From Twitter: Where in Randland?

Once again we were having a little bit of fun on the Twitter account.

This time we asked our readers whereabouts in Randland they would most want to live and why, and received a range of interesting replies!

“An Ogier Stedding where everything is beautiful and green” – @Nedopak

“I would live in Caemlyn or Ebou Dar, as they are beautiful cities” – @tarator17

“I’d like to live in Cairhien. I think I’d be pretty good at Daes Dae’mar!” – @goddessladyj

“I would want to be Aiel. And I will live wherever the Car’a’carn leads :-p” – @Laura_FitzG

“I’d be happy with #WOT life in Whitebridge, Tar Valon or Caemlyn, but Cairhien would be cool for the Foregate alone” – @mikepetrucelli

“Well, with what they say about Saldaen farmgirls…” – @amaryrose

So, over to you—whereabouts would you like to settle down?


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