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Jan 16 2015 1:15pm

Cool LEGO Lenticular Mosaics Turn Heroes Into Villains

lenticular lego mosaic snow white evil queen

Or is that villains turned into heroes? We already know that LEGO can be made into awesome artwork, but the effect is heightened when it can actually move. Redditor ihlaking recently posted a cool lenticular mosaic they came across at a LEGO convention: Depending where you stand, the portrait shifts from Snow White to the Evil Queen and back.

Some quick Google-fu revealed that these LEGO lenticular mosaics have been around for a few years, with a number of LEGO fans having the same idea to merge the faces of famous protagonists and their evil counterparts.

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Dec 15 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Lego Wonder Woman Invisible Jet is the Ultimate Dad Joke

Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Lego playset

Animator and dad joke champion John Wray’s kids must love him, since they spent an entire weekend building Wonder Woman’s invisible jet with Lego pieces. We’re talking 3,200 invisible pieces and invisible instructions. And you can bet they were prouder of it than any other Lego ship they’ve put together.

Morning Roundup brings you news of unusual water sources on the Rosetta comet, another funky lightsaber to get bent out of shape over, some Guardians of the Galaxy bloopers, and an attempt to untangle all of the Terminator franchise’s time travel paradoxes.

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Nov 13 2014 1:30pm

This LEGO Version of Matt Smith’s Doctor Who Regeneration is a Silent, Existential Experience

Doctor Who, LEGO regeneration, Eleven Twelve Doctor

Okay, not exactly? But kind of? This LEGO animated version (fanmade, not from the company itself) of the Eleventh Doctor’s swan song has no dialogue, but what it lacks in sound it makes up for in interpretive mime. You’ll just have to see for yourself.

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Aug 28 2014 12:12pm

Infinite Jest Comes to the Greatest Medium: LEGO!

Infnite Jest in LEGO

First published in 1996, David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest is already accepted as a classic work of literature. The book is set in a dystopic future, where the years themselves have been subsidized, Upper New England is toxic waste dump, and giant feral hamsters roam the land in ravenous packs. The action mostly revolves around life at an elite tennis academy, ETA, and life at the much-less-elite rehab down the road. The book, which is famously 1,079 pages long, endnoted to infinity, not to mention highly unwieldy, plot-wise, has been adapted into music videos and avant garde art shows. But now it has come to possibly the greatest medium of all: LEGO.

[Click through for the Prettiest LEGO of All Time.]

Jul 3 2014 7:00am

Morning Roundup: The Star Wars Toy Uprising Has Begun

Stormtrooper toy dark side

While our own stormtrooper desk toys have not yet begun actively campaigning for us to join the dark side, it’s really only a matter of time. Just the other day, Emily’s weird Darth Vader transformer toy got into a really heated discussion as to whether The Force constitutes a religion. And Chris has been trying to get his Ric Olie action figure to stop drinking for months now.

Your Morning Roundup is reading weird stories from Belgium and thinking of the thousands of possibilities inherent in Hocus Pocus 2: The Pocusing.

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Mar 21 2014 1:30pm

The Way of Kings, As Interpreted Through Lego

Brandon Sanderson The Way of Kings The Stormlight Archive Lego

Jonesing for more Stormlight Archive action after finishing Words of Radiance? Check out this amazing recreation of the climactic battle from The Way of Kings, done entirely in the medium of Lego! Insanely talented Stormlight Archive fan Rick Martin took the most heart-pounding battle of the first book and recast it using tiny yellow plastic men, and the result is better than could be imagined.

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Dec 11 2013 11:00am

Framing in Gaming: Blitzball and Final Fantasy X

Blitzball Final Fantasy X

Last week, I took a look at framing devices and nested narratives in books, movies, and TV shows. Today, I’m going to switch gears and take a peek at how framing relates to gaming—and specifically to the upcoming HD remaster of the Square-Enix classic, Final Fantasy X.

FFX was a huge success when it hit the Playstation 2 in 2001. As the first Final Fantasy for Sony’s second-generation system, the game represented a major technological leap forward: it featured voice acting, pre-rendered backdrops, real-time cut scenes, and stunning cinematics. It also had a great story, and the most fully-developed world Square-Enix had ever created. It was a watershed moment in videogame history.

