Catch Francesca Lia Block on Tour for The Elementals
The book looks interesting, but does it really count as "going on tour" if all 4 signings take place in the same county?
Star Trek: The Next Generation Rewatch: “The Perfect Mate”
This is my single most hated Star Trek episode ever, because it made me so furious when it first aired. Not only did the idea of the woman shaping herself to fit whatever man she was sold off to enrage the proto-feminist in my junior-high self, but I was supposed to believe even for a second that Picard would interfere? There was no suspense whatsoever to distract me from the offensiveness of the plot. Also, Famke Janssen was terrible! Every time I see her in anything, I think of this episode and get irritable.
Incredible Fanvid Compresses Decades of Fandom Into 5 Minutes
That was beautiful - they fit almost everything that anyone ever loved! I thought no one else remembered Forever Knight. I saw Homicide listed at the end, I have to go watch a 3rd time to try to figure out how I missed it ...
Checking in on Avengers Vs X-Men: Is It Any Good?
Ugh. I just got back into comics last year and starting following Uncanny X-Men, and was buying this until I realized I had completely lost interest and hadn't even noticed when my comic shop forgot to pull issue #6 for me. What a boring mess. Now the only Marvel books I'm following are Marjorie Liu's Astonishing X-Men and the new Captain Marvel series - first issue was great!
Either “Romana” or “Fred”: Remembering Mary Tamm
I always thought of Liz Shaw as the first intelligent, awesome female companion (because I hadn't seen any 1st Doctor/Barbara episodes then), and on first viewing, I found it hard to forgive Jo Grant for not being as brilliant as Liz. (Caroline John, who played Liz Shaw, died in June - also of cancer. So depressing.) Romana I was a wonderful character, strong and elegant, with subtle humor. I wish she'd had more stories, and was saddened to read about Mary Tamm's passing yesterday.
SDCC 2012 Cosplay Round-Up
You have a great eye for fun costumes! Thanks for sharing these.
How Books Can Become Batman: Scalzi at SDCC
Thanks for this post! Sounds like it was a great panel.
Picturing Summer, a Solstice Celebration
Loved looking through this post ... If this were a museum exhibit, I could spend all day there.
Big Finish Produces Doctor Who Audio Plays with Brains, Heart and Humor
Glad to see Big Finish love here! Evelyn is one of my favorite companions, though I haven't finished her run. Need to get more - she is too awesome to neglect!
JordanCon 2012: The Bloggening, Part 2
Thanks for the great report! Love reading about the panel discussions.
A Darrell K. Sweet Wheel of Time Tribute, Including A Memory of Light Sketch
I'm looking forward to seeing Michael Whelan's cover, but this is beautiful. Though I didn't love all the previous WoT covers, I did love some of them, and Darrell Sweet's work was on so many of the fantasy books I read when I was first diving into fantasy that seeing one of his covers can't help but leave me feeling happily nostalgic.
Avengers vs. X-Men: Marvel’s Major Event and Why You Should Read
I hate crossover events (I want to buy the series I like, and that's it), but this actually sounds interesting ... darn it.
Hardcore Parents on the Run, in Space: Brian K. Vaughan on Saga #1
When I stopped at the comic store a couple of weeks ago and saw Brian K. Vaughan's name on a poster for a new series, I signed up without even needing to know any plot details or really even haven gotten a good look at the poster, which was really high on the wall. His work on Runaways and Y the Last Man was consistently thoughtful and moving, and I can't wait to read whatever he comes up with next!
Gallifrey One 2012: The Who-iest Place On Earth
Thanks for the report and all the great pictures! I've been wanting to make it out there for Gallifrey One for ages.
Gallifrey One 2012: The Who-iest Place On Earth
Thanks for the report and all the great pictures! I've been wanting to make it out there for Gallifrey One for ages.
The DC Relaunch: Week Four Comes and the 52 Goes
I was against the idea in theory (I don't like change much), but it actually got me back into a comic shop for the first time in a couple of years. I stopped buying them regularly during a budget crunch several years ago and stopped following the stories when I got fed up with storylines I found tiresome, but I couldn't help but be curious. I picked up Batgirl #1 because I love Barbara Gordon, and Firestorm because I also love Gail Simone. Nightwing was sold out, and I wish I'd remembered to ask about Aquaman and Wonder Woman. I'm sure I'll be going back soon, on a limited basis ... don't know if that counts as success for DC's strategy or not.
