Rereading the Vorkosigan Saga: Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen, Chapters 4 and 5
I’m still amused that the homage to editors includes a typo (“the editors are are amazing”).  Thank you, moderator! (I saw the typo riiiight after pub and went to fix it, but it was funnier to just leave it.)
Six Bulky Classics Delivered by the Science Fiction Book Club

@54. James, the link to the RSS feed on your author page on is broken, and please please please can you get an RSS feed onto your reviews site?  Please?

Hm. Turns out there's a weird bug with some of the RSS feeds here. We're working on fixing it but for now you can get James' feed at this link:

Meanwhile, Back in the Klingon Empire… — Star Trek: Discovery’s “Point of Light”

I was super curious about everyone's half-marathon times from the beginning of the ep. (Am a runner.) So I went back and screencapped only to find...

...those are 1-mile race times! (A half-marathon is 13.1 miles.)

I suppose Saru is possibly looking at their per-mile average over the course of the race? But that's not typically the first number you wanna know if you're trying to beat your PB (personal best). Those per-mile averages would be very doable for our young and spry Discoveristas, at least.

The directional course arrows on the walls were a really nice touch, too. 

The Ruin of Kings by Jenn Lyons: Chapter 6

Hi all, the excerpts will be back next Tuesday, with Chapters 7 AND 8! We wanted to keep the book chapters in line with Leigh Butler's commentary (, which took a week off for the holiday.

In lieu of the book, please enjoy this article from author Jenn Lyons where she carves a dragon into wood using fire auuuuuuuuughhhhh!

Here’s Your First Look at Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher

You know what this reminds me of more than anything?  Christopher Lambert as Raiden in the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie.

This is my most favorite comment ever.

Download Rocket Fuel: Some of the Best of Non-Fiction for Free!

Hi Sunspear, we sent the book off to vendors specifically requesting no DRM (as is the case for all Tor ebooks). Thanks for the heads-up. We'll follow up with them on our end to get that corrected.

For the moment, if you email me at our "[email protected]" help address and I can get you a clean version of Rocket Fuel. Thanks!

“I Hope They Remember You”: Watch the New Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

Oh man, Cap holding back Thanos BY HIMSELF. The apex of humanity slowing a universal force of death! Good choice, filmmakers. (Although the visual framing is meh. The background serves the visual focus in the scene, Marvel! Why do you get this wrong when the new Star Wars movies get this so right?)

I'm so confused as to what characters go where and how. I guess Thanos busts up the Asgardians then heads to Earth. The Guardians are playing catch-up with Thanos and pick up Thor and head to Earth. Bruce somehow gets there before everybody. The Guardians link up with everybody on Earth, then they split into two missions: One to Titan and one to Wakanda?

Also is Shuri gonna be the one who figures out how Vision can stay himself without the Mind Stone because that would be so awesome.

Check Out This Stunning New Art for the Recluce Fantasy Saga

Thanks, all! We've updated the article to specify the locations being depicted.

Reading The Wheel of Time: A Boy Leaves Home in Robert Jordan’s The Eye of the World (Part 1)

I guess Kelsey won’t read the comments due to spoilers, but does anyone else know how much material each post will cover? I know a first-time reader who wants to follow along, and I might want to reread as we go.

Good question. I can answer that!

Successive installments in this first-read series tackle smaller portions of the book, averaging around 3 to 4 chapters depending on how the viewpoints jump around and how smaller sequences conclude. That range will always vary but thus far this first installment covers the longest string of chapters.

4 Questions We Have About Avengers: Infinity War

Okay one more question because this kind of thing bugs me about Marvel movies. Where is Thanos' Spinny Wheel of Death Ship? When Spider-Man becomes aware of it it's over Midtown (somewhat east of the Chrysler Building) but then later it's over a brownstone residential neighborhood.

I just need to know what subway lines to avoid that day, Marvel. Help me out here.

Hey, Prospective Authors: You Have Plenty of Time. Just Keep Writing.

