SDCC: Three-in-one Jon Foster demo

Jon Foster had a great crowd around him during his demo. I always assume people will drop in and out during demos but everyone claimed a spot and didn’t budge.  Jon diligently worked on a painting for about 45 minutes, picked up a rag and slowly blotted out a small portion of the painting…and then…quickly erased the entire thing. While the audience was still gasping, Jon sketched in a new portrait, started in for 20 minutes…and then….did it again. In the end he came out with a great little portrait and confessed that he secretly loves the audience that “gasp” moment. It’s not a bad lesson — Many less experienced artists get overly attached to the work put into a painting.

Thanks to Spectrum Fantastic Art for co-sponsoring the event. You can see more of Jon’s work in his Tor gallery and his website.



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