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Mar 26 2015 8:00am

Morning Roundup: We Would Never Let Go of These Kitties!

Sinking Titanic Cat Condo

All right, Hollywood Kitty Company, we like the cut of your jib. Taking a historic tragedy/blockbuster Billy Zane-vehicle like Titanic and turning it into a cat toy... well, it’s the sort of thing that makes us love the internet. As you can see, the Sinking Titanic Kitty Condo provides multiple portholes and smokestacks for the cats to climb through, all propped up by a scratching post the kitties can cling to when they leap overboard. You can find more photos of cats on the deck of the Titanic over at Laughing Squid!

Morning Roundup brings news of Jubilee, Star Trek 3, and Mulder & Scully!

[Also, a stellar cover of an interstellar ballad.]

Mar 17 2015 2:00pm

Afternoon Roundup: Arya’s Journey, Summed Up in One Image

Donato Giancola Game of Thrones sketches Arya the Hound

Artist Donato Giancola, who wonderfully illustrated the Song of Ice and Fire 2015 calendar, has gifted us with more ASOIAF-inspired work. Recently he has posted several excellent drawings to his Facebook page, including one of Brienne of Tarth and this image of Arya and the fallen Hound. Check them all out!

Afternoon Roundup brings you Batman rumors, Mal and Wash on a spaceship again (sorta), and Commander Riker in Nerd Court!

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Mar 11 2015 1:30pm

Afternoon Roundup: How About Some Quidditch in Batman’s Backyard?

Quidditch Wayne Manor Batman Christopher Nolan

Last weekend, the British Quidditch Cup was held at none other than Wayne Manor. (Well, Wollaton Hall and Park in Nottingham, where key scenes from The Dark Knight Rises were shot.) We’d like to think that Quidditch could have done young Master Wayne some good; Batman is definitely a Beater. (Hat-tip to @annesmart for the photo; check out another great shot.)

Afternoon Roundup brings you live-action Dumbo with a trippy director; a digital quilt of fantasy paintings; and the opportunity to see Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk together on a spaceship again!

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Feb 25 2015 2:30pm

Afternoon Roundup: Channing Tatum Three-Wolf Jupiter is Everything

Channing Tatum three wolf tee shirt Jupiter Ascending

Unfortunately, there’s not much Jupiter Ascending merchandise out there, but we would proudly wear or display this brilliant parody (by fan Stefanie via society6) of the iconic Three-Wolf Moon poster. You can snatch it up in print or tank top form. While you’re at it, read this great piece from The Daily Dot on why Tumblr is Jupiter Ascending’s true fandom.

Afternoon Roundup brings you Godzilla peeking into your hotel room, Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick on your TV, and your first glimpse of more Frozen!

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Jan 27 2015 1:17pm

The Most Brutal and Most Beautiful Snow Planets from Sci-Fi and Fantasy

snow planets ice planets Hoth Star Wars

Back in 2011, when our little corner of the universe was covered in snow, we asked our Twitter followers to name as many snow planets as they could. Four years later, with another Snowpocalypse upon us, we’ve had time to think up even more icy worlds (including our own, depending on who you ask).

Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back is an easy one, but what else is out there?

[Your cursor will freeze before you reach the first marker!]

Jan 21 2015 12:00pm

This Joss Whedon Shared Universe Theory Actually Makes a Lot of Sense

Cabin in the Woods monsters cubes

It’s surprising that Joss Whedon’s main canon of work has existed for almost 20 years, and only recently have people started drawing mind-blowing connections between his various television series and movies. It made all sorts of crazy sense for Tim Burton, and now we’ve stumbled upon a fan theory that creates a literal Whedonverse.

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Dec 4 2014 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Burn the Cookies, and Boil the Nog, You Can’t Take the Holidays From Me!

Blastr shared this poignant piece of holiday art: A gingerbread Serenity! The bakers managed an extraordinary amount of detailing in their chosen medium of icing, gumdrops, and delicious gingerbread. Now we just need a tiny Jayne made of Twizzlers!

Morning Roundup has facts about Suicide Squads and Masters of the Universe! Plus, news of Elsa and Anna’s latest adventures, and an argument about the state of Middle-earth.

