Power laces? Alright!

Fans of the Back to the Future series will recognize this recently-filed patent.

(Well, technically, the patent was filed several months ago. The info only became public today.) I guess we can  cross that off the list of Future Stuff Promised By This Movie:

  • Massive laserdisc recycling
  • Sports almanacs covering only the 20th century
  • Deaths of Reagan/Michael Jackson/Ayatollah
  • Inefficient postal system
  • Goofy clothes
  • Power lacing shoes
  • Flying cars
  • Hoverboards
  • Efficient weather warning service
  • Dust-repellent paper
  • Cheap spleen/colon/blood replacement
  • Lawyers abolished
  • Jaws 19
  • USA Today ridiculous logo redesign
  • Fax machines in every room

Almost halfway there!

Chris Greenland is kind of weirded out by how Blade Runner is giving Back To The Future II a run for its money in the future-stuff department.


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