it’s very clear with the word it’s a combination of perfect and continuous the only differences this end is in the beginning and the process is so since 6 o’clock it has been raining so you are telling me that since 6 o clock it has been raining from any starting point

you started the process and now the process has a continuity so this is all about the tenses and their definitions so there are returns this and there are 4 votes now just have a look at a very simple structure office and dance always you have to use a subject subject you could ask a question to yourself and you will always find an answer of the subject

the singer is singing the singer yes the single subject kids are making noise kids this is our objective and you have learned a lot ladies and gentlemen guys please keep watching in the artikel subscribe us and don’t forget to share and like this artikel we will bring more artikels and as promised simple learning for you thank you.

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