[And, wait, a Frozen-loving dog?]

Dec 1 2014 10:00am

Songs That Did (and Didn’t) Work in Genre Movies and TV

Seal Kiss From a Rose Batman Forever

An animated girl-power narrative undermines its entire message with a cringingly cheesy soundtrack. A way-modern band shatters the illusion of a period film. Two superheroes decide to consummate their relationship in-costume, only for the mournful strains of Leonard Cohen to completely kill the mood. Music choice is everything, but especially in genre stories where you have a specific world and tone to match.

Many unsuitable songs are shoehorned into genre movies and television series, the worst ones coming off so anathema to the scene being set that they make viewers say “huh?” Below, we list songs that did that for us, but we also list instances where the music paired with a movie absolutely kills it. Relive the greatness and badness of these songs! (And add your own!)

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Nov 26 2014 4:00pm

Evil Couture, Inc. — The Best Fashionable Villains!

Villain Fashion, White Witch, Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Tilda Swinton

One of the perks of being evil—you can dress however you like. From fine couture to outrageous false eyelashes, many villains express their freedom from wholesome heroics by creating wardrobes that match their inner diabolical divas. Here are some of the best dressed baddies from across genre.

[If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will.]

Nov 26 2014 11:00am

7 Things I Want to See Happen in Jurassic World

Jurassic World Chris Pratt

I was going to give Jurassic World a pass. I really was. But, you know, it’s one thing to imagine being able to deny the glory of a dinosaur and another to actually watch dinosaurs galloping across fields in that trailer. Suddenly I’m screaming “I want that!” and apologizing to all of my co-workers. (Again.) Dinosaurs are just cool and I can’t explain why and now suddenly here they are again. I want to go to Jurassic World, the park. I want to watch the big snappysaurus eat a shark while I marnch on a $14 raptor-shaped rice krispie treat. (IRONY.) I want to have an apatosaurus look at me dismissively for a moment before going back to slurping in the river. I want to yell “You shouldn’t be!” at a stegosaurus.

I’ll get what I want, probably. Judging from the trailer, Jurassic World the movie looks pretty capable of showing me the small and large wonders of Jurassic World, the park. But here’s what I want to see in Jurassic World, the movie. (Or as we laymen like to call it, Jurassic World: The Park: The Movie.)

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Nov 25 2014 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Gleaming the Batcube!

Unreality Magazine shared this shot of The Joker, um, kickflipping over Batman. Yes, this is probably just photoshopped, but we prefer the reality where Heath Ledger—a known skateboard-enthusiast—decided to add a little X-TREME flair to his Dark Knight character. Bottom line: it made us happy, so here you go.

Morning Roundup reminds you that no one can take the sky from you! Also, we’ve got adventures in cloning, and reading suggestions for film lovers.


Nov 18 2014 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Why So Flemish?

Sacha Goldberger is a French photographer whose latest project is a series of photos called “Super Flemish.” These photos, which were exhibited in Paris in September, combine the iconic images of superheroes and Star Wars characters with the clothing and muted lighting of the Flemish School of the 17th Century. You can see more of the images here!

Morning Roundup comes to you with amazing gifts! Would you like to see Ronan the Accuser dance? Would you like to buy a Batmobile? Or possibly learn new tips for thriving in the coming Zombocalypse? We can give you all these riches, and so many more.

[Or perhaps...try living life as a goat?]

Nov 17 2014 9:00am

Morning Roundup: If You’re Gonna Redesign a Film Poster, Why Not Do it with Some Style?

Matt Taylor did a fantastic job with this Back to the Future poster for Mondo! As the artist said:

BTTF is basically my dream project and as such is utterly terrifying, because it is embedded in the public consciousness and has it’s own library of iconography that even people who haven’t seen the film will know.

He seems to have overcome his terror quite well, because even if we’d been living under a rock since 1985, we would see the hell out of this movie!

Morning Roundup brings you more thoughts on Interstellar and its lead, news on Guardians of the Galaxy’s role in the Marvelverse, and the many voices of Benedict Cumberbatch!

