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September 18, 2014
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Sep 3 2014 12:35pm

Meet Baymax in This Painfully Adorable Clip From Big Hero 6

new Big Hero 6 clip meet Baymax cute adorable squee pain levels puberty Hiro Disney

Between Toothless, Groot, and now Baymax, insanely adorable sidekicks in genre movies are totally having a moment. If you’re not yet a fan of the sweet, inflatable robot from Disney’s forthcoming Big Hero 6, then let this clip convert you. In it, Hiro rediscovers his robot protector (left behind by his older brother?), who proceeds to diagnose him with an alarming (but totally normal) condition.

[Watch the clip]

Aug 5 2014 12:30pm

Frozen Screenwriter Jennifer Lee’s Next Project: Adapting A Wrinkle in Time for Disney

Jennifer Lee adapting A Wrinkle in Time for Disney Madeleine L'Engle Frozen Wreck-It Ralph

Jennifer Lee is on fire lately! After co-writing Disney hits Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen, she’s set her sights on a new project for the Mouse House. Only this time it’s live-action, and an adaptation of a beloved childhood novel—Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time.

Lee takes over the project from Jeff Stockwell, who had first tackled the screenplay when the adaptation was first announced in 2010. It made sense, as he had adapted Katherine Paterson’s Bridge to Terabithia. However, according to Variety, Lee wowed executives with her emphasis on strong female characters and her ideas for building L’Engle’s twisty, terrifying sci-fi world filled with tesseracts and time travel. No surprise, those are the two elements that made Frozen and Ralph so compelling to movie audiences.

We’re especially interested to see Lee’s take on protagonist Meg Murry, intellectually wise beyond her 14 years but still rather emotionally immature; Frozen’s Anna likely owes a lot of her spirit to Meg. The same goes for Meg’s child prodigy younger brother Charles Wallace, who falls under the sway of an evil alien. It’s darker stuff than the other two movies have handled, but we think the characters are in good hands. Especially because the central tenet of Wrinkle is love.

Aug 4 2014 4:25pm

Get Ready to Love This Face Again. Alice in Wonderland 2 Will Be Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter’s Origin Story

Alice in Wonderland 2 Mad Hatter Johnny Depp

In case you mistakenly thought that the star of Disney’s 2010 Alice in Wonderland and its forthcoming sequel was Alice Kingsleigh (Mia Wasikowska), let us disabuse you of that notion. The true star appears to be Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter, because Disney has signed on Depp for Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass long before any other castmember has even thought about committing.

Then there’s the interesting casting of Rhys Ifans as the Mad Hatter’s father. Basically, you had better love tea parties and wacky headwear if you want to enjoy the second Wonderland movie.

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Aug 4 2014 2:00pm

Does Thor Qualify as a Disney Princess?

Thor female

The recent fuss about the new female Thor, combined with the fact that Disney owns Marvel Entertainment, has sparked jokes about whether this makes Thor a Disney Princess. Disney says the Marvel movieverse is separate from their Princess line, but it’s still a remarkably telling question if we take it seriously and actually look at what qualities make a Disney Princess, which Thor has, and what this shows about the Disney-patented princess obsession which has such an enormous impact on millions of kids (especially girls) and on our culture as a whole.

Before anyone protests that the new female Thor isn’t actually Odin’s son, but a different person carrying Mjollnir, we can look instead at Thor from Marvel’s Earth X, when the thunder god actually was transformed into a woman (Marvel has no shortages of any given character being turned into any given thing).

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Jul 31 2014 1:40pm

Be Careful What You Wish For in the First Into the Woods Teaser Trailer

watch Into the Woods teaser trailer Chris Pine Anna Kendrick Emily Blunt Johnny Depp Meryl Streep

Into the Woods has caused considerable furor long before its Christmas Day release, with rumors that Disney had cut the musical’s sexiest song for the movie adaptation. (Don’t worry, they didn’t.) Now, the first teaser trailer is out, allowing us our first chance to ponder the movie based on actual footage and not just set photos and hearsay.

[“I wish...”]

Jul 26 2014 7:00pm

Once Upon a Time Running Out of Ideas, Hopes You’ll Watch a Villain Named “Frank Matterhorn”

Once Upon a Time gag reel villains Frozen inspiration Jane Espenson Carlton Cuse Disney villains

Usually the best TV and movie gag reels feature the cast, but we can’t stop giggling over this “behind-the-scenes” video from the writers’ room of Once Upon a Time. Ever wonder how the writers’ room decides which fairy tale characters to reboot? We get our answer in this really funny video, screened at the show’s San Diego Comic Con panel.