Thanks @14 cvkovacs! The article has since been updated with a more relevant image, but just to address this lingering concern: The image credit for the Brosh H&H illustration was contained within the image's metadata but was not included in the visible data, as per our usual practice, due to a production error.

Good Retcons and Bad B-Plots — Star Trek Discovery’s “Lethe”

If I could run laps inside the saucer section of a starship with a shirt that says "Disco" I would basically never stop.

(Apparently the nickname for the show's set is "the Disco", hence the shirts!

Watch the New Star Trek: Discovery Trailer!

Okay I'm gonna need at least one conversation in a well-lit room per episode but that's obviously not going to be in a trailer.

This looks SO INTENSE. CBS is crazy if they don't push push push this.

Mapping Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere Raises So Many Questions About His Future Books

Thanks, Pagerunner! From the look of your thread on 17th Shard it looks like there's some reworking to do, with caveats. I can join you guys over there.

Star Trek The Original Series Rewatch: Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

A trivial matters question: Was the "transwarp" thing ever explained in the books, etc? My own headcanon explains it away as a warp scale classification issue; that "transwarp" to TOS-era is the same thing as the Warp 9 scale in TNG-era. But that's just me...

The “Hugo Bundle” Offers Lots of Books For Only $20

Yes, these works are in the Hugo voter packet for this year. They are also being sold separately in an ebook bundle available to the public.

Vernor Vinge’s Space Opera A Fire Upon The Deep is the eBook Club Pick for May!

Thanks, n1xnx, that summary copy is indeed incorrect... We're updating with the more accurate version now!

Open Thread: Tell Us Your Favorite Character in the Book You’re Reading Right Now!

Still pretty early in Kim Stanley Robinson's new one, New York 2140, and there's a ton of stock characters so far, so I'm betting that my fave character is going to end up being the flooded city itself!

The Towers of the Sunset by L.E. Modesitt, Jr. is the Ebook Club Pick for December!

Thanks @14skratche, we'll take a look at the files.

Folks who are having an issue with the email confirmation, does the following process work?

1.) You opened the "'s eBook Club Book for December is..." email.

2.) You clicked the red "Download Your Free Copy" button.

3.) It sent you to the "" webpage.

4.) You clicked the red "Confirm Details" button in the "Already Registered?" box.

5.) You typed in your email address.

6.) It sent you to the file download page.

From your feedback, it sounds like Step 4 and/or 5 isn't functioning as it should. Is that the error that everyone is encountering?

The Towers of the Sunset by L.E. Modesitt, Jr. is the Ebook Club Pick for December!

Thanks for the heads up regarding the sign-up weirdness, everyone! We're looking into it now and we appreciate you forging ahead with the download regardless.

@3 tehno. Tor ebooks should be available without DRM from every retailer. (That's been Tor Books' preference for a few years now.) On Amazon in particular you should see the phrase "At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied." when you click into the Kindle purchase page.

@5jsherry. The reason behind showcasing the copy that describes the first book is to give folks some context preceding Towers Of The Sunset. We'll add some text describing Towers, though, to avoid any further confusion!

7 Great Binge-Reads for Long Holiday Stretches Pub senior editor Lee Harris wisely just pointed out Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise and Rachel Rising...on account of he's just been ensnared by their potent bingeability!

I Love Books That Inspire Me to Work for a Better World. What Should I Read Next?

This is a response to the thematic request rather than one in the “if you liked A, then you should like B” mode.

That's totally fine. This is a wide-ranging topic and the wider the suggestions go the more we end up learning. Thanks for the Diane Duane suggestion! 

I Love Books That Inspire Me to Work for a Better World. What Should I Read Next?

A general question: will this series include follow-up posts (perhaps six months or so down the line)? I would be interested to know how the recommended books were received.

That's the hope, Schuyler! We'll also be compiling the suggestions down the line so that there are lists that that can be easily referenced (and even added to).

I Love Books That Inspire Me to Work for a Better World. What Should I Read Next?

Thanks, Aether! I found your comment on the Good Omens rec list really fascinating, especially in regards to the steps you've gone through to develop a recommendation system. This is something I think about a lot in my spare time, as well. If Pandora's algorithm works for music, what works for books?