[Plus, Christmas comes for the Browncoats! ]

Oct 27 2014 12:30pm

Seven Science-Fiction Heroes with Swashbuckling Swagger

In another time they may have sailed with Blackbeard or Captain Kidd but these anachronistic swashbucklers live in a future of droids, Daleks, and mutants. They are heroes who laugh in the face of death, live to do battle against impossible chances, and know when to toss that one-line quip that sends proceedings up with a wink. Quite often they are hesitant protagonists who seem more prone to shady dealings than noble pursuits, but when the chips are down they rise to the occasion and balance the odds.

Without further ado, here are seven science-fiction heroes with swashbuckling swagger!

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Aug 29 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Love Makes Superheroes of Us All!

Captain American and Iron Man Cake Topper

Last weekend, two members of the extended family combined, Voltron style, to become Kemelsey Basher-Parrot. (At least, we think that’s how marriage works…) So we thought the best way to kick off a holiday weekend was by sharing their EPIC CAKE. Please note that the topper of said cake homages the EARTH 3490 Universe, in which Tony Stark was born female (and for some reason named Natasha Stark? What’s wrong with Antonia?) and Stark’s marriage to Steve Rogers averted the Civil War.

Morning Roundup gives you a definitive ranking of Firefly episodes that we’re sure everyone will agree with 100%! Plus a look at the history of Star Wars edits, and Ridley Scott’s answer to people quite reasonable questions about Exodus.


Aug 12 2014 12:21pm

Li’l Firefly: Featuring Kaylee is the Best Cosplay That Will Ever Exist

BEHOLD THE CUTE. Jewel Staite was recently ambushed by children aiming to misbehave! She posted the evidence on Instagram because she loves us. Mini-River knows how to do her awesome fighting stance perfectly! And and MINI-JAYNE HAS DRAWN FACIAL HAIR ON HIS FACE.

Oh, we need to stare at this forever.

[via Fashionably Geek]

Jul 25 2014 12:15pm

Shiny! Serenity’s Crew Will Reunite Through Firefly Online Roleplaying Game

Firefly Online trailer original cast reunite voices San Diego Comic-Con 2014

We’ve known about the Firefly Online MMO since last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, though details on the Firefly roleplaying game have been scarce. But there’s an encouraging announcement from this year’s SDCC: The original cast is reuniting for the game!

[Click through for the Firefly Online trailer]

Jul 16 2014 3:00pm

There and Back Again: Our Favorite Forms of Fictional Transport

Hogwarts Express SFF transport

The temperature is climbing here in Manhattan, which has all of us at dreaming of getting away for a while. And since we’re on the subject, how cool would it be if you could take the TARDIS to your favorite vacation spot? Soar over the crowds on Miami Beach on the back of your very own dragon, or skip the lines at the Eiffel Tower by apparating yourself straight to the top? If you answered “pretty darn cool” then you, my friend, are correct.

We recently asked the Twitterverse how you’d like to arrive at your favorite summer vacation spot, and we’ve compiled a list of the twelve best forms of fictional transportation based on your answers!

[So grab some Plutonium and let’s get going...]

Jul 15 2014 3:45pm

Joss Whedon Revives Wash! On...Single Page Firefly “Sequel”

Joss Whedon Firefly doodle napkin Buffy doodle Wash not dead Mal River Coulson

Remember that time Joss Whedon summed up Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a doodle for a fan who asked him to bring the show back? Now Joss has one-upped himself and revived another beloved series—this time a certain space opera, and this time on a piece of notebook paper.


Jul 14 2014 5:30pm

Workout Like Your Favorite Superheroes, Spies, and Slayers!

Neila Rey Workout, Spider-Man

We know it can be rough to get our exercise on regularly, and we’re not going to be those Type-A people who try to convince you that it’s totally easy once you get the hang of it. But we stumbled across these awesome workout guides from Neila Rey—all for free, and most of them named for familiar characters that we know and love. There’s a legion of sets named for the spadex-clad, the super bad, and the secret sass-masters we would all like to emulate on certain days of the week.

What we’re saying is, exercising is way more fun if you can pretend to be Peter Parker while doing some weirdly modified push-ups.

[Check it out]