At the writers’ room “mini-camp” (“it’s not really a camp”), the topic of the day is villains. And they’ve got some pretty loopy brainstorms for who the season 4 baddie should be. Plus, the inspiration behind the show’s upcoming Frozen arc.

[“Frank! ...Matterhorn.”]

Jul 26 2014 3:45pm

Once Upon a Time’s SDCC Frozen Clip: Anna and Kristoff Are Getting Married?

Once Upon a Time Frozen clip San Diego Comic-Con SDCC 2014 Elsa surprise Anna Kristoff wedding

Once Upon a Time’s SDCC panel had the actor who plays Henry talk about switching bodies with Peter Pan, and provided hints about Hook’s new costume... but let’s be honest: The real thing that all the Oncers were looking forward to (and those of us tuning in at home) is Frozen. And boy, did OUAT deliver. Spoilers ahead.

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Jul 25 2014 9:40am

Here’s Your First Look at Frozen’s Elsa on Once Upon a Time

first look Elsa costume Once Upon a Time Frozen Georgina Haig Frozen Elsa cosplay

Fringe’s Georgina Haig was certainly inspired casting to play Frozen’s ice queen Elsa, who’s abandoning Arendelle for Storybrooke on Once Upon a Time this fall. But we’ve been waiting for our first official look at the character to see if she can really channel Elsa.

White-blonde braid? Yep. Fierce expression? Right there. Sparkly blue gown? Well... we’re not the hugest fans of her costume.

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Jul 23 2014 2:10pm

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is Real! It’s Coming!

Captain Barbossa, Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush

Some people are surely sighing over this, but we have no problem with another Pirates of the Caribbean film on the loose! Let's do this people! More Jack-Barbossa adventures! It's now set to open on July 7, 2017, so we've got some time.

No plot details have been released as of yet, but having the release date set gives us an idea of when the film will go into production, which is likely sometime in 2016!

News via the Disney blog.

Jul 22 2014 11:45am

Star Wars: Rebels Extended Trailer Proves That Where There’s a Will, There’s a Jedi

watch Star Wars: Rebels extended trailer Disney XD Lucasfilm prequel Ezra Jedi Republic Obi-Want Kenobi Mandalorian CGI Clone Wars A New Hope

We were decidedly underwhelmed by the first trailer for Star Wars: Rebels, worrying that the show was way too directed at Disney XD’s kid audience. But now the first extended trailer has dropped, and we’re getting much more of a Clone Wars vibe. You could say that we’re feeling... a new hope about this series.

[Watch the full trailer!]

Jul 18 2014 2:30pm

Frozen on Once Upon a Time: Elsa Won’t Get a Love Interest and What Else to Expect

Frozen Once Upon a Time crossover what to expect Elsa love interest Anna Kristoff Sven Olaf Disney ABC

To the delight of some TV viewers and the chagrin of others, Frozen is the latest Disney film that ABC’s Once Upon a Time is cribbing from for season 4. They ended last season with a shot of Elsa’s retreating back, signaling that winter was indeed coming (sorry, had to) in Storybrooke. A recent paparazzi shot gave us a clearer look at Elsa in her signature dress; OUAT has also cast Anna and Kristoff.

But what will compel the royal sisters and ice harvester to leave Arendelle? And, more importantly, are we going to see some sort of twist on their recent-but-by-now-very-familiar story? OUAT’s creators sat down with Entertainment Weekly to hint at what to expect. (We’re gonna break the news to you now—no Olaf.)

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Jul 15 2014 12:26pm

Watch the Full Trailer for Disney/Marvel’s Goofy Superhero Movie Big Hero 6!

Disney Marvel Big Hero 6 full trailer watch superheroes robots Baymax Hiro Hamada Frozen Wreck-it Ralph

We've been psyched for the Disney/Marvel collaboration Big Hero 6 since the first teaser dropped in May—and now we've got the full trailer to cheer over!

What did we already know? Big Hero 6 is about a government-recruited team of superheroes, including 14-year-old supergenius Hiro Hamada and his puffy robot companion Baymax.

What do we know now? So much more—ESP-wielding villains in kabuki masks, microbots, San Fransokyo!

[“Weee jumped out a windoooow...”]

Jul 3 2014 11:05am

Want to See Frozen as a 2D, Hand-Drawn Animated Film?

