warner Bros. is expected to announce at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. (Which is only in a month? Geez.) The list of films is extensive and seems to introduce an Avengers-style shared movie universe, but is it accurate?

[Justice League slate of films]

Apr 25 2014 5:00pm

Batman vs. Superman: Hollywood Weighs In!

Batman vs Superman High Five

Literally all of your favorite people have been asked the question: Batman or Superman? Total Film has been asking the question at press junkets for a while now, and have answers from a variety of actors and directors. The fun bit is in seeing how they interpret the question. While some actors clearly think it means “Who would win in a fight?” (as the pro-Superman Peter Berg declares, “preposterous fight. It’s gonna be a massacre.”), many others take it as a question about the characters’ as individuals. Some vote for Batman because he chooses to fight for good despite a lack of supernatural powers.

[Click through for videos!]

Apr 25 2014 11:13am

Batman Vs. Superman Adds Cyborg to its League of Characters

Variety has scooped the casting of actor Ray Fisher as the character Cyborg in the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie. With Gal Gadot already announced as Wonder Woman, Fisher’s casting adds further weight to the film being a backdoor assembly piece for a Justice League film.

In the world of DC Comics, Victor Stone is turned into Cyborg by his own father, who was trying to save his son’s life after an accident at S.T.A.R. Labs left Victor mangled. In the recently rebooted version of the DC Universe, Cyborg is a key player in the eventual formation of the Justice League.

S.T.A.R. Labs was included as a worldbuilding Easter egg in Man of Steel, along with Lexcorp and Wayne Enterprises. In a special feature on the DVD release of the movie, Superman actor Henry Cavill commented that Cyborg “...would create an incredible bridge between superheroes and humanity.”

Will his origin remain the same, or will Cyborg become an unwilling pawn of Jesse Eisenberg’s Lexcorp? We’ll see in two years...

Feb 13 2014 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Way To Go, Ice Jerk!

We realize that the Ice King becomes a figure of empathy in later seasons of Adventure Time, but right now, we don’t care. We just don’t care, and we’re not going to care again until New York thaws out in May. In the meantime, check out these mathematical snow sculptures! There’s a cute Totoro at the end!

Morning Roundup has news about Noah and Divergent and The LEGO Movie! And a guy in the greatest shirt of all time attacking a car! And a hard-hitting look as a game world tragedy.

[Plus more hellish snowscapes!]

Feb 6 2014 11:00am

Geek Love: Man Of Steel, Fandom Of Kleenex

Growing up, I always had an affinity for Superman—but only the idea, the figure, rather than stories. Even when I was a very young comics fan, scrounging up my buck at the corner store, I preferred the soap opera theatrics of Claremont X-Men (and most especially their junior class, the New Mutants) over anything DC had to offer... But when pressed for my favorite comics characters, I’d invariably name Superman, Wonder Woman, and Hal Jordan. People I knew only through their Who’s Who biographies and indexes, whose histories were banked forever in that corner of my mind but whose monthly adventures—actually participating and enjoying them as they occurred—didn’t interest me at all.

For me, that math was simple and it remains simple: I like the idea of Superman and Wonder Woman, of inclusive human perfection, a lot more than the feet of clay that any given story demonstrates. I was a kid that loved soldiers and warriors, as ideas, but preferred my reading companions to be directly identifiable: I can talk about Superman all day, my house is frankly full of Superman crap, but I’d rather be reading about characters I understood and felt for.

[Read More]

Jan 14 2014 5:10pm

Superheroes Reimagined by Native American Artist Are Simply Stunning

Jeffrey Veregge, The Flash

Artist Jeffrey Veregge has used his Native American heritage as inspiration for superhero and movie based artwork, and the results are nothing short of stunning. These unique interpretations have such bold plays on color and geometry that they totally blew us away. Check out more of them below and head over to his website!

[Come stare with us....]

Nov 25 2013 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Idris Elba Leaps Turntables in a Single Bound!

So, you bawled your eyes out during Catching Fire, and watched Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary unfold through your fingers. You know what? You’ve earned Idris Elba DJing while dressed as Superman. Here you go. Gaze upon that and ready yourselves for the week ahead.

Morning Roundup isn’t through yet! We’ve got some Matt Smith rumors, some million dollar comics, and lots of space shenanigans!

[Plus, not one but two O’Briens!]

Nov 22 2013 9:00am

Morning Roundup Presents a Hirsute Script Consultation

Lon Chaney Jr. with Moose

Lon Chaney Jr. and Moose the dog are having a serious discussion on the set of The Wolf Man, presumably about how they re both very good boys. Apparently these two were great friends as well as costars! Although Moose came to a sad end, it’s aww-worthy to learn that the dog always recognized Lon Chaney, no matter how much monster make-up he wore.

Morning Roundup features a spirited discussion of Doctor Who, something completely different over on reddit, and a giant leap forward in exoskeletons! Enjoy!

[Plus some silliness with Mr. Lex Luthor...]