The Pain of Elantris: Depression in the Fantasy of Brandon Sanderson

kyshael @9: I know! Aprilllll, hurrryyyy...

You know most people do experience at least situational depression at some point in their lives, often more than once. Break ups, loss of loved ones, job loss, you name it, it can cause depression. So many people don't know how to deal with it and truly, don't know that they're not alone. I push links on people ALL THE TIME, because knowledge is power, love. 

Can't wait to see you. <3

The Pain of Elantris: Depression in the Fantasy of Brandon Sanderson

Celebrinnen @8: Indeed, it was Brent! I quote song lyrics on FB all the time (my page is in my profile here, stop by!) but not here!
And thanks very much for your kind words. Navigating the world with a brain that doesn't work as it should can be trying, to say the least. I appreciate your open mind and your willingness to read the article and comment! :)

The Pain of Elantris: Depression in the Fantasy of Brandon Sanderson

Marina @7: Yes, we feel very strongly about people stigmatizing suicide. I touched on this in our last article, too, and always try to turn people's way of thinking if they're in the blame camp. 
That said, I'm sorry for your loss and I hope your sister has found her peace.
I agree that Raoden keeping knowledge of the pool secret was kind of selfish and arrogant. That really bothered me upon rereading and remembering that tidbit.
But thanks for reading, we appreciate it!

The Pain of Elantris: Depression in the Fantasy of Brandon Sanderson

Sterling @5: Yes, in the book, they refer to physical pain... but where my mind usually exists, those pains are mental and emotional.
I agree that aging smacks of Elantrian pain, though! :)

The Pain of Elantris: Depression in the Fantasy of Brandon Sanderson

Braid Tug @2: I’m amazed that having suffered bipolar depression for my entire life, I only just saw the correlation between it and the Hoed some four and a half years ago. I first read Elantris in 2007, IIRC, as soon as Brandon was announced to finish WoT, and though I loved it, I didn’t make that leap. 
Thanks for reading! <3

Oathbringer Reread: Chapter Eighty-Four

@2 theMattBoard My comment upon finishing this chapter during the beta read was, "I love Brandon. I hate Brandon. I wanna write like Brandon."

This chapter was a roller coaster, for sure!

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

Keleborn @90:

Just curious about how you respond to the ubiquitous “How are you?” question. Asked by not only friends and acquaintances, but also grocery store clerks who are complete strangers. How does it make you feel to have to lie? How does it make them feel if you tell the truth?

Hmmm, how does it make me feel? I think that it makes me feel like I'm sparing people from having to hear my bullshit sob story. Depression and anxiety (those asshole little devils) whisper that nobody cares, that nobody wants to hear it. When people ask this question, they don't really want to know. It's a formality, it's just something you say to people. They expect the rote response: "I'm good, how are you?" In fact, I've noticed that many people answer with a robotic, "Good, and you?" Short, not so sweet, tinged with undertones of, "Oh my God, if one more person asks me this today, I will punch myself in the face and show them how I really am."

I can't say with any certainty what most people would feel if I told them the truth. But I've seen the look people get when I only hint at the truth. There's a look, and anyone who suffers from disorders such as mine knows what I mean. It's a look that says, "I don't actually want to know, I don't care how you are. I have my own problems, you psycho, I don't have time for your bullshit, too." 

I realize that this attitude may seem melodramatic... and therein lies the rub. I can KNOW that it's silly to fear this reaction while also knowing that of course, I'll see it. Of course, people will look at me differently. Because they don't want to know who I really am, they just want to hear, "Good, and you?"



Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

Adam @89: I'm so sorry for your loss. Remember that depression lies, and it feeds on our grief. Keep away from that chasm, friend... and know that so many of us are here to catch you should you stumble. Reach out anytime, I will respond. Much love to you, and hope for you to find some peace.

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

Marieke @88: I'm completely flattered that you chose this article on which to leave your first online social media/forum comment. I feared posting this piece so much... I literally wanted to throw up knowing that so many people would read it and see inside my mind when I've spent decades trying to hide from everyone. Ross told me that it would touch people, that it might help people, and though I trust him implicitly, it was hard to believe that anything I had to share would do such a thing. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. 

*hugs from southern New Mexico*

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

Uhhh @87: Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. Ross and I appreciate knowing that this piece has touched people. 