Frozen concept art 2D hand-drawn film Disney no more 2D 3D

Back in 2013, Disney’s chief executive Bob Iger said that the company had no plans to make any more 2D animated movies. Those of us who grew up on The Lion King, Aladdin, and other hand-drawn classics were gutted, because as much as the current 3D offerings retain the same wit and infectious songs, the animation style leaves something to be desired. (Except for Wreck-It Ralph, but that worked since it was set in a video game.)

But we can always live on in fantasy, through pieces like this Frozen concept art that lets us reimagine the runaway hit as a Disney film of yesteryear.

[Feast your eyes]

Jun 27 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Someone Get this Hiccup a Toothless!

Hiccup cosplay How to Train Your Dragon

How awesome is this Hiccup cosplay?!! Somebody needs to figure out how to genetically engineer a Night Fury, so Liui Aquino can complete the look. And then they need to genetically engineer every other dragon in the film, so we can all live in the world we deserve.

Morning Roundup must soldier on in this wretched, dragon-less world. There are still wonders to behold, after the robots that host Entertainment Weekly trying to make sense of Guardians of the Galaxy. And The New Yorker noticing that Frozen is a thing!

[Plus, Nobody Brings It Home Like the Starks on HBO.]

Jun 24 2014 5:00pm

Rest Easy—The Into the Woods Movie Did Not Cut “Any Moment”

Chris Pine, Anna Kendrick, Into the Woods

Everyone who knows the musical Into the Woods was likely dismayed by the news Stephen Sondheim gave during a master class at NYU—that the song “Any Moment” was being removed altogether, along with a key dalliance between two characters.

Looks like the concern was premature, however. Sigh of relief time.

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Jun 19 2014 11:50am

Into the Woods Movie Cuts Its Sexiest Song, Because Disney

With all the casting news and other tidbits around the movie adaptation of Into the Woods, we had nearly forgotten that it’s a Disney film. But some recent insights from Stephen Sondheim make sure we know exactly what’s up—as the movie cuts a major death and a majorly sexy song. (Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t seen the musical.)

[Find out who doesn’t die and who doesn’t have sex]

Jun 17 2014 10:40am

Check out Tim Burton’s Lost Version of Hansel and Gretel!

In the halcyon days before Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Tim Burton made several short films, including Vincent, Frankenweenie, the Faerie Tale Theatre production of Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp, and an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents called “The Jar.” Possibly the weirdest of these early works was his whimsical production of Hansel and Gretel, which was aired only once, in 1983, on the Disney Channel, at 10:30 on Halloween night. After many years of people believing they’d had a truly unique hallucination, the film was shown at MoMA’s Tim Burton retrospective in 2009. And now, suddenly, it’s popped up on YouTube. We’re accepting this as a late (or early?) Halloween gift from the internet!

[Watch the whole film below!]

Jun 15 2014 11:00am

The Lion King Turns 20 Today… and It Was the Most Unlikely Success Story You Will Ever Hear

The Lion King

You can often separate your generations out by Disney movies, though it seems a strange thing to do. And one of the movies that was absolutely key for mine happened to be The Lion King.

But here’s the kicker—The Lion King wasn’t intended as a golden egg-laying goose. In fact, it was the unloved cousin that Disney wanted swept under the rug from the outset. It was expected to fail. So for its 20th birthday, here are a few tales, a few behind the scenes gems that make it clear why this odd-ball project that was based on no fairy tale whatsoever became something of a classic.

[The horse no one would bet on…]

Jun 2 2014 11:30am

Maleficent is Too Busy Taking Names to Worry About the Haters

Maleficent, Angelina Jolie

So... Maleficent has been panned by a lot of people. And while it is lacking in certain technical and structural merits, I’m not going to deny it—it’s lovely. Got some flaws, but if you’ve been holding out for a fairy tale retelling that manages to truly empower, this is where it’s at.

You’re just going to have to get over any issues you might have with Angelina Jolie. Yes, you.

Major spoilers for the film below.

[There is no such thing as True Love’s Kiss]

May 22 2014 12:30pm

Check out the Trailer for the Disney/Marvel Collaboration, Big Hero 6!

Big Hero 6

We have the first trailer for Big Hero 6! What is Big Hero 6? It’s the next effort from the Disney team that gave us Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen (so...good pedigree there) and is theoretically based on a Marvel comic from the 1990s of the of the same name, although if you blinked back then you probably missed it.

Big Hero 6 is a superhero team led by 13-year-old supergenius Hiro Takachiho, and his robot bodyguard, Baymax. The original storyline of the comic is a pretty eye-popping combination of superhero arcs, nuclear anxiety, and family angst, so we’re really excited to see how it translates into a film.

[Click through for robots!]