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Feb 13 2014 9:00am

We realize that the Ice King becomes a figure of empathy in later seasons of Adventure Time, but right now, we don’t care. We just don’t care, and we’re not going to care again until New York thaws out in May. In the meantime, check out these mathematical snow sculptures! There’s a cute Totoro at the end!

Morning Roundup has news about Noah and Divergent and The LEGO Movie! And a guy in the greatest shirt of all time attacking a car! And a hard-hitting look as a game world tragedy.

[Plus more hellish snowscapes!]

Feb 6 2014 11:00am

Growing up, I always had an affinity for Superman—but only the idea, the figure, rather than stories. Even when I was a very young comics fan, scrounging up my buck at the corner store, I preferred the soap opera theatrics of Claremont X-Men (and most especially their junior class, the New Mutants) over anything DC had to offer... But when pressed for my favorite comics characters, I’d invariably name Superman, Wonder Woman, and Hal Jordan. People I knew only through their Who’s Who biographies and indexes, whose histories were banked forever in that corner of my mind but whose monthly adventures—actually participating and enjoying them as they occurred—didn’t interest me at all.

For me, that math was simple and it remains simple: I like the idea of Superman and Wonder Woman, of inclusive human perfection, a lot more than the feet of clay that any given story demonstrates. I was a kid that loved soldiers and warriors, as ideas, but preferred my reading companions to be directly identifiable: I can talk about Superman all day, my house is frankly full of Superman crap, but I’d rather be reading about characters I understood and felt for.

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Jan 14 2014 5:10pm

Jeffrey Veregge, The Flash

Artist Jeffrey Veregge has used his Native American heritage as inspiration for superhero and movie based artwork, and the results are nothing short of stunning. These unique interpretations have such bold plays on color and geometry that they totally blew us away. Check out more of them below and head over to his website!

[Come stare with us....]

Nov 25 2013 9:00am

So, you bawled your eyes out during Catching Fire, and watched Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary unfold through your fingers. You know what? You’ve earned Idris Elba DJing while dressed as Superman. Here you go. Gaze upon that and ready yourselves for the week ahead.

Morning Roundup isn’t through yet! We’ve got some Matt Smith rumors, some million dollar comics, and lots of space shenanigans!

[Plus, not one but two O’Briens!]

Nov 22 2013 9:00am

Lon Chaney Jr. with Moose

Lon Chaney Jr. and Moose the dog are having a serious discussion on the set of The Wolf Man, presumably about how they re both very good boys. Apparently these two were great friends as well as costars! Although Moose came to a sad end, it’s aww-worthy to learn that the dog always recognized Lon Chaney, no matter how much monster make-up he wore.

Morning Roundup features a spirited discussion of Doctor Who, something completely different over on reddit, and a giant leap forward in exoskeletons! Enjoy!

[Plus some silliness with Mr. Lex Luthor...]

Nov 12 2013 2:30pm

Wonder Woman, Lucien HenryOver at, they frequently hold art and photoshopping contests, and one of their favorite categories is “Superhero ModRen,” where they encourage fans to put superheroes into their favorite works of art. Some of the results on this are truly stunning, and they’ve run the category half a dozen times or so. Here are a few favorites from our end! (The one to the right would be Wonder Woman imposed on Lucien Henri Grangérard’s “Adolesence.”)

[Take a peek]

Nov 1 2013 11:00am

Superman is my favorite superhero, possibly my favorite fictional character. But when it comes down to it, my favorite moments in Superman stories rarely involve Superman directly, but instead are about the men, women, and children inspired by Superman to be brave and do the right thing, even at great personal cost. The little boy standing up to his abusive father in Action Comics #0. The population of Earth rising up to face Mageddon the Anti-Sun in JLA #41.

Which is why I love Bizarro so, so much. There are a few characters explicitly inspired to heroics by Superman (Supergirl, Superboy, Steel), but Bizarro is the only one who, by narrative conceit, can never live up to the ideal. Whatever his origin (and there’s been a few), Bizarro’s defining characteristic is that he’s “the imperfect clone of Superman.” He wants to be the hero but he always gets it wrong, often so badly he does the exact opposite of what Superman would do. He even speaks in opposites, replacing “hello” with “goodbye” and “hate” with “love.” This makes Bizarro an extremely versatile character.


Oct 28 2013 5:00pm

Ohio State marching band, Superman

Okay, we know that marching band is a noble endeavor, attempted by only the most valiant souls. But for a good portion of the population... they just don’t get it. Why can’t you just play your music sitting down? Or standing in place?

Well, maybe because you could never form a walking, eating T-Rex that way. Or the Eye of Sauron. Or fighting pirate ships.

[These guys over in Ohio...]

Oct 16 2013 3:30pm

It is hard to put into words just what Superman means; he’s meant so much to so many people for so long. Superman is an organic, evolving symbol of heroism and ethics, but because he’s a character with seventy-five years of history behind him—happy aniversary, Man of Tomorrow!—expressing just who he is can be tricky. Grant Morrison famously and brilliantly reduced his origin story to four panels; here, Bruce Timm and Zack Snyder (and a small army of annotators) transform three-quarters of a century of publishing across genre and media into a two-minute short that will make you believe a man can fly.

[Superman over 75 years]

Oct 16 2013 8:00am

Batman Van Gogh

The photography blog Worth 1000 ran a contest recently to mash-up comics heroes and classic art. Laughing Squid compiled a few of them, but our favorite was ToughMashinski’s rendition of the Dark Starry Knight here. We can totally imagine Van Gogh donning a cowl to go haunt the night, looking for the perfect batch of irises to paint, and then running into the Doctor and having an adventure.