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Aug 30 2013 7:00am

Morning Roundup: Maybe Hiking with Virgil was a Bad Idea...

LEGO artist Mihai Marius Mihu hasn’t read all of Dante’s Inferno yet, but he clearly captured the spirit of the place in these epic LEGO hellscapes. We want to say that again: EPIC LEGO HELLSCAPE. You can check out more of Hell here, and see more of Mihu’s recent sketches here.

Morning Roundup doesn’t want to leave you in the Inferno too long, so click through to find interviews with Martin Scorsese, predictions from Isaac Asimov, and a gentle ballad from Ultron.

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Aug 9 2013 7:00am

Morning Roundup: Ah Peku, I Choose You!

Team Rocket would probably think twice before taking on this fearsome Charmander, one of a series of “Pokemayan” created by artist and Tumblr-er Monarobot. Our personal favorite, Maaayyy-duck, hasn't been Mayanized yet, but there are versions of Squirtle, Articuno, Gengar, and Leafeon—plus some really amazing Xenomorphs—and since Monarobot takes commissions there may be psychic ducks in our future.

Today's Morning Roundup wants to inspire you with Star Wars history, new fairy tales, and... demonic dolls. Enjoy! 

[The dolls are in the second link. They're terrifying, seriously. Don't look at them if you're alone.] 

Jul 24 2013 1:10pm

Bag End-by-the-Sea: A Life-Size LEGO Hobbit Hole!

The LEGO Workshop set themselves a challenge: could they build a life-size version of Bag End out of LEGO? The answer, clearly, was yes. 2.5 million LEGOs later they had a hyper-detailed version of the “Unexpected Party” LEGO set that an adult non-hobbit can walk around in!

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Jul 19 2013 7:00am

Morning Roundup: I’m Afraid I Can’t Make it to Hall H, Dave.

Would Hal-9000 wear a tie? Blastr shared this wonderfully inventive cosplayer with the world, and we have to applaud the simplicity and gaping horror on display here. Con-goers arrive, expecting a day of fun, exclusive toys, and trailer premieres, and instead find themselves contemplating the void of space, and humanity’s ongoing search for meaning and the inner working of consciousness. What makes someone a human? Why are we here...in San Diego? Can I make it to the Sherlock panel in time to get a seat? Read on, fellow seekers, for Batmobiles, space-coffee, and Game of Thrones!

[Plus an extraordinary amount of LEGO]

Jul 3 2013 7:00am

Morning Roundup: Quoth the Raven, “You Wanna Buy Some X?”

Subtracting just one letter from a book title can be real fun, real fast. We can’t wait to read Edgar Allan Poe’s The Rave, although we are loathe to finish Laughterhouse-Five so quickly. There’s just too much amazing literature to go around! Next you’ll be telling us we shouldn’t read Scalzi’s Redshits, Doctorow’s Little Bother, or the H.G. Wells classic The Tim Machine.

Your morning roundup is thinking about Frasier with lasers, sharknados, and how life-size we want that new action figure of Superman standing on top of skulls. (The answer? Pretty life-size.)

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Jun 26 2013 7:00am

Morning Roundup: The Wheel of Time Turns and Ages Come and Go, But LEGO is Forever

Wheel of Time LegoRand al’Thor looks so pissed to be a minifig! We think it might be because his hand popped off and he can’t find it in the pile of LEGO pieces.

This great rendition of The Wheel of Time in LEGO comes courtesy of Vladimir van Hoek, who created an entire LEGO-scape of the characters and setting of the Field of Merrilor, the deciding battlefield in Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson’s A Memory of Light. Check out his Perrin, his Mat, Egwene, well, everyone is pretty much spot on. We hope he tackles Shayol Ghul!

And as long as we’re celebrating this LEGO-scape, why don’t we also take a look at LEGO Middle-earth? And LEGO Westeros! Dare we suggest...LEGO Arrakis? We demand LEGO Earthsea! Bring us LEGO Ged!

Read on to discover LEGO-free comics suggestions, listen to some haunting Joss Whedon-inspired music, and, oh yeah, zombies.