I Love Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. What Should I Read Next?

Hello everyone!

The writing staff and I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their suggestions! This is an incredible list to pore through, with a lot of range, a lot of depth, and a lot of consideration.

Don't forget to ask for recommendations, as well! We'd love to make this a regular series where readers can get quality feedback.

I Love Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. What Should I Read Next?

Oooh ooh Emily I know!

It's not fantasy but Hugh Laurie (yes that one) wrote a really funny book with the same style of humor called The Gun Seller. It's like Dirk Gently but more hard-boiled.

I would also suggest Stephen Fry's THE LIAR (not sff at all but same humor) and maybe...maybe...MAKING HISTORY. The latter is sci-fi/time travel coupled with queer issues, but it might not have aged well so toes-first and all that.

Oh No! Cubs’ World Series Win Ensures That Scalzi’s Old Man’s War Will Never Happen


I was watching on a livestream that froze during the decisive out. Then all of a sudden it came back and ROARING, ROARING and Bill Murray? Crying with joy in the stands! Man, what a great win.

Today Only: Download The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps by Kai Ashante Wilson for Free

Hi KiManiak, as far as I can tell the two are unrelated. Not being able to comment occasionally happens to users who self-flag their comments. That functionality is entirely separate from the download pages.

In fact, your comment here is extremely useful! It's given us enough detail to successfully duplicate the errors you're receiving from the download pages. We're hoping to have a fix in soon now.

Message in a Bottle: Death’s End by Cixin Liu

Nailed it, Niall.

Everyone hurry up and finish it so we can talk about...a lot of things!

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet Too…at Tanagra!

Thanks, all! I see the version I found cuts out the original artist, so I'll replace that ASAP.

What We Know About Max Gladstone’s Next Book: Six Feet Over

I can't speak for Publishing but they've released select novellas, as well as the handful of novels they've published, in hardcover.

Five Books Featuring Adventuring Parties

That cover art at the top of the post is brilliant. "Just take the picture, already. Just TAKE THE PICTURE."

Max Gladstone’s Craft Sequence Feels Like it Could Fit Into Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere

@2 Stefan. RIGHT?!? Lucky that Chris McGrath does the covers to both series, but I still didn't expect to find two that locked together so perfectly. 

@1 radiantflower. I was able to read them in, I guess we'd call it "world chronological", going from Last First Snow to Two Serpents Rise to Three Parts Dead, etc. and I still loved them, even though a lot of the context for the world is explained in Three Parts Dead. It's crazy how well the series works even though it was written out of order.

The Free eBook Club Pick for August is The Just City by Jo Walton!

Howdy all! We believe we've fixed the .mobi file, so try the download again. Thanks for waiting!

Feast Your Eyes On the First Footage From American Gods!

Oh, funny. I always thought the line was "In the past, in the past where the sun don't ever shine."

Marvel and Netflix Tease The Defenders in Short Trailer

Yeah that's definitely Stick. Thanks for the heads up, Tennerock! Our ears must have been garbled.

Other Ghostbusters Songs Just as Weird as the New Ghostbusters Song

OMG JL I clicked that link and just lost 10 minutes of my life and I don't know where it went help

Great Dads in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and the Universe

I know DS9 ended 17 (!!) years ago but I would love...LOVE...if for the 50th anniversary Paramount/CBS/whomever was putting together a DS9 anthology mini-series that shows where everyone is a few years down the road. Kira ushering Bajor into the Federation, the Siskos reunited, Worf continuing to make wacky career choices, O'Brien fixing everyone's mistakes...*

*I know the books did this, but it'd be wonderful to see the actors embody those roles again.

Dragonslayer Gets More Than She Bargained For in This Heartwarming Comic

You guys are KILLING ME. I had to go read the rest after you cut it off there. (But ahhhhhhh so worth it!)

My Friend’s Stupid Idea Just Became Star Wars Canon and I Am So Jealous

@11 – I read and interview with Jodie Foster a few years back and the interviewer asked her which one of her movies does no one ever ask about or mention to her and she said Contact which annoyed her because she loves Contact. 

