A Night in the Lonesome October Is a Perfectly Tricky Halloween Treat

@3, @12, I just found out about the audiobook while I was researching this!  I am planning to read it that way this year!

Five Fairy Tale Mashups That Show How All Our Stories Are Connected

@1 and @3: Into the Woods is my favorite musical and one of my favorite mashups and for some reason (maybe because I'm most familiar with the play??) I didn't even think of it until today!

Five Empowering Retellings of “East of the Sun, West of the Moon”

@4 Cupid and Psyche is the oldest version I know of, myself, but that's limited to Western canon.  I'd be intrigued but not surprised to find it traced back further.

On a Wing and a Prayer: Gregory Maguire’s A Wild Winter Swan

Of course, I'm always drawn to fairy tale retellings (or twists or inversions), but I do find I have to be in the right mood for Maguire.  It's always delightful to FIND retellings aimed at an adult audience, with all the ambiguity and bittersweetness that implies, but that's not always what I want to experience.  In 2020.  LOL.

Great review, thank you!

Five Retellings of “Rumpelstiltskin” — A Very Odd Story, Indeed

@15 – that makes so much sense, psychologically.

@18 – I think that’s gotta be part of where this idea comes from… I’ve done a tiny bit of spinning (wool only) and I do think that’s part of why I like this story so much!

I played around with a short story version combining Rumpelstiltskin with The Emperor’s New Clothes, since it’s all sartorial splendor anyway: The Fool's Thread  (on patreon but open to public viewing!)

Five Retellings of “Rumpelstiltskin” — A Very Odd Story, Indeed

@6, @10 -- that one has been on my to-be-read list for years but I have yet to track down a copy!  I'll have to get more ambitious about finding it one of these days.  :)

Five Times Harrow the Ninth Uses the Language of Fanfiction to Process Grief, and One Time It Doesn’t

"(Who else screamed when they read this?)"


This is great - because I know fanfic on a meme level (like, okay, I know that there are coffeeshop AUs, but I didn't think about that while I was reading the book, I just thought GIDEON GIDEON GIDEON!), so seeing everything broken down this way adds so much depth and fun to what was already a great story.


Never Say You Can’t Survive: Don’t Be Afraid to Go on Lots of First Dates With Story Ideas

"You probably can’t put a potential romance on ice for a year or twelve and be certain that your date will still be excited to see you whenever you’re ready to come back."  -- Okay yes, the entire article was great, but for this line alone it would have been worth it.

Never Say You Can’t Survive: How To Get Through Hard Times By Making Up Stories

Catching up on this late, and wow, I so need this series!  (I LOVED All the Birds in the Sky.  (And the story about the cat.))

"...because our world is built out of stories."  <- so much this!  I think about it all the time -- the first step to creating change is imagining change.  Thank you!

The Magic of Libraries: Where Fantasy Meets Reality

@3 - I hear ya!  We're buying lots of extra digital content right now.  ;)

@4 - I've only read the first one in that series, I keep meaning to go back and catch up!

Heirs, Beware: Gideon the Ninth’s Surprising Blood Ties to The Westing Game

"...down to her initial cavalier relationship with Gideon..."

Well played.


Both such great books!  Lovely pairing, thank you.

How Do You Visualize Stories?

This is a perfect description of the way that I "see" what I'm reading.  And I was recently trying to describe it to a friend for the very same reason.

For me, it's always been a more immersive, experiential way of understanding the story than sitting back and watching a movie.  I feel totally involved in everything happening in the story, but could I describe what the people look like?  Ehh, no more than the author did.

Very cool post, especially the links to the other research.

Pretty Woman: On the Allure of Androids

I think you hit the nail on the head for why I've never been drawn to android stories, though I never went to this depths.  My own thoughts are usually more like, "Oh, a sexy female android?  Never seen THAT one play out before."  (and then an eyeroll.)

Very interesting, thank you.

The Crimes of The Crimes of Grindelwald

Ohhhh I thought Credence was supposed to be Dumbledore's NEPHEW.

Jane Yolen Prize Pack Sweepstakes!

I love Jane Yolen!  Can't wait to read the new ones.

Kate Daniels Series Sweepstakes!

Oooh I've been wanting to check these out for ages!

An Informal History of the Hugos

I can't wait to read this, though I didn't catch many of the posts in real time.  Feels like the nonfiction version of Among Others.

Queens of Renthia Sweepstakes!

Yes!  I haven't read these yet but I love her MG and YA books!

Why I Don’t Care if Anyone Dies in Avengers: Infinity War

I get way more payoff from a crossover than a death.  Seeing the team come together is way more meaningful (especially once the apparently required machoism is over) than another maybe not permanent death.

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