[Oh, and Spider-Man cuddles a baby!]

May 24 2013 7:00am

Morning Roundup: When this Baby Gets Up to 88, I’m Going to Say Allons-y

Just when you thought Doctor Who/Back to the Future mash-ups were going out of style, this awesome one showed up. We really like picturing Tennant with the crazy mind-reading hat on his head, and also the idea of Billie Piper playing lead guitar in The Pinheads. (Art via The Mary Sue. Artist: Sara Wheeler.)

Your collection of daily offsite links are a curious thing. They might make you weep and might make you sing. 

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May 20 2013 7:00am

Morning Roundup: Babylon 5 is Our Last Best Hope, For LEGO

It apparently took a gentleman named Vassal about a year and half to make Babylon 5 out of LEGO. Apparently he had to figure out some balance issues, but with a little bit of help from the Vorlons, it all worked out. No word on what happened to LEGO Babylons 1-4. (Though we imagine the first three were sabotaged and the fourth disappeared without a trace.) More pics here.

Your collection daily offsite links can sometimes be a dangerous place, but they’re the last, best hope, for killing boredome/wasting some time. 

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Apr 29 2013 7:00am

Morning Roundup: Giant Head From Alternate Universe Where Rome Never Fell Shows Up in Hudson

This past Thursday a giant styrofoam head turned up in the Hudson River. Our suspicion is that it fell through from an alternate 2013 timeline where the Roman Empire never fell. (Or it’s detritus from a Mardi Gras float.) We’re probably right about this.

The rest of your daily collection of offsite links are leaking in from another world, including a regular dose of Star Trek hype, what you see when you stare at the sun for three years, and so much more!

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Apr 11 2013 7:00am

Morning Roundup: The Space Kraken Strikes Back

20,000 leagues across space lurks the giant Space Kraken, or as it’s also known KR-KN. Coming from Ian Heath, this beautiful tribute to both Jules Verne and Star Wars should make everyone endlessly happy. It’s possible if the Empire had some commanders like Captain Nemo, they might have stuck it out longer!

Your collection of offsite links has wonderful things lurking below the surface including new Star Trek Into Darkness info, big revelations at DC, and more!

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Feb 13 2013 8:00am

Morning Roundup: William Shatner Calls J.J. Abrams “a Pig.” Vows to Stop Him.

William Shatner calls J.J. Abrams a pig Vows to stop him.So, in this interview William Shatner calls J.J. Abrams a “pig.” This refers to J.J. apparently “hogging”everything like Star Trek, Star Wars and the eventual Sliders reboot. And though this is only a rumor we’ve invented, we’ve heard contemporary Shatner is teaming up with this 60’s Shatner (pictured here) in the Nexus to stop J.J. Abrams. His exact words: “come back with me, help me stop Abrams.”

Your daily offsite links are making a difference, again. Highlights include:

  1. Bryan Singer is confusing us.
  2. The best LEGO things ever. Really.
  3. All about the fake zombie scare in Montana.

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Jan 24 2013 8:00am

Morning Roundup: These Ghostbusters LEGOs are Ready to Believe You

These Ghostbusters LEGOs are Ready to Believe You

The most shocking thing about these fan-made Ghostbusters LEGO minifigs is how accurate Venkman’s face is. Who knew you could convey so much snark and awesomeness through a LEGO face? Also, Winston’s moustache is 1984 perfection. (Photo via Ghostbuster Fans of Facebook.) 

Highlights of your daily offsite links include:

  1. The cutesy, picture book version of The Hobbit.
  2. Who will be chilling out with General Zod.
  3. Will River Song become Black Canary?

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Jan 2 2013 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Yoda Chills With Gandalf

Over on Star Wars.com, artist Dave Finoli is talking about his feelings for both The Hobbit and Star Wars. And he’s created this awesome illustration of the two wisest guys in fantasy as a tribute! Do this guys even need to speak to each other, or is just pure telepathic depth?

Highlights of your other daily offsite links are strong with the force/magic and include:

  1. What fan fiction can do for you.
  2. How to get excited for Oblivion.
  3. First image from The Good Dinosaur.

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