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

Tesh @86: 

When I talk, people ignore me. It’s just the way it is. It’s always been that way. So, I don’t talk. I don’t tell people things anymore. Why would they care about what I have to tell them? 

Though I identify as a Windrunner, I feel very strongly about the Ideals of the Edgedancers. “I will listen to those who have been ignored” 

I see you, I cannot, will not ignore you. We struggle with many of the same things and as they say, “Pain shared is pain lessened.” Though I don’t believe that sentiment most days, so I understand if you don’t. I understand if many of the people commenting here don’t. Maybe one day, we’ll believe it and we can all help one another lessen our pain.

Hit me up via Messenger, if you like. I don’t hang out on 17S, but I am online quite a lot. More than I should, really. But as one who also suffers from social anxiety, the internet helps me connect, even when I isolate myself. Much love to you. 

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

[email protected]: I’ve also struggled with the word “broken”, but I try to accept that the word doesn’t imply uselessness, but rather something that doesn’t work as it used to, or as something else may work.

Ross told me once of kintsugi, “the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum…” […] As a philosophy, it treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise.” 

So the repaired piece is unique and more beautiful because it was broken. These images also bring to mind the way spren are attracted to those with cracks in their souls… and suddenly, I’m okay with being broken. Because we’re beautiful, too.

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

Ghost Wolf @83: 

It’s fascinating how I can present a normal face to the world but the darkness at the back of my mind just keeps insisting on ending it now.  

Yes, it's an odd thing to wear such a mask and that most people can't see through it. They can't tell how hurriedly it's created and applied, how it starts to slip throughout the day, or even during the midst of a short chat or encounter with a coworker. We look in the mirror and see that darkness inside of ourselves and we marvel that others don't also see it... that it doesn't shock them or make them uncomfortable. How do they not feel it as it pulses inside of us, as it smothers us?

I'm glad you found it within yourself to share. I've mentioned numerous times, in the article and here in the comments, that people can reach out to me via Messenger. I wasn't kidding. People have reached out. Every one of them has moved me in some way. My FB link is in my profile here. I'll listen to you.

Because I see your darkness, and I understand it. I empathize with you as you struggle with it because I also struggle. I'm here with you. Here's my hand... hold on, my friend.

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

BenW @70: You know, I'm glad I went through with this article if for no other reason than that these kinds of conversations might take place and give us all a better understanding of one another.

Thank every one of you for commenting here, or on Facebook or Reddit, or anywhere else you may have participated in discussion. It's all valuable... let's keep talking about these issues. 

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

drzj @67: I'm glad that you had Dalinar's words to sustain you. They've been a beacon for me, too... though I need to be reminded often to keep taking that next step. Do your best to stay well away from the Honor Chasm, my friend.

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

William Meek @59: I’m somewhat speechless. And that’s saying a lot, considering how much I said in this article.
I’m humbled by your comment and so grateful that you took the time to post. Your response, and those of others who have been moved to respond have been a much-needed validation, and will give Ross reason to tell me “I told you so” for years to come, I’m quite sure.
I’ve said this to a few people, and a couple of others have done so already, but please feel free to reach out to me on Messenger, if you’d like to talk more.
Thanks again for reading and commenting, William.

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

Gepeto @56: I could write a huge response--again--but I feel like I'm blowing up this comment thread tonight, trying to catch up with everyone! I do want to touch on a couple of things.

My personal experience is you can’t shove “understanding” and “support” down anyone’s throat.
I feel understanding cannot be universal, even if it should, even if we want it to be.

I totally get it. Even after my diagnosis, I was the one who tried to help everyone, be there for everyone, be the rock. After I experienced something traumatic last December, I had to admit to myself, and to others, that I had nothing to give them. I had to use every mental and emotional resource for myself. So I think I can understand, to a small extent, what you mean. 
It's okay to feel that way. If we don't take care of ourselves, we can't be expected to take care of anyone else. can you be allowed to have struggles, to not be 100% understanding, to have hardships and, worst to speak of them when next to you stands someone who, by all means, has it so much worst it doesn’t even begin to compare? You can’t. You. Just. Can’t. 
...the one who is mentally ill needs the attention and the support while you don’t. It’s just how it is.

But you can. You should. And if someone has expected something different of you, they are/were wrong. Full stop. You can't sacrifice your own mental health for the sake of another's. Because everyone needs attention and support.

