Realms of Fantasy Déjà vu
The magazine's died and been reborn twice in a fairly short period of time. Naturally there's going to be a lot of uncertainty during the transition period and that breeds speculation and rumor; there are a lot of people who care what happens to RoF. Statements like the above where you clarify your intent and plans to the extent they can be at this point go a long way toward encouraging people to give you the benefit of the doubt. Most of us are hoping for the best, so good luck.
Magnus, Robot Fighter 4000 A.D.
I'm another who remembers Magnus fondly, but of course I lost them all (and every other comic I'd accumulated in my youth). Thrown out by the 'rent after I went off to college. How cliche is that?
Original, weird, charming: Parke Godwin’s Waiting for the Galactic Bus
Thanks for tackling this one. Waiting for the Galactic Bus is one of my favorite Parke Godwin books, ever, and imo an underrated comedy classic.
Four Horsemen, at Their Leisure
Thanks for the comments. I've enjoyed reading them. -- Richard
Good Bye Realms of Fantasy
I find myself in partial agreement with both Scott and Jonathan. Some stories that might have found a home in Realms will show up elsewhere, witness that Scott's already picked up one of the Goji Yamada series. But there was also a sort of "fractured fairytale" type story that I like to do that was a natural fit in RoF and probably nowhere else. - Richard Parks

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