Star Wars Giveaway

Bored with sabacc? Too broke to chase your blues away with glitterstim? Well, we’ve got a treat for one lucky Sith or Jedi out there: Star Wars Punch Out and Play! No, that’s not Han Solo’s idea of a good night at the cantina, it’s a book of cardboard figures you can use to reenact your favorite scenes. Sadly, there is no Episode II/III Anakin to dip in ketchup and light on fire. There are quote-bubbles, though, so you can flip through the book and read the quotes out loud in exactly the inflections used in the movie! (“I’mLukeSkywalker, I’mheretorescueyou!”)

Leave a comment on this post with something you love about Star Wars or an idea of what you would use your punch-out people for, and we’ll pick three numbers entirely at Math.floor(Math.random()*[number of comments]+1) to receive the three copies of the book we have here. There’s no deadline yet, so go crazy. And may the Force be with you. Always.


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