I feel seeing more reaction out of “other people”, reactions which aren’t “perfect” would make enhance the story.

I agree that it would, yes. We can definitely hope to see something of that in future books.

I feel bad as it probably was far more complex: I just couldn’t understand. From her perspective, I was the perfect one, I was the “Adolin”. It is all very mixed up and twisted around, but I was told, younger, it was my responsibility to take care of her. 

It was almost certainly more complex. And it was not your responsibility. It just wasn't. 

Thank you for responding. Please feel free to hit me up on Messenger if you'd like to chat more. My Facebook is in my profile here. 

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

strikerez @54: If Kaladin's depression resonates so strongly with you, it might benefit you to look into therapy. Even if it's just one or two sessions. In the 5-1/2 years since my diagnosis, I've only spent a couple of those years in sporadic therapy, but when I'm not going, there's a marked difference in my overall mental health. 

You get so used to the darkness that you get comfortable there and you forget that you could feel better. That you used to feel better. That it's possible to feel better. But it is possible.

Thank you for commenting, despite having torn open my heart and mind for this article, it touches me to see every person who says that they can relate. It makes me feel less isolated, and I'm honored to know that sharing my experiences and feelings has touched something in others. In you.

Hit me up in Messenger if you ever feel so inclined. I was serious about that. *hugs*

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

Braid Tug @52: Hey, no need for apologies, my friend. Thank you for reading, and for your kind comments. 

The thing about mental health issues is that everyone experiences them to some extent. Some people have passing bouts of depression, everyone has experienced anxiety to one extent or another, and some of us have full-blown mental disorders. Whee!

One person's issue being chronic or an organic disorder doesn't lessen the suffering of anyone else who has experienced symptoms, whether they're passing or recurring, mild or severe. Everyone's issues are valid. I'm glad you have the love and support you need to help you cope with yours. *love and hugs*

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

hassanbh @51: It's difficult for me to recommend order because I've read everything as it was published after picking up Elantris and Mistborn: The Final Empire.
I would say maybe get them into Mistborn era 1. Then Warbreaker, and then maybe start them on Stormlight. That will give them a good taste of Brandon's work before they dive into the Archive.

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

Stark Jones @48: One thing I love about these Ideals is the way everyone interprets them differently. They mean something a little different to each of us and so they mean a hundred different things... a thousand... and so on. I think it's pretty awesome, actually. Thank you for sharing what "strength before weakness" means to you.

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

paultaylors @43: Thank you for sharing your interpretation of the First Ideal, I've enjoyed seeing people talk about how these words have affected them. It's interesting to see the many ways people view this Ideal and how they feel about it. 

Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment!

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

Chris @42: That Wit quote gets me every time. Thank you for applying it to me, that’s high praise.

I agree that the world is hard on people who struggle with illnesses of the mind and that our battle is seen as ‘less’ than that of people who fight physical afflictions. I’ve even faced that same stigma from front office personnel at the office where my psychiatrist works part-time (he travels from out of town 3 days a week)… and it’s incredibly frustrating. That attitude contributes to people giving up on seeking help in the form of treatment, therapy, and medication.

And to be honest, I didn’t lower my mask so much as struggle to keep from donning it–repeatedly–during work on this article. Creating this with Ross’s help was a battle against myself and my anxiety… and I’m floored at the primarily positive response. Thank you for your comment, it’s appreciated.

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

Ford75 @38/39: It can be incredibly difficult to convey feelings like this to family and friends when many people just can't comprehend why we feel the way we do or why we can't just snap out of it. I hope you're able to find a way to better communicate the way you feel, and also that they are open-minded enough to listen.

If you aren't in therapy, I would highly recommend it... it's good to have someone listen to you objectively and understand where you're coming from.

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

Gaz @37: I'm sorry for your previous experience. It is a difficult thing to carry on a healthy relationship with an individual suffering from some mental disorders.

I know several mentally healthy people whose spouses suffer from bipolar disorder, or chronic depression and anxiety... and in each case, the spouse either borders on abusive or disinterest. My friends struggle greatly with their individual challenges, and though they're the ones trying to support their spouses, we have surprisingly close relationships. As a non-abusive sufferer of both bipolar disorder and anxiety, I can sympathize with each of them and they, in turn, can understand my own struggles more than most. 

Thank you for taking the time to comment on our piece; I hope that it's given you some insight.

