The Justice League Will Arrive in Theaters in 2015

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Warner Bros. has officially scheduled a Justice League movie for summer of 2015, where it will go head to head against Avengers 2.

While huge Marvel and DC comic movie franchises can certainly co-exist in the same summer (see: The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers), squaring a superhero team-up movie against the follow-up to another surely raises an eyebrow, especially considering that Warner Bros. Superman reboot is entirely unproven, Christian Bale won’t be participating, Green Lantern tanked, and Wonder Woman is non-existent. Then again, The Avengers was a risky bet even after Iron Man stuck its landing.

There’s also this troubling, possibly entirely made-up, report of studio toadies fishing for ideas on a Justice League movie. Can DC and Warner Bros. harness the same creative excitement that Marvel has?


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