Kushiel’s Reread

With Kushiel’s Legacy and its subsequent trilogies, Jacqueline Carey has woven a masterful tale of the descendants of angels struggling to follow the precept of “love as thou wilt” as they are wrapped up in the game of thrones (with the occasional divine intervention). By centering the action on a courtesan-turned-spy-turned-diplomat-turned-noble, the books depicted a queer, kinky, polyamorous heroine long before such identities were mainstream. Now that they are, we’re diving back in to the Kushiel series.

Join Theresa DeLucci and Natalie Zutter as they look backwards along the Lungo Drom, reliving the kinky patrons, the political intrigue, and the tragic love separated by fate. They’re breaking each book into two parts, and each reread post will include a brief summary, some plot highlights, and their commentary. Be sure to add your own thoughts in the comments!

As Shemhazai said, all knowledge is worth having. And as he might have said… reread as thou wilt!

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