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

saywot @34: I also hope that your experience is indicative of a change in perspective. What an interesting experience that must have been for you. Thank you for reading and commenting. 

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

Gepeto @33: See? You have very relevant, very thought-provoking things to say. Thank you for sharing! This is good stuff… and I’m happy to respond. I’ll do it inline, if I may.

Mental illness is not just a hurdle for those having them, they also are a hurdle for their closed ones: the story would feel fuller if it also broached this perspective. 

I could not agree more. Friends and loved ones of people with mental illness and severe mental health issues often do get the short end of the stick. While I’m fortunate enough that my disorder’s symptoms don’t manifest in an abusive way to others, I know that some people’s do… and I’ve experienced this in my own family. So I fully agree about your mention of hurdles. 
While we have seen some of how the loved ones of our Radiant characters react, such as Kaladin’s family in his flashbacks, we really don’t see much of how others react to our ‘broken’ characters. So yes, broaching those perspectives would be valuable.

I was especially interested with Dalinar’s descent into alcoholism where nearly everyone was whole-heartily supportive of him. Is this how it usually goes down within most family dealing with this same issue?

During the beta read, there was a LOT of talk about Dalinar’s alcoholism and his sons’ blind admiration for him. So this is not lost on most readers, rest assured. Perhaps Evi was responsible for lifting up Dalinar in their minds to such an extent that even his abhorrent treatment of them after her death was forgivable in their eyes. I hope we see more of this time from Adolin’s and Renarin’s perspectives.
As for other families dealing with this issue, I couldn’t really say. My brother was an alcoholic, but he left home when I was just a kid, and I never encountered him “in his cups”, shall we say. The most I saw of his alcoholism was that it killed him… 14 years ago next week, in fact. 

Not everyone has the capacity of being understanding, selfless and dedicated: some of us just fail at this. Hence, I ended wishing there would be characters who would struggled with dealing with our Radiants, because I, as a reader, often do.

I totally get that not everyone has this capacity. I’m not sure that I would, were my situation reversed and I was dealing with someone like me. It’s one reason I’m constantly afraid that people will leave, because they just can’t deal with my shit anymore. Trust me, this is the fear of a lot of people in my situation… and sadly, many of us are inclined to push people away before they can leave. It’s a shitty, vicious circle and it’s incredibly difficult to overcome, for anyone and everyone in the equation.
And you know, as I try to see this from your perspective, I agree that it would be good to have a character who struggled with dealing with our Radiants. I think that would be enlightening.

As a real-person, I can’t say I have managed to deal well with mental illness within my own family. Others speak of how they were supportive or how they had support: I only remember hot bright anger and shouts.

I’m sorry you only remember anger and shouts. I remember a lot of that, too… and looking back and knowing that my dad suffered from PTSD as a Marine Corps Veteran of the Vietnam Conflict, and that my mother suffered from undiagnosed and untreated bipolar disorder may help me to understand *now*, but it doesn’t do anything to soothe that little girl who had no control over how people behaved or how she was treated as a result. 
I hope I’m not overstepping here to say that you aren’t obligated to deal well with anyone’s mental illness. It’s not your responsibility just because you’re family. Many people who suffer from mental illness can be abusive and manipulative, and their illness may be a reason for such behavior, but it’s no excuse. 
Some of us try to support, some of us are lucky to receive it… and some of us are victims, healthy and unhealthy alike. 

I’m blathering, but thank you for deciding to comment. I think your thoughts are extremely relevant and can open a great dialogue. 

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

Evelina @31: Your comment has made me smile… I’m glad you felt moved to talk to us about your sister.

To be honest, as touched as I’ve been today to see the numerous people (here and on Facebook) who have related to myself and these characters, I’m equally moved to see comments from people who aren’t sufferers but may know someone who is, and who now have a new insight. 

Thank you so much for sharing your new insight with us… and hug your sister for me, too. :)

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

hassanbh @28: This is the perfect response from one who doesn’t suffer but knows people who do. We wanted to reach individuals such as yourself, too… to hopefully provide some insight into what these characters mean to so many of us and to let you know that you are important to those in your life who need your support and understanding.

It would be amazing if you could steer people toward The Stormlight Archive and the Cosmere as a means of introducing them to characters they might relate to as strongly as we do.
Thanks so much for reading and for commenting!

