Oct 22 2008 2:26pm

Prince of Stories: A New Guide To All Things Gaiman, Plus Poster Giveaway!

As I wrote in my recent review of The Graveyard Book, Neil Gaiman is a hard guy to keep up with. It’s actually kind of amazing: sometimes I feel like I need to pop a No-Doze just to keep pace with all the blogging and Twittering he manages to squeeze in between appearances and signings and writing and generally going about the business of just being Neil Gaiman: Pop Culture Phenomenon.

I don’t think he sleeps (although he often writes about sleeping on the blog...that’s probably just a clever ruse).

At any rate, I have excellent news for the ever-growing legions of Gaiman fans out there: your favorite obsession is about to get a bit easier to manage. At the end of this month, St. Martin’s Press will be releasing Prince of Stories: The Many Worlds of Neil Gaiman, which features a guide to the complete works along with insights and interviews with some of the very, very cool people who know him best. Gaiman is famous for being a man who wears many hats—novelist, writer of comic books, children’s author, screenwriter, poet, filmmaker, and so on—Prince of Stories peeks under each one in turn, bringing into focus the intricate connections, shared points of inspiration, and thematic parallels casually interwoven into the elaborate tapestry of a master storyteller.

Whether you’re seeking an introduction to the many different facets of Gaiman’s fiction or simply looking for a way to expand your addiction to dizzying new heights, this book will appeal to novices and squeeing fanboys and girls alike. The authors offer detailed summaries, character lists and commentary on all the major and minor works, beginning with a chapter-by-chapter breakdown of The Sandman that just might be one of the coolest things I’ve seen in awhile.

Prince of Stories also includes Gaiman rarities, previously unpublished and yet-to-be-published materials, and of course, lots of pictures. Let’s face it, there’s a reason that Gaiman has been referred to as “The Cutie Pie of SciFi,” after all, by some people who shall here remain nameless (they know who they are). Even more exciting: I’m sure that exactly no one out there will be surprised to hear that we’re huge trivia geeks here at, and so we’re pretty much obligated to love a book so completely loaded with fun facts and minutiae. The fact that I know now what framed movie poster hangs in Gaiman’s master bathroom might serve absolutely no practical purpose whatsoever...but I bet you’re kind of curious now. Too bad.

(Okay—here’s a hint: it’s a Peter Greenaway film. But that’s all you get.)

Endlessly entertaining and illuminating, if you’re interested in exploring the Gaiman’s worlds, Prince of Stories is your all-access pass to anywhere and everywhere (not to mention Neverwhere); it will be available for purchase in stores on Tuesday, October 28th. As a bonus, SMP is currently promoting the book with a fantastic giveaway. Enter here to win a poster of the original cover art designed and autographed by the amazing Dave McKean, who’s also responsible for at least one of my favorite interviews in the book (in which he hints that he just may have a few potential blackmail photos of Gaiman stashed away for a rainy day...excellent). The contest runs until November 28th, so check it out for your chance to win your own little slice of the Gaimanverse.

1. rogerothornhill
Can't . . . resist . . . trivia . . . popquiz . . .

Draughtsman's Contract?

Although obviously Zed & Two Naughts would work too, as would any Greenaway, I guess (although I personally wouldn't want Belly of an Architect in my bathroom).
Sammy Jay
2. Malebolge
Gah. See, I love Gaiman's work endlessly (ha), and I send far too many messages on the 'Ask Neil' feature of his page, and compare aspects of my career to his in an inane sort of Homer Simpson/Thomas Edison contest, yet I can't help but feel that buying something like this will push me over the edge from interested fan to squeeling fan-boy. I don't want to be a squeeling fan-boy; I just want Neil to be my woman
(I am joking here. Unfortunately I feel I ought to clarify that.)

Ugh. I'll probably buy it anyway, and hide it somewhere underneath the shrine.
3. wayong
I'm reaching in my far edges of memory here, but I think that Dave McKean did a poster for Baby of Macon at some point? Or at least it was done in a similar style?

The poster for The Pillow Book was fabulous - I wanted it for my own bathroom when it came out!

Neil mentioned he was a big Greenway fan when I said way back when that it would be very appropriate for someone like Greenway (who does not do adaptations) or Brothers Quay to do an adaptation of one of his stories. I was very interested in seeing a combination of stopmotion puppetry & mixed media animation style interpreting his work.

Interestingly, this was around the same time Janie Geiser had me look at a script by Henry Selick & I mentioned that it would be interesting to see a mixed media adaptation by him... (Monkeybone didn't come out the way I anticipated, but I am glad he took some of my advice). I was hoping to see this in the adaptation of The Wall & The Wing, but do not know what happened with that project.

It will be very interesting to see what they did with Coraline as well as the Art of the Movie companion book. I'm very excited to see some of my visions come to life.

I am waiting with baited breath..3 more days to go for Prince of Stories.
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