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Welcome to the home for the Wheel of Time on! This page is intended to be your one-stop information extravaganza for everything Wheel of Time-related, from Leigh’s fantastic reread, to the latest news and in-depth coverage of Team Jordan and the end of the series.

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Towers of Midnight Excerpts, Reviews, and Discussion
The Gathering Storm Excerpts, Reviews, and Discussion

The Wheel of Time eBooks
The Wheel of Time Reread on with Leigh Butler
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Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan and Brandon SandersonTowers of Midnight: News, Excerpts, and Discussion

The thirteenth volume of The Wheel of Time series was released on November 2, 2010. Relive the news running up to the release of Towers of Midnight and discuss your opinions on what occurred in the story and what the last volume may entail.






Discussion Threads:



The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

The Gathering Storm: Excerpts, Reviews, and Discussion

It’s finally here: the much-anticipated twelfth volume of Robert Jordan’s acclaimed series, The Wheel of Time. is beyond thrilled, and we have a heap of exclusive content, news, and reviews for your reading pleasure.






The Wheel of Time eBooks

Tor Books began releasing the Wheel of Time ebooks—one a month, beginning on October 27, 2009. Each book features new cover art by a different artist.

11/02/09: Wheel of Time eBook Publishing Schedule, by Pablo Defendini

October 27, 2009
The Eye of the World

10/27/09: Irene Gallo discusses cover artist David Grove

November 17, 2009
The Great Hunt

11/10/09: Irene Gallo discusses cover artist Kekai Kotaki

11/17/09: The Great Hunt eBook now available. Ebook release and cover art wallpaper giveaway.

December 1, 2009
The Dragon Reborn

12/01/09: Irene Gallo discusses cover artist Donato Giancola

12/15/09: The Dragon Reborn eBook now available by Jennifer Liang

January 19, 2010
The Shadow Rising

01/06/10: Cover artist Sam Weber talks about his process and his love for the books

01/19/10: The Shadow Rising eBook now available by Jason Denzel

February 16, 2010
The Fires of Heaven

02/04/10: The Fires of Heaven ebook cover by Dan Dos Santos

02/16/10: The Fires of Heaven eBook now available by Leigh Butler

March 16, 2010
Lord of Chaos

03/02/10: Lord of Chaos ebook cover by Greg Manchess

3/16/10 Lord of Chaos eBook now available by Richard Fife

April 20, 2010
A Crown of Swords

04/08/10: A Crown of Swords ebook cover by Mélanie Delon

May 18, 2010
The Path of Daggers

05/06/10: The Path of Daggers ebook cover by Julie Bell

05/18/10: The Path of Daggers eBook now available

June 22, 2010
Winters Heart

06/16/10: Winters Heart ebook cover by Scott M. Fischer

06/22/10: Winters Heart ebook now available for sale

July 20, 2010
Crossroads of Twilight

07/14/10: Crossroads of Twilight ebook cover by Greg Ruth

August 2, 2010
Knife of Dreams

08/10/10: Knife of Dreams by Michael Komarck

September 28, 2010
The Gathering Storm

09/04/10: The Gathering Storm by Todd Lockwood

Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson January 31, 2011
Towers of Midnight

01/14/11 – Raymond Swanland and the Towers of Midnight ebook cover

A Memory of Light

07/19/11 – Irene Gallo discusses cover artist Michael Whelan

New Spring
From Two Rivers
To The Blight
The Hunt Begins
New Threads in the Pattern


The Wheel of Time Reread on with Leigh Butler

Read Leigh Butler’s introduction to the ambitious series and visit the index to begin reading along.


More Wheel of Time on

11/20/09: The Duel, part 2: How I will defeat Brandon Sanderson – With the, er, deck stacked against him, Jason Denzel refines his plan of attack.
11/13/09: East is east and west is west, except in the Wheel of Time – Eastern and Western philosophy and religion in The Wheel of Time, by Jason Henninger.
11/04/09: The Duel, part 1: Help Me Defeat Brandon Sanderson – Jason Denzel challenges author Brandon Sanderson to a game of Magic: The Gathering.
07/23/09: Beyond the Aryth Ocean: A review of selected Wheel of Time maps – Dragonmount’s Jason Denzel talks about the Wheel of Time’s various map editions.
05/22/2009: The Wheel of Time Comic: Interview With The Creative Types – Leigh Butler’s interview with Chuck Dixon and Chase Conley.
04/22/2009: Recap of JordanCon (AKA: Adventures at Rand Al’Con) – Richard Fife reports on the blessed mania of JordanCon.
04/22/2009: JordanCon 2009: The Report of DOOM – Leigh Butler reveals all most.
04/15/09: The Wheel of Time #0: Dragonmount, coloured and lettered –’s sneak peek at the comic.
04/02/2009: The Wheel of Time Side-Project No. 1: Murphy Brown, eat your heart out – Leigh Butler solicits questions to ask Chuck Dixon and Chase Conley, the creative team behind the Wheel of Time comic.
4/28/2010: Recap of JordanCon II: The SeanCon Invasion – Richard Fife, reporting
4/30/2010: JordanCon: Interview with Harriet McDougal – Harriet and Richard talk about editing one’s husband, Conan and Tolkien, and who killed Asmodean.
  05/03/2010: JordanCon: Interview with Maria Simons – Maria and Richard talk about how she came to be Jordan’s assistant, working with Brandon, and a bumper sticker that reveals who killed Asmodean.
05/05/2010: JordanCon: Interview with Wilson Grooms – Jordan’s cousin/brother and “fourth of three” talks to Richard about the Wheel of Time as a phenomenon and the first realizations of Jordan’s illness.
05/12/2010: JordanCon: Interview with Alan Romanczuk – Richard talks to the “time lord” of the Wheel of Time and unearths an interesting take on Perrin’s journey.
05/17/2010: – JordanCon: Interview with Red Eagle Entertainment – Larry Mondragon discusses the challenges in bringing The Eye of the World to the big screen.
06/01/2010 – JordanCon: Interview with Red Eagle Games – Larry Mondragon discusses turning The Wheel of Time into video games and online worlds.
06/07/2010 – JordanCon: Interview with Brandon Sanderson – Richard gets into detail about Brandon’s writing process, and more.

The Wheel of Time on the Web

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The Wheel of Time Wiki – The repository anyone can edit.
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Tar Valon – The charity arm of the WoT fan community.  

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