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

Gepeto @27: I don’t see any reason why not suffering from mental health issues renders your potential comment(s) inappropriate. Provided your comment(s) aren’t dismissive or derogatory, your thoughts are welcome.

And considering the fact that one in five people suffers from some kind of mental health issue at any given time, you likely know people who are sufferers. 

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

Wetlandernw @24: What, are you saying we talk a lot, or what? ;)
And yes, tearing open my soul is pretty much what this felt like. I couldn't have done it without Ross standing beside me to keep me going in the right direction. Thank you for the kind words and always, for the support.

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

Celebrinnen @18: I have a few responses to your comments (which I’m glad you wrote!) so I will add some of your quotes and embed my responses.

"When I started reading the article, I was sure I will not comment here, because it is such a delicate matter and as somebody not having a mental issue myself (at least I am pretty sure that I don’t) nor knowing personally anybody who has been diagnosed with one, what right do I have to speak up about things I do not know and therefore cannot even start to understand in ways that some people do?"

While we definitely wanted to reach out to people who suffer from mental illness and other mental health issues, we also wanted to communicate with those who do not suffer. We wanted to shed some light on the subject and mention how amazing Brandon’s writing is that his characters touch so many. So yes, you are perfectly within your right to comment!

"Thank you for your trust in us. On my part, I am sure that from the people here, following these threads, you can be sure to find rather support than condemnation or indifference (at least I hope I am right), for it does seem a close-knit community."

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I was somewhat terrified to share this. There is such a stigma surrounding mental illness/health issues, and people who suffer fear ridicule and dismissal. So you’re welcome, and I appreciate you reading this massive piece!

"…there was a moment I, too, could relate to what you wrote about apathy. When my father died, I could not be my usual cheerful and happy me for about a year, because how could I? What right did I have to be happy, if there was a hole in my heart, and a chunk of my world had just been ripped away? I did not want to feel anything, because not feeling anything was better than feeling the pain." 

First, I am so sorry for the loss of your father. You obviously went through a grieving process, but it’s possible you suffered from depression as part of your process, at least it sounds that way to me. So while you may have no diagnosed illness, you have definitely experienced a mental health issue, at least during that point in your life.

"About the First Ideal. I agree that there are many meanings to these words, to each their own, and multiple together."

I love that the First Ideal can mean something different to everyone. We’re all different people, with different experiences and different opinions, and it’s pretty phenomenal that Brandon’s writing can touch us all so differently, but also so profoundly. 

I’m glad that you decided to comment, thank you for sharing. 

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

asw122 @11: You are one prolific reader! Color me impressed!
I'm glad you enjoyed the article and are able to relate. Thank you for commenting... I was pretty anxious about the feedback we might get from this so every positive comment is reassuring and appreciated. 
Keep recommending SA to people, it's wonderfulness that should be shared!

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

 dashardie @10: I'm glad that you were able to relate, and we definitely wanted to also touch people who are not (currently) sufferers, but that may know people who are. Expanding our understanding and that of others, and doing what we can to reduce stigma surrounding mental illness is always a worthy endeavor, and if we are able to do some small part to that end within our fandom, then it makes the struggles I faced while writing this piece completely worth it.
Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

Iskhon @5: Shallan is very relatable and to be honest, it really bothers me to see fans who hate her because of her whining, etc. Part of it is defense of her because damn, have they not SEEN all she's experienced at the tender age of 17? And part of it is because she's me, and I'm her, if only to a small extent. 

Thank you for reading and I'm glad that the article touched you in some way. 

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

BenTGaidin @2: Yes, Ben... The people we surround ourselves with play an integral role in our mental health. <3

Ideal Heroes: Mental Illness in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive

soursavior @1: I wasn't sure I was ready to open up, either... it's exceedingly difficult to take off the mask(s) and show your true self to the world. And there's nothing that says you're obligated to do so... now or ever.

My Facebook profile is included in my Tor profile, feel free to message me any time. Thanks for reading!

Oathbringer Reread: Chapter Ten

Austin @4: Are you wondering if Renarin’s healing of Adolin was inadvertent? If so, I don’t believe it was. He very deliberately healed Adolin’s wrist. 

IMO. ;)

Oathbringer Reread: Chapter Ten

piratet @3: When Kaladin and the transformed parshmen arrived at Relanor in Chapter 31, Khen didn’t know what Fused are. So it stands to reason that the parshmen had not been traveling with Fused. 

