Let George R.R. Martin Murder You for Charity!

Valar Morghulis, but a few lucky, charitable people will get to die more than once! Before their actual, physical death, George R.R. Martin will fictionally kill them in the ever-expanding pages of ASOIAF. Martin has started a campaign on Prizeo to ask Game Of Thrones fans to help the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and Santa Fe’s Food Depot! He’s offering rewards including t-shirts, signed memorabilia, and even thank you notes from George himself. However, if you have a few thousand dollars hanging around, you can go for a bigger prize: Martin will name a future Game Of Thrones character after you, allow you to pick a career for the character, and, best of all, grotesquely murder your avatar! But wait, we still have to cover the best prize of all…

Click through to meet the Westeros Wolf Pack!

Oh, and Martin’s in the video too!


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