We at Morning Roundup really love that episode. But even more than that, we love providing you with links! We have some news about a magical BBC adaptation, a documentary about the greatest magical sport, and an update on possible Ant-Men!

[Plus Guillermo del Toro talks about John Constantine.]

Oct 12 2013 1:45pm

Lois Lane comic book slated for 2014DC Comics publisher Dan Didio might have just dropped an interesting news item during the Superman 75th anniversary panel at New York Comic Con: Lois Lane is possibly slated to get her own comic in 2014!

Didio was sly about the details, dropping it near the end of a statement regarding romance between Wonder Woman and Superman. “…we love Lois. It’s her 75th anniversary, too. We have big plans for Lois Lane in 2014, and who knows, her name can look just as good on the title of a comic as Superman’s in some places.”

The “in some places” gives us pause, but if DC is pushing for a Lois comic next year, we hope it’s an ongoing, and we hope it’s something as cool as this “Lois Lane, Girl Reporter” pitch by Dean Trippe.

Sep 25 2013 8:00am

Leonard Nimoy Ian McKellen Patrick StewartOh, man. Every time we think that Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen can’t get any more adorable with their British Gentlemen BFF Roadshow, they go and show up at the Empire State Building, or throw a wedding, or, share a group hug with Spock! GeekGirlsCon shared Leonard Nimoy’s picture because they know that staring at it long enough will align the planets and usher in an age of universal harmony.

Morning Roundup wants to share some scandalous banned comics, the latest installment of the Nikola Tesla Public Image Rehabilitation Project, and the merging of Star Trek actors!

[There might also be a little bit of Breaking Bad discussion here...]

Sep 3 2013 9:00am

Batman Superman Fight!

With the recent news that Ben Affleck will play Batman in the Man of Steel sequel arriving in 2015, now seems like a good time to look back on the often fraught relationship between the two most iconic characters in the superhero pantheon. If comic books comprise a large part of the canon of our new American mythology—and there is every reason to think that they do—then the relationship between Superman and Batman, with their opposing views of heroism and justice, reflect our conflicted culture in interesting ways.

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Aug 30 2013 8:00am

LEGO artist Mihai Marius Mihu hasn’t read all of Dante’s Inferno yet, but he clearly captured the spirit of the place in these epic LEGO hellscapes. We want to say that again: EPIC LEGO HELLSCAPE. You can check out more of Hell here, and see more of Mihu’s recent sketches here.

Morning Roundup doesn’t want to leave you in the Inferno too long, so click through to find interviews with Martin Scorsese, predictions from Isaac Asimov, and a gentle ballad from Ultron.

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Aug 27 2013 12:25pm

Now that we know who Batman will be in the 2015 sequel to Man of Steel (and who we’d like Lex Luthor to be), we have a pretty good idea of how the Batman/Superman film will play out.

Or do we? YouTube mash-up artist Soylent Brak 1 has pieced together a 2 minute trailer out of various footage involving the principals and it plays so smoothly it’s like we’re watching the real thing. Check it out.

[Batman/Superman trailer]

Aug 27 2013 8:00am

Peter Dinklage Hula HoopWe know that Tuesdays are particularly difficult. On Tuesday the week yawns before you, everything you weren’t able to finish on Monday is still sitting there, waiting, and you can’t even console yourself with being halfway to the weekend. So here, in an attempt to shine a light of hope on your day, is Peter Dinklage hula-hooping. Perhaps that isn’t enough? Perhaps this would be even better if it turned out that Dinklage went clubbing with Lena Headey? want the video?

Today’s Morning Roundup will give you a some more news about Superman vs. Ben Affleck, the only documentary to feature both Neil Gaiman and Joel Hodgson, and Patrick Stewart being even more awesome than usual!

[Plus an animation from Edgar Wright!]

Aug 22 2013 11:00pm

Ben Affleck batman

The only question anyone has had since the sequel to Man of Steel was announced as a Superman vs. Batman film is: Who is the new Bruce Wayne? After a million rumors insisting that Christian Bale was going to reprise the role, we finally have an answer...

[And the winner of Wayne Manor is...]

Aug 12 2013 8:00am

Tom Hiddleston Cookie Monster Sesame Street Loki

Curse you, Loki, for turning the Cookie Monster to your side! We can only hope Thor and Oscar the Grouch team-up to halt their menace, for we are not strong enough to resist the sway of Tom Hiddleston and his EVIL COOKIES.

This promo shot comes courtesy of PBS’ Instagram. Hiddleston will appear on the new season of Sesame Street. Probably not dressed as Jango Fett.

Your Morning Roundup is trying to remember that movie you like...the dad’s a robot? They’re all made of Lego? Zardoz, that’s it.

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Aug 8 2013 11:15am

Bryan Cranston Lex Luthor

MTV is reporting on a rumor that Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston is being courted to play Lex Luthor in the Superman/Batman Man of Steel sequel. The news was pieced together from a series of very obvious hints tweeted by Latino Review writer El Mayimbe.

[Walter White as Lex Luthor?]

Jul 20 2013 3:33pm

Superman vs Batman movie dc zack snyder

During its San Diego Comic Con panel, Warner Bros. confirmed the rumors that Man of Steel will get a sequel featuring the Dark Knight. The Hollywood Reporter broke a story on the potential DC line up, detailing a plan that only days prior hadn’t looked too solid. Read on for further details.

[Hero meets hero]