Gender Flail. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “Yes Men”
I agree there were some flat bits and maybe some places the episode could have expanded into some more interesting creative dialogue. The main problem is that this should have been a two-parter. They had to cram way too much action into 45 minutes, and that means you have to shortcut the dialogue. End of complaint. Chris, no offense but I think you're trying too hard to write what you think should have happened instead of simply critique what did happen. Seems to me you are a good writer and probably could have written a better script. With 45 minutes? When the director says "no, you have 10 seconds for this scene, not 2 minutes" all while he refuses to let you cut scenes? All of your suggestions will take way more time than was allotted. Seems to me we can be critical and demanding that they improve the show, without being unreasonable. I for one love that we have a SciFi show with promise, a realistic budget, and mass-market backing in the midst of a world of waste-of-space sitcoms. The success of the films is what is letting this go mainstream, and we need to give it support and constructive criticism. Frankly, pretty much all good shows start out with season 1 sucking, season 2 pretty good, and season 3 where it really starts to shine. For whatever reason that seems to be the case. Back to the review and being overcritical... As an example, the comment about Fitz-Simmons, "Sometimes they really seem to hate each other, sometimes they seem like they'd be holding hands into death and beyond." Frankly, this is perfect. They have a brother/sister relationship, and that hits the nail on the head. If you want them to go into some Luke/Leia thing, we're not there yet. As it was, this scene was perfectly in character for them.
The Ten Essential Genre Films of 2012
After seeing so many terrible SF films during my 50+ years, I feel like we are living in a 'golden age' of SF cinema, and I am enjoying every minute of it! Amen, brother. The quality SF/F flicks in past decades were few and far between. I'm also glad to see that awards/critics are starting to take SF/F seriously. Used to be that you only saw one for "special effects" categories... they were routinely ignored for filmmaking, acting, etc. As an example, remember the first Captain America back in the '80's? ::shudder::

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