Started reading when I was 5. Became interested in all types of scifi by 8. Love learning new things, but not in the conventional sit in school 8 hours a day. I did love college though – not required to go to classes, but had an outline to follow and be there for exams and turn in term papers. Majored in Economics and Finance. Was working on a masters in Econ, but life got in the way – as in I got married and we had kids right away(1st 10 months after we tied the knot). I am an analyst and a trader(not day), and one of my big time goals is to get my kids interested in science. My parents had(and have) a fantastic library at home, and they both are into scifi as well. Grew up on Zelazny, Tolkien, Asimov, Herbet ect. Love! WoT and just breezed through aSoIaF(thank the old gods and the seven that I didn’t have to wait like some of you!