I also love Contact. 

@15. OMG Jodie I will ask you about Contact and NOTHING ELSE call me!!!

My Friend’s Stupid Idea Just Became Star Wars Canon and I Am So Jealous

I find the lack of discussion about the movie Contact in this thread distressing.

The Earth Isn’t Flat, But Middle-earth Is

Thanks Irina, I've fixed those instances.

Short answer, twiff, is that Discworld was indeed too obvious. Long answer is that the parallels between Tolkien's mythology and the Flat Earth conspiracy are clearer, which allowed me to dig into the reasoning behind the personal appeal of flat Earths. Tolkien's mythology is so rich and well-built that it allows for a lot of fun subjective interpretation, whereas Discworld kind of does the subjective interpretation for you.

Moving On: The Bands of Mourning Spoiler Review

Rich, fertile, and temperate, Harmony created this Basin during the Catacendre as a true and perfect home for humans, who in the midst of such plenty should have no need for conflict. Humans, of course, mucked it up.

I loved this part. Harmony, buddy, you created the Mediterranean, of course there's going to be conflict! READ A BOOK. THAT'S NOT FROM YOUR OWN PLANET. OR EVEN THE COSMERE?

I Want to See Allomantic Mecha in Mistborn

Thanks, Landis, it's fixed now. I'm always getting the order of those two confused.

Mistborn: What is the Extent of Harmony’s Knowledge?

The more I think about Harmony's insistence that Elendel is going too slowly, the more it bugs me. But I think it's supposed to bug me. The first Mistborn trilogy had a mix of technologies and knowledge, so it can't quite be placed in a parallel with humanity's development on Earth, but there's at least a "ceiling" in that the ash-covered Scadrial didn't have anything beyond 18th century Earth.

So in that sense Harmony is right in that 300 years of development from that point should have brought about planes, computers, etc. But I think Elendel is exactly where it's supposed to be, considering that the civilization in the northern hemisphere of the planet is still isolated and hasn't stretched beyond the basin. Harmony says that he made things too easy, so there's not been a lot of need to develop new methods of agriculture, manufacturing, research, education, and so on. Too much Preservation, not enough Ruin?

There's also the question of how long it takes a population to adjust to sudden bounty, as opposed to the scarcity that Scadrial used to live in...

How Could The Winds of Winter Be Published In Only Three Months?

@15 Werthead. That is fantastic detail, Adam, thank you. I have added a sentence to the applicable section within the article to point to your explanation here in the comments.

@18. Wired. Hahaha, I almost didn't want to correct this. :D

A note: Twitter user Venustastic pointed out that Martin confirmed on Jan. 2 that the Winds of Winter cover with the horn on it is, in fact, the current working cover. The article has been updated to reflect this!

How Could The Winds of Winter Be Published In Only Three Months?

One nitpick here – 300,000 pages per printer per hour, divided by a 1,000 page book, is 300 copies of the book per printer per hour. Times 50 printers and 24 hours, that’s 360,000 books, not 3.6 mil.

Thanks, fdsf! Not sure where I got the math wrong there but I've fixed it in the article!

Nick31, I've fixed the jacket printing link, too!

How Could The Winds of Winter Be Published In Only Three Months?

Sue, I'm sorry for giving the impression that this article contained a release date for Winds of Winter, as that is certainly not the intent. I've strengthened the introductory language so that hopefully no one else gets that impression.

Archaeologists Discover an Amazingly Preserved 300-Year-Old Ship

The construction workers also discovered a privy, one of many outhouses uncovered during the hotel construction. This one already seems to be a rich receptacle for such everyday artifacts as glass, bones, and, oddly enough, shoes.

They found my toilet shoes!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is Here. Will You Love It?

Hi all,

Let's keep this thread SPOILER-FREE for those who haven't had a chance to see the film yet. If you want to talk spoilers (and wow do we ever!), we've set up a spoiler thread at this link:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Spoiler Thread


Watch the First Trailer for Star Trek: Beyond!

