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Apr 16 2014 5:00pm

Mona Al Marzooqi, a photographer for The National, shared this image from the set of Star Wars Episode VII, which has begun filming without the benefit of a full cast. So, look closely at the image—what do you see? We see a large round pedestal rolling out of a tent... and some people are speculating that it’s the foot of an Imperial Walker! But the National itself is arguing that it’s “a giant, round, grey disc, which bears a striking resemblance to parts of an escape pod on which C3P0 and R2D2 crash-landed on Tatooine in the original, 1977 film.”


Apr 16 2014 9:40am

X-Men Days of Future Past Trailer 3

A plethora of mutants make appearances in the third trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past. Logan tries his best to explain the plot of the movie to past-Charles: essentially it boils down to “the Sentinels are bad,” but we all knew that already, right? We’re still not convinced that Logan is the best choice for this mission, but it sure is fun watching him interact with—and occasionally punch—the old (young?) gang!

[Watch the trailer]

Apr 15 2014 2:15pm

Captain America, Winter Soldier, FrozenThere are lots of Frozen mashups in the world already, but when you have a title character called “The Winter Soldier,” he would seem an apt analog for Queen Elsa, no? And considering Cap's feelings in the newly released sequel, we're just gonna cry a lot and present you with this piece of fanart.

Just... just build a snowman with your Steve. Please? It doesn't have to be a snowman.

Fan art via

Apr 14 2014 4:20pm

How Frozen Should Have Ended

Frozen fandom has pretty much universally decided that Princess Elsa would have been much better off in childhood had her parents... been better at the whole parenting thing? Nothing like having your elders convince you to bottle up your emotions.

But how could they have done better? How It Should Have Ended has the answer.

[Who really gets kids like that?]

Apr 14 2014 12:00pm

Only Lovers Left Alive, Tilda Swinton, Tom Hiddleston

When someone tells you that there’s a vampire film starring Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston out now, your first reaction is obviously, “Teleport me to a theater where I can clap eyes on this stunning achievement.” If you’re a fan of Jim Jarmusch’s work, that’s only going to make it more enticing.

But since Only Lovers Left Alive is not exactly on wide release, you might be wondering, “Is it worth it for me to search for a theater playing this film festival gem?” In this viewer’s succinct opinion: Run, do not pace thoughtfully.

For a less abridged version, read on.

[We are zombies, and we are ruining everything, by the way.]

Apr 10 2014 3:20pm

How to Train Your Dragon 2 trailer

Toothless here looks exactly how we all feel right now about the third trailer for How to Train Your Dragon 2. There are ice mammoths and epic sky battles and flaming swords and seriously you guys, just watch it already! June 13th cannot get here fast enough...

[Watch the Trailer]

Apr 8 2014 3:20pm

The Goonies

Goonies director Richard Donner recently gave away that he’s planning to finally make our sequel dreams come true. This nearly thirty years after The Goonies made cult movie history, and many years after the kids all grew up and went their separate ways. Excitingly, however, Donner claims he wants to bring the entire gang back together for the film. So what’s the right route to go for this?

For starters, how about we scrap the “next generation” gimmick before anyone says a word.

[Just a thought...]

Apr 8 2014 10:35am

Starbuck, Battlestar Galactica

Just when you thought you were safe from the cylons...

Looks like Universal is picking up where Bryan Singer left off, still determined to make Battlestar Galactica into a film franchise.

So it’s like... Stargate in reverse?

[More info below]

Apr 7 2014 10:00am

Firefly, Mal, Zoe

I’m about to commit fandom suicide here, but I suppose if you’re gonna go… death by Browncoat isn’t too bad?

Look, Firefly is great. I would never dispute that—in fact, I consider myself a fan of the show overall. But it’s not The Best, and I’m still really confused about how it is constantly touted as such. Incredibly confused. And I can’t help but think that shimmery gossamer cloaking it has so much to do with it’s early death.

[Burn the land and boil the sea, you can’t take the sky from me….]

Apr 4 2014 2:15pm

Captain America: Winter Soldier Bucky

Note: This review is spoiler-free, with a separate section below for spoilers. There will be a warning before the spoilers begin. The comments will also contain spoilers.

If you’ve read any other reviews of Captain America: The Winter Soldier then you’ve essentially been told everything you need to know. 1.) It’s a must-see if you’re invested in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 2.) Even if you’re not, it’s still a lot of fun. Did you see Iron Man 3 or Thor: The Dark World? Whatever reaction you had to those movies is what you’ll have to Winter Soldier.