And there’s a Creepy Town… Those Across the River
Christophe the Insultor writes horror novels? Fascinating! It's not my usual genre, but tis (almost) the season ... I'll have to check this out.
Fiction Affliction: Diagnosing July Releases in Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance
A busy month! I hadn't realized the next Dresden Files book was so soon - I may actually be more eager to read this than A Dance with Dragons! That last ending was a shocker. Also really looking forward to the new books by J.A. Pitts and Dianne Sylvan - both of their debuts had strong writing and characters I loved. And a new Ekaterina Sedia book is always something to celebrate!
Reader’s Guide to the New DC Universe: Batman
I used to love reading comics, but when budget crunches came, the habit abruptly ended. It's been a while since I read them regularly, but I'm still curious to know what they're making of my favorites, so I'll be looking forward to these posts!
Doctor Who S6, Ep 3: “The Curse of the Black Spot”
When I first read this, I thought Oh, it wasn't just me! I thought maybe I had been too hard on the episode because I don't find pirates particularly intriguing, but also it was dull and Rory having to be rescued again was annoying, and all the other things you mentioned. Being a longtime Who fan, I'm well-used to overlooking the occasional plot hole or twenty, but I do expect entertainment in return for my suspension of disbelief. This episode was just kinda boring. At least it wasn't as bad as the Daleks in Manhattan, I suppose ...
Learning to Love Zombies: 5 Places to Start
You have aimed a post at me! I keep eyeing Feed, but passing it by because zombies. My sister was pushing Night of the Living Trekkies on me - "It's great! Full of Star Trek in-jokes! If you were a True Fan you'd read it!" - to which I said But zombies. Also, not big on parodies. Still haven't read it ... Saw Shaun of the Dead, mostly enjoyed the early comedy bits, zombie plot at end less so. I did enjoy the modern remake of Dawn of the Dead, but I saw that before suffering through the godawful 24 Weeks Later. Before then I could mostly take or leave zombies, but since then thinking of them gives me traumatic brain-hurting-from-the-stupid flashbacks. Eventually I may see the Walking Dead because it stars Egg from This Life, which my roommate & I were addicted to in college, and I'm glad he's doing so well, but I hear it's all about the Extreme Gore and that's really not my thing either. So it's low on the priority list.
The Closing of the Stargate
I loved Stargate SG1 & Atlantis, and though I've only seen a few episodes of SGU, I'm sad to see the franchise come to an end. I'd still love to see the direct to DVD movies, but am resigned to that not happening now. I have been enjoying the newer Stargate novels - the earlier ones seemed very hit & miss, but the Atlantis books set after the end of the show have been excellent so far.
Queering SFF: An Interview with Malinda Lo
She makes an interesting point about YA fiction being more straight-forwardly about story & emotion; I think that's why I don't read much of it. I enjoy the dilly-dallying along the way that's found in adult fiction. That said, I have to second her recommendati0n of Julie Anne Peters' books - she has excellent characterization. I read two or three of her books and really enjoyed them.
A Shiny Review of Whedonistas: A Celebration of the Worlds of Joss Whedon by the Women Who Love Them
I tried so hard to convince my boyfriend to dress as Oz dressed as God, with me as Joan of Arc. But alas, I couldn't find costume bits for Joan ... And Angel is my favorite, always. Season 5, how I love thee!
Weekly Who: Torchwood Has a Ghostbuster Now (Ghostbusters Are Cool)
I would love to buy the Who/Escher shirt, but can't find it ... It's listed in the artist's gallery as a threadless design, but doesn't show up in her design gallery on threadless. The frustrating, circular nature of this search is actually quite fitting, I suppose.
Gallifrey One 2011: Davison, Daleks, and Fans, Oh My!
Thanks for the wonderful write-up! I've been wanting to go to one of these for years, but con travel is hard on the budget ... Maybe next year!
Get a Room! (In Another Dimension)—Four Obnoxious Couples in Science Fiction & Fantasy
I was completely with you up until Sheridan & Delenn. That's crazy talk! As in, I can kind of see your point but love the characters so don't think about it that way. The others are all completely on target though.