“Well,” the scribe said, “it’s not unheard of, but you’ll have to get permission from one of the Fused to label him free.”

“One of the what?” Khen asked.

After Oathbringer: Speculations, Theories, and Expectations for Brandon Sanderson’s Next Stormlight Archive Book

Scath @95:

the theory against is that in order to form a nahel bond, one must be broken (though there are varying thoughts on this and the degree of brokenness) for the spirit web to have cracks for the spren to fill, so in order to revive maya, a bond must be formed in that manner. 

We believe one must be broken but it's not necessarily so. Here's a WOB on the subject:

Questioner: How was Shallan able to bond with Pattern before she was broken? Brandon Sanderson: She was open to him even before she went through a lot of that turmoil Questioner: I thought everybody had to be broken in order to... Brandon Sanderson: Well, that's their philosophy in-world. But I'm not going to say whether it's correct or wrong... I will imply that there are other means as well.
After Oathbringer: Speculations, Theories, and Expectations for Brandon Sanderson’s Next Stormlight Archive Book

@70, Angel: Shallan Lightweaving Radiant wearing Plate does not necessarily mean that Shallan has attained Plate. 

After Oathbringer: Speculations, Theories, and Expectations for Brandon Sanderson’s Next Stormlight Archive Book

@67 Gepeto, you said:

"having Adolin revive Maya without any hardships nor valid trials, by just being “so perfect” it works, is not going to yield the best story arc."

I honestly don't know where you get that Brandon is writing Adolin to be "so perfect" that he will bring Maya back "without any hardships nor valid trials". I don't see any hint of that. Anywhere. I am quite boggled.

Adolin has gone through some shit, including losing his mother, the abandonment at the Tower, losing Sureblood and indeed, the entire Battle of Narak, Everstorm and all... and who can forget losing Elhokar? AI believe that all of this is one reason Maya responds to him as she does in OB (that, and his utter respect for his sword), and I'm betting he's going to find out just how Evi died and that might be the snap he needs to be open to a bond. 

I think his story arc will be just fine, thank you. In Brandon we trust, after all. 

After Oathbringer: Speculations, Theories, and Expectations for Brandon Sanderson’s Next Stormlight Archive Book

@15: Lisamarie, Teft's addiction has not been healed, just as Kaladin's depression hasn't been healed or Shallan's DID has not been healed. 

The Full Spoiler Review of Brandon Sanderson’s Oathbringer (Stormlight Archive #3)

I've been so busy that I haven't had time to pop in here to read all of your comments and respond ... but I just had to remark on this observation:

@60, Antonella: About that scene in Kholinar´s Palace and Kaladin blocking out: ALICE YOU ARE JUST MEAN. Give him a break! 

I love that you blamed Alice for the Kaladin diss. ;)

The Stormlight Archive Thus Far

Lisamarie @3: Thanks... It did require TONS of research and many hours of writing and revising. Also, it was difficult to *not* include any hints at what would happen in OB. 

But we had a great deal of fun with it and we're glad you enjoyed it!

The Parshendi: Voidbringers or Victims?

Lisamarie @28: He was the Artist Guest of Honor at JordanCon in... 2012, IIRC. His wife noticed me admiring one of his Dark Tower originals and initiated a chat, then told me I just *HAD* to talk to her husband. He walked just then up and I stood there discussing art and adaptations with him for like 20 minutes, then he signed the art I bought. It was phenomenal. <3

I'd love to talk to him again with the DT movie release and hear his thoughts!

The Parshendi: Voidbringers or Victims?

Guys, there are so many comments that I want to respond to... but I have to zip it. 

Love seeing your thoughts, though!

The Parshendi: Voidbringers or Victims?

Lisamarie @20: Isn't it completely gorgeous? <3

And yeah, Whelan is great. He's totally cool to chat with, too. :)

The Parshendi: Voidbringers or Victims?

Mehoo @23: When we first meet the Parshendi, we only know what the Alethi know. And that's the only 'Parhsendi' form that the Alethi are aware of at that point.

The Parshendi: Voidbringers or Victims?

@8 - ZenBossanova, that's an interesting theory. Do you get that impression from her apparent foreknowledge of what stormform would to to the listeners? Or...?

The Parshendi: Voidbringers or Victims?

