Bob Eggleton: Free Wallpapers

To cap off a week of Professional Art Hugo Nominee wallpaper giveaways, we have Bob Eggleton’s cover for awesome Project Moonbase, a collection of 1950s television scripts written by Robert A. Heinlein. You can visit Bob on his website, blog, and gallery. You have to be a registered user and signed in to be able to download the wallpapers.

If you are voting on the Hugos, please check out all five nominees: Donato, Dan Dos Santos, Bob Eggleton, John Picacio, and Shaun Tan.

Sadly we’ve come to the end of Wallpaper Week. Hope we have made a few desktops shinier and few Hugo voting forms fuller.


2560 x 1600 —for 30 inch behemoths
1680 x 1050 —WSXGA
1600×1200—Non-widescreen monitors
1920 x 1080 —1080p
1024 x 768 —XGA
1024 x 600 —for netbooks like the Asus EeePC
800 x 600 —SVGA
480 x 320 —iPhone/HVGA
480 x 272 —PSP


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