Quantum Leap: “Mirror Image”
I was sad Sam didn't get to go home, of course, but I loved this episode. He finally went back & fixed the moment I was angriest at him for, and Al got to be with his true love. Sam was a crusader - he seemed to live for helping people, and he got to keep doing so. It seems like there are some aspects I didn't really think through fully, like him not seeing Al again or leaping on forever alone, but I haven't seen it more than once since it first aired, I don't think. Maybe I did think about those things way back when & have just forgotten ...
His Humanity Proven
The audios are great, but I also loved the BBC novels with the Eighth Doctor, featuring one of my favorite companions, Fitz Kreiner. All sorts of strange, ambitious, moving things happened there which get revisited in the TV show later.
The Joy of Six
Peri's accent might better be described as "occasionally not entirely unconvincing," IMO ... That aside, I love Big Finish audios and am always happy to find discussion of them! Evelyn is the perfect fit for the Sixth Doctor.
NYCC Panel Spotlight: How I Fell In Love With James Marsters
Thanks for the great write-up! He seems like his anecdotes would all be fascinating.
Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy #021: African SF & Fantasy! Nollywood! Entomology! (Guest: Nnedi Okorafor)
I love this podcast & have been hoping to see another episode, and finally thought to check in here ... :( After the Sofanauts podcast ended (though he put up another couple of shows lately, yay!), I was so glad to see another SF discussion show launched, and your conversations were so entertaining! I hope you're able to continue, and that the story podcast does too. I'd gotten hooked on Tor's offerings, and am sad to see them gone for so long.
Review: Cherie Priest’s Boneshaker
Have to agree with iObject! I thought I would love this book. A negative review from a bookstore coworker whose opinion I respect bumped it down my list for a while (he said he quit reading because he realized he couldn't care less what happened to the main characters), but eventually I tried the audio book (with Wil Wheaton reading Zeke's parts). I at least finished it, but I won't be rushing to buy any sequels. The characters never grew or changed, and the whole thing was very episodic, rushing from one movie-style set-piece to another. I found it entirely plot-driven with very flat characterization, which is fine if you're just there for the zombies, I suppose.
Thoughts on The X-Files
Now I'm trying to envision the Doctor Who version of the episode with the sheriff and the family of incestuous murderers. Not even in the darkest of Virgin-era tie-in novels!
Buffy Season 8, and What Makes a Series Good
I quit sooner than you ... I found Buffy in comic form just not as appealing. I liked the Faith storylines and the other-slayer-as-Buffy issue too, but shortly after that stopped bothering. I think it was the storyline where Xander became interested in one of the Slayers, because I knew from past Whedon experiences exactly where that was going. And then it did. He wasn't even writing the comic then, and it still suffered from the same predictability in regards to romances. Ugh. Also, I watched the show when it was first on, and still haven't quite forgiven the 7th season for the long, slow slide of my fan-love from Bright and Burning, my One True Show, to What The Hell Was That? My box set collection remained incomplete for a long time - I consigned the last season to the same place as the third X-Men movie. Not in my personal Canon! And since the comic takes place right after it, it had an automatic handicap in its race for my affections ...
V – A Retrospective Pt. 1
The lizardy scenes terrified me when I was 6. When i rewatched on Sci Fi in high school, I loved the dramatics of it, and didn't mind the, erm, occasional over-reliance on cliche. I still really enjoy the first miniseries, and found last time I watched it that Kenneth Johnson's commentary on the DVD had lots of entertaining anecdotes & behind the scenes details. Definitely worth a listen!
Kage Baker is very ill
I sent an e-mail just now - such sad news to hear ... I've read the first few Company books & really enjoyed them. I've been meaning to get caught up - wish I hadn't been reminded in this fashion though.
Catching Up With Amber Benson
The Ghosts of Albion books were remarkably entertaining - I was pleasantly surprised. The last one ended with a bit of twist, and I hope they write another volume sometime ... I loved Amber Benson as Tara, and she seems like an interesting person in her interviews, but my days as a bookseller completely turned me off of urban fantasy - the covers and plots all look the same, and there's too much of it in the world!
The Road: official trailer
I avoided the book because I was never in the mood for that much darkness, but somehow the movie looks amazing. Perhaps it's just easier to take for two hours than for the amount of time it takes to read a book. Or I don't get as immersed in movies? Either way - an amazing trailer.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is your new Time Lord.
@RichR - I don't know. I recognized Eccleston from other roles, but he still made me forget all about them as the 9th Doctor. It can be done! I'm a bit disturbed by the fact that, for the first time, the Doctor will be younger than me ...

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