I am a burgeoning ever growing fantasy  writer and poet. My  writing tastes run to the Dark Urban Fantasy, Horror, and a dash of Sci-Fi. I like to dabble in various forms of poetry; from the erotic, to the dark, to the humorous, profound and beautifully sentimental.

I have only been at this chosen path for a few of years and have produced one Novella published as an Ebook on Amazon called “Roadkill”. I have submitted and continue to submit to various stories and poetry works to publications for consideration. I most recently published in the Quail Bell Magazine for a short story I wrote called Flight through Forest,  and came in second in Carnage Conservatory Halloween Writing contest for my horror story – “Witch Hunt”

I am currently working on  a collection of  short stories  due out in 2018  in E-book and perhaps even as paperback if lucky, as well a collection of poetry works in another book format.  I hope to toil with bloody fingers to pen and paper and the constant punching of the keyboard and put out work people will be entertained by and enjoy greatly.