Jason Henninger
Los Angeles, CA
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I'm the assistant managing editor of Living Buddhism Magazine, fond of philosophical fiction, magical realism and good ol' farmboy-saves-the-world fantasy epics. I write short stories, poems and novels that my mother thnks are really great. Now, if I could just get my mom to work for a publisher, I'd be set. Oh and here's a really outdated clip of me contact juggling. It's a fun hobby and may some day win me the heart of Jennifer Connolly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFphHR8u01A
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<em>A Softer World</em>, series 2 A Softer World, series 2 by Joey Comeau and Emily Horne at Fri Sep 24 2010 8:30am
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sleary sleary said (5 years ago):
Hey, Jason. Could you go back and tag the B5/spoo post with "Science Fiction cuisiine"? I just tried to send a link to your series to some friends, and discovered that one wasn't tagged (although the phrase is in the title), so there's no single link that covers the whole thing. The popplers look tasty. Love your series!