Weekend Getaway: Theodora Goss

This weekend I’m giving you a link to the 2008 winner of the World Fantasy Award for Best Short Fiction. There is a certain amount of self-interest here since it appeared in an anthology that I edited, but I think it’s a good story, and worth the read.

Singing of Mount Abora” by Theodora Goss

This is hosted by issuu, which is an interactive page-flipping interface. It is intended to appear as the story was formatted in the published book. It is not text on a page that you scroll down to read. The reader is Flash-based, so for those of you who do not use Flash (or run your computer on an operating system that does not support Flash) I give you this instead:

Her Mother’s Ghosts” by Theodora Goss

And I realize that I owe you posts about the following: top 10 list of anthologies/anthology series (pertinent to the survey we did two months ago), many posts about recently received short fiction (both magazines and books), a post about McSweeney’s (ok, you probably didn’t know this was in the works, but it is), a post about the end product from the Espresso Book Machine (now that I have a book created by it in hand), and at least one post about World Fantasy where I steal liberally from Chris Roberson.

These posts and more are coming. In the meantime, have a great weekend.


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