[Read more]

Apr 4 2014 10:38am

What’s this? What’s this? Could it be the greatest mashup of The Nightmare Before Christmas and Game of Thrones? Why, yes! This is the touching story of a goofy cartoon man who serenades the Starks and Lannisters with one of Danny Elfman’s greatest tunes. Click through!

[The blood! The screams! They're everywhere and all around!]

Apr 3 2014 1:30pm

After the massive success of Cinderella, the Walt Disney Corporation continued to issue animated films every couple of years. Most were well received and financially successful. But one, Sleeping Beauty, was a massive box office flop, costing so much that Walt Disney considered shutting down the animation studio entirely to focus on cheaper, live action films instead.

Fortunately, a new product called a Xerox machine cut down significantly on the expenses for the next film, One Hundred and One Dalmatians, which allowed the animation studio to run a profit again. And with those profits, and with the coincidental financial issues facing a certain author, Walt Disney was finally able to respond to the request from his daughters, and bring Mary Poppins to the screen.

[Just a spoonful of sugar makes Walt Disney go round!]

Apr 2 2014 1:00pm

Picture this: San Diego Comic-Con, July 2011. Director Joe Lynch premieres a hilarious trailer for his upcoming LARP-horror comedy Knights of Badassdom starring Game of Thrones’ Tyrion Lannister, True Blood’s Jason Stackhouse, Firefly’s River Tam, Community’s Abed Nadir and Steve Zahn. Steve Zahn pretty much always plays Steve Zahn in fantastic style.

[A Review]

Mar 31 2014 10:40am

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, J.K. Rowling

To write in your “No One is Surprised” ledger: J.K. Rowling’s upcoming film about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’s Newt Scamander has just been expanded into a three-film extravaganza...

[Make that money, baby.]

Mar 31 2014 10:00am

Russell Crowe as Noah

Wait a minute, shouldn’t Aronofsky have made... Numbers? Little Pi joke, there, guys.

So we seem to be in another one of these interesting cultural moments when filmmakers adapt stories from the Hebrew Bible and New Testament into screen works. (I’m using “Hebrew Bible” and “New Testament” to try to avoid any of the political implications of any of the other words for those books.) Last year saw the mini-series The Bible, produced by Mark Burnett and his wife, Touched by an Angel actress Roma Downey, who were both very vocal about their desire to make the show as an act of faith. They’ve since used the success of the show as a springboard for Son of God, which is currently playing. Another religious film, God is Not Dead, features Kevin Sorbo as an atheist professor who apparently has nothing better to do than taunt his students’ religious beliefs. And later this year, Ridley Scott will bring us Exodus, with Christian Bale as a violently angry Moses. My hope is that Wes Anderson’s next project is an adaptation of Deuteronomy. Maybe the Coen brothers can tackle Leviticus? But until then, we have Aronofsky’ s Noah.

[Here comes the rain again...]

Mar 31 2014 9:40am

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Just when you thought you were safe from Simian Flu...

This teaser for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes makes us want mooooooore.


Mar 27 2014 2:10pm

How to Train Your Dragon 2

This adorable little clip from How to Train You Dragon 2 show us what Hiccup and Toothless have been spending their free time doing, and it is 30 seconds of pure cute.

[Watch it!]

Mar 27 2014 10:15am

Jupiter Ascending, Mila Kunis

The new trailer for the Wachowski's upcoming Jupiter Ascending makes it a little more clear what we're in for—which would seem to be a standard “secret princess” fairy tale, but set in space! We're into it.

[Check the trailer.]

Mar 26 2014 2:00pm

Divergent movie review

I had my skepticism cap on as I went into the theater last Thursday night to see Divergent, convinced it would just be another movie that failed to live up to its hype. The influx of YA adaptations was beginning to feel like watching Hollywood butcher comic book films year after year: painful and awkward.

But with the release of The Hunger Games, there was a ray of hope that Hollywood could get it right and Harry Potter wasn’t just a fluke. Unfortunately, we had to suffer through the likes of City of Bones and Vampire Academy to get here, but Divergent has reaffirmed my faith. I won’t be running out to buy the DVD or anything, but I’d Redbox it.

[Read More]

Mar 26 2014 1:15pm

Comic Book Movie has posted the first full look at Dane DeHaan in Amazing Spider-Man 2 after his transformation into classic Spider-Man villain the Green Goblin. The full image is below and it is ooooooogey.

[Dane DeHaan as Green Goblin]