@6 - AeronaGreenjoy, Brandon definitely toys with our heartstrings in instances like this; giving us a worldview and then completely upending what we thought we knew. And then blindsiding us, once again.

He's a sneaky one, that way. :)

The Parshendi: Voidbringers or Victims?

@5 - Droyne, we definitely know quite a bit more by WoR, though going into WoK, there's no discernible reason for the murder of the Alethi king. Plus, there are the gemhearts... so speaking from an Alethi perspective, pre-WoK, wealth could very well have been a motive. *nod*

And hey... what better way to try to find answers than by asking ALL the questions? ;)

Before Oathbringer, Refresh Your Memory on the Stormlight Archive Thus Far

Walker @10 – thanks for pointing out the discrepancy. We've made a correction regarding Gavilar's secret society affiliation. 

Before Oathbringer, Refresh Your Memory on the Stormlight Archive Thus Far

Werechull @7 – thanks for the input.

Something this massive was a difficult undertaking, especially immediately after the beta and pre-gamma reads, so we're not surprised some things were mis-remembered or missed altogether. ;)

Unity of Purpose: The Oathbringer Beta Story

Great job on this article, Alice... I'm kind of stupid excited about the mentions!

Arcanum Unbounded Sweepstakes!

I'm dying to get my grubby hands on a copy of this book (I promise I'll wash my hands, or wear a pair of gloves, at least!) as it's the first book in which my name will be listed as a beta reader. 

I will cry. I will absolutely cry when I get this book*. 

*totally haven't already cried

Shadows of Self Sweepstakes!

Awesome giveaway, guys! I MUST have a book.... mustmustmust!

Gives the precious to usss, yessss?

The Wheel of Time Companion Arrives in 2015
I'm dying to get my grubby hands on this monster. DYING I TELL YOU!
Journeys, Desolations, and Battles: Jackson’s Trifold Hobbit in Review
I admit that I was one of those naysayers, griping about The Lord of the Rings films. I wasn't necessarily bothered with a lot of the changes as I realized that they were necessary for the adaptation. But I didn't like that so much was omitted to add scenes that I felt at the time were only there to please movie-goers rather than fans of the books. I always felt that they moved too fast and left out too much. I'm mostly over that now and I can say that I genuinely enjoyed The Hobbit films, additions and omissions and silliness included. Thanks for the great write-up, I agree with you on many points, most especially the depiction of Galadriel at Dol Guldur. I had this very same conversation with a friend recently. But yes, I adored this trilogy and I love what Peter did with the story, how he brought the characters to life for me in a way that Tolkien did not. And Martin Freeman as Bilbo was perfection. I wish that Elijah Wood had been half as fantastic at being a hobbit as was Martin Freeman.
The Face of the Dark Tower: Casting Thoughts For Roland Deschain
Thanks, Christopher... I appreciate your unwillingness to facilitate my suicide. ;o)
Angry Robot 5th Birthday Sweepstakes!
BOOKS! Books-books-books-books-books. I likes 'em. Happy Birthday, Angry Robot!! I can haz books nao?
The Face of the Dark Tower: Casting Thoughts For Roland Deschain
You have some good thoughts here, and no offense but I think that I would slit my own throat if they were to cast Ryan Gosling as Roland. Say true. ;o)
Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn Adventure Game Sweepstakes!
Obligatory contest comment... wait, what's the prize again? On second thought, never mind. I'm not scrolling all the way back up on my cell. There was Brandon Sanderson, Mistborn, and really... what more do I need to know? I definitely want it! What's up, Thanks for the giveaway!
Chosen Families: The Undead Pool by Kim Harrison
Yes, Landon is a new character in this book. And Brit meant that in this book, there was enough foreshadowing that Rachel ought to have figured things out sooner. As for third person? No, just no. IMNSHO, of course.
Chosen Families: The Undead Pool by Kim Harrison
Great review! I was lucky enough to acquire an ARC last night and couldn't put the book down until I finished... at 7:15 this morning. Yeah, no sleep was SO worth it, even though I'm in a near-zombie state at work today. I loved this book so very hard! I'm going to read it again this weekend (though not in one sitting, or it might kill me!) before passing it along to a friend. Also, I will certainly mourn the ending of this series. I love it so much, I could read new Hollows books every year (or two, or five) indefinitely. *sigh*

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