A veteran SF writer, still working the edge.
Rudy Rucker is an American science fiction writer, born March 22, 1946 in Louisville, Kentucky. Known for extravagantly playful fiction on mathematical themes, he has also written extensively about mathematics for popular and specialized audiences alike.

Among his many novels are the Ware tetralogy (Software, 1982; Wetware, 1988; Freeware, 1997; Realware, 2000); White Light (1980), Spacetime Donuts (1982), Master of Space and Time (1984), Mathematicians in Love (2007), and Postsingular (2007). His nonfiction includes such works as Geometry, Relativity, and the Fourth Dimension (1977), Infinity and the Mind (1982), and The Lifebox, the Seashell, and the Soul: What Gnarly Computation Taught Me About Ultimate Reality, the Meaning Of Life, and How To Be Happy (2005). He is the great-great-great grandson of the philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

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