I hope they’re trying to sell the action movie b[i]ts, but that there’s more to the film than this…

I think that's exactly what they're doing, but that just shows a blisteringly worrisome lack of awareness of why Star Trek Into Darkness was so boring. The new Star Trek movies don't need more destruction schlock, they need to demonstrate that they can tell stories about galactic exploration and confronting one's worst instincts. (This is in interesting contrast to the Independence Day 2 trailer, which just needed to prove that it was still going to be campy destruction schlock.) Beyond's first trailer needed to prove that it was going to be a smarter movie. Instead, it's just random snippets of kicking, explosions, motorcycles. What's the story of Star Trek Beyond? We still don't know!

The fact that they led with this trailer makes me think that the filmmakers have no clue what they're doing, which doesn't bode well for the movie.

You’ve Never Felt Power Like This X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer

I love how this trailer is all DOOOOOOOM and then there's that one shot of Jubilee and you're like, "Yeahhhhh you're not going to be useful here."

HBO Teases Game of Thrones Season 6: “They Have No Idea What’s Going to Happen”

::didn't even think about that::

::realizes Bran can warg into Jon's corpse and act through him, like the Others::

::mind blown::

Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Was Supposed to Be A Love Story….

I wonder if anyone has tried to make a more sensible edit by eliminating all the dialog and replacing it with new subtitles.

@7/StrongDreams: I once read an article from someone saying the prequels were much better movies if you watched them on mute, or without the dialogue track, or something.

That someone was the very same person who write this article, the indomitable Emily Asher-Perrin. (Not Camille Paglia, as mutantalbinocrocodile suspected, although I imagine Emily is jazzed by the comparison.)

Watching the Star Wars Prequels on Mute: An Experiment



Can You Forgive Star Wars: The Phantom Menace? Should You?

Imagine how different the world would be if the movie had been titled Episode I: The Queen’s War.

I want this now please.

Awesome Star Wars: The Force Awakens Character Posters Are Missing a Certain Someone

I'm SO TIRED of knowing everything about a movie before it comes out and I love that they're not saying anything about Luke, Sydow, or Poe Dameron. Abrams's famous secrecy is working really well in this instance, totally the opposite of how he handled the Khan thing for Star Trek Into Darkness.

These posters are wonderful. Finn and Rey are well on their way to being iconic.

The Wheel of Time Companion: Strength Chart of Major Channelers

fionwe, I don't feel comfortable changing the status of Aviendha, as her Companion entry just states her strength level and doesn't provide context like Elayne's entry does. (Her entry DOES point out her superior technique in handling and reading saidar, though.) I'm betting that determining whether Aviendha is at her initial strength or her potential strength is an exercise left to the reader.

No worries, SunDriedRainbow! The Wheel of Time is pretty near and dear to all of us here, and a lot of these placements shocked me, too, after I first assembled the chart.

The Wheel of Time Companion: Strength Chart of Major Channelers

Thanks for the pointer, fionwe. I've adjusted Nicola in the chart.

SunDriedRainbow, I've also added a qualifier to Elayne's entry, since the Companion gives her strength level as her potential, not her initial. Egwene's entry doesn't specify whether her strength level is her initial or her potential/maximum. I agree with you, though, that since Egwene was forced to her max, she most likely spends the entire series stronger than Elayne.

The Wheel of Time Companion: Strength Chart of Major Channelers

The Companion's entry on Cadsuane has further explanation of her strength level and how it impacted Aes Sedai society up to and including the appearance of Nynaeve, Egwene, and Elayne. The figures in the chart are directly from the Companion, so they are what they are. But there's also clearly some leeway in regards to a channeler's initial strength and their potential strength. Cadsuane would be at her topmost potential strength, while the main characters are probably at varying degrees between their initial and potential.

Mistborn Novel Shadows of Self Debuts on the New York Times Bestseller List!

@2. Right?!? All sequels, too, which are harder to place on the list. And George R. R. Martin is sitting near the top of the NYT with a compendium of the Dunk & Egg stories. Sci-fi and fantasy is kinda blowing up the store this week.

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