Steven Brust is an American fantasy and science fiction author born in Minnesota in 1955. He is best known for the multi-volume, New York Times-bestselling Vlad Taltos adventure fantasy series beginning with Jhereg (1983), which incorporates a wide variety of storytelling styles and genres, ranging from swords-and-sorcery to hardboiled mystery to financial thriller. He is also the author of a second series of novels set in the Dragaeran Empire of the Vlad books, the Khaavren Romances, which is ostensibly narrated by a Dragaeran historian with an impossibly prolix narrative style which strongly resembles that of a certain late-nineteenth-century English translation of the works of Alexandre Dumas; the first of these is The Phoenix Guards (1991). Other novels by Brust include To Reign in Hell (1984), The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars (1987), Cowboy Feng’s Space Bar and Grille (1990), The Gypsy (1992, with Megan Lindholm), Freedom and Necessity (1997, with Emma Bull), and a non-Vlad, non-Khaavren stand-alone novel set in the world of the Dragaeran Empire, Brokedown Palace (1986).

Brust is also a songwriter and musician who has served as a drummer in several working ensembles, most notably the Minneapolis group Cats Laughing, which also included SF and fantasy novelist Emma Bull on vocals and, on lead guitar, Adam Stemple, who would later also become a published fantasy author. Cats Laughing’s repertoire included songs by Brust, Bull, and the noted SF and fantasy writer John M. Ford. They enjoyed the distinction of being described by X-Men member Kitty Pryde as her favorite musical group. Brust has also released a solo album, A Rose for Iconoclastes (1993), consisting primarily of his own songs sung and accompanied by himself on banjo and guitar.

Steven Brust lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In the fall of 2013, Tor will publish The Incrementalists, a contemporary fantasy novel written in collaboration with Skyler White.

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Photo of Steven Brust by Kyle Cassidy, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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