Heeere’s Ghidorah in the Latest Godzilla: King of the Monsters Footage

@6 / @7 / @8 My mistake, as there was some confusion with regard to when a new trailer was being released. We've updated the post accordingly.

Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 Explores the Gray Areas of Life Online

@5 Dammit I KNEW there was a rickroll somewhere! That's what I get for leaving before the very, very end.

Boba Fett vs. Zombies and Other Bonkers Moments from Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear

@5: The Glove of Darth Vader is the Jedi Prince Ken series! I so want to reread them now that I remember all this ridiculousness.

We Believe the Women: The Handmaid’s Tale, “Smart Power”

@1: My bad! I hadn't seen that it was an extended season. Thanks for pointing that out. (And yay?)

Rereading The Handmaid’s Tale: Parts VII-VIII

@6 -- It took me a little while to catch on to the same on my first read, especially because phonetically I read "Offred" in my head as something sounding more like "off-red" (or even almost "offered") instead of "of-Fred." I wonder if Atwood chose that name deliberately, to instill the red imagery.

Rereading The Handmaid’s Tale: Parts III-IV

@SKM and @Ursula: I knew I had it wrong and should have articulated my own confusion better. I thought she was a feminist but then got confused about the pornography; I didn't know enough about early waves of the movement to recognize the characterization. Sorry about that, and thank you for explaining it.

Rereading The Handmaid’s Tale: Parts I-II

@mutantalbinocrocodile: That's something that's going to come up a bit in the next installment, which is going up later today! I'm curious to hear your thoughts--either here or in the new post's thread--about why you think Offred is not acting of her own free will?

Rereading The Handmaid’s Tale: Parts I-II

Thank you all for sharing how you came to the book--it's fascinating to hear about the different ages and contexts.

@LH: I think because I read it at such a young age that I didn't think about my place in Gilead, so there was some distance. Obviously on subsequent rereads I've had the opportunity to reevaluate... I both admire Offred for surviving how she needs to and worry that I would have that same response and would be tempted to normalize the situation.

@Michelle: I think you hit it on the head with the "casual violence"--the lack of accountability leads to that innocuously ominous setting that @t0kengirl mentioned.

@LadyBellaine: I didn't mention it in the post because there was so much, but YES that line about one woman's testimony no longer being trusted was so upsetting.

Rereading The Handmaid’s Tale: Parts I-II

@Jaki - Yes, you may definitely reference this reread! I appreciate you signal-boosting and hope it helps your case with getting your book club to reread the book. Thanks for checking it out.

Trying Too Hard: Black Mirror, “Nosedive”

@3: Thanks for catching that! Wonder what it says about me that my brain substituted "genuine" for "meaningful"...

Trying Too Hard: Black Mirror, “Nosedive”

@2: I didn't mean that *I* thought he was a shut-in; I was trying to describe him as he would be seen through the lens of that society. Completely agree, he seemed much more well-adjusted than Lacie or anyone else.

Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party is a Delightful Literary Take on Clue

@1 - You know, I watched Murder by Death as a kid shortly after I saw Clue and didn't love it as much. (I think I remember it being slower?) But I completely forgot Truman Capote was a character! Will have to do a rewatch...

Let Tea Dragons Into Your Heart and Your Weekly Webcomics Bookmarks

In the original drawings, O'Neill said you could pluck the leaves off their horns and brew tea with them. Not sure if she's changing some of the details for the webcomic/book, but there's some cute backstory/tidbits on her Tumblr: http://strangelykatie.tumblr.com/tagged/tea-dragons

Watch the First Trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story!

@7 -- Thanks for the heads-up. Yeah, it was difficult to parse; I had her as "Jin Asa" on first listen but was sure that wasn't it...

What Rape Apologists Need to Learn From Jessica Jones
@12: Just to clarify, in no way was my response to #7 meant to imply agreement with all of the points that were made in that comment--I was simply attempting to make the aforementioned point about privilege a bit clearer. As you point out, many of the instances listed clearly, and rightfully, constitute rape. So if it wasn't immediately clear to anyone following these comments: My attempt to engage with the isolated points I mentioned in my response was in no way intended to support the rest of Sam's "calling of bullshit" on my original post and/or the spirit it was written in.
What Rape Apologists Need to Learn From Jessica Jones

@7--Sam, you make some key points, several of which I agree with. I think there's a lot of gray area around what does and doesn't constitute rape, and that women should carry responsibility in terms of bad/regretful sex (which I would not characterize as rape).

The point I was trying to make here is that Kilgrave's mind control power is akin to male privilege: something that he claims not to recognize yet utilizes. At the same time, more conversations about rape culture demand that men take on more accountability in learning how to understand where women's mindsets are in terms of sex, and not take for granted that they'll get what they want simply because they want it.

(Almost) Every SFF Adaptation Coming to Television and Movie Theaters!

@18: My mistake/wishful thinking: I thought Uprooted was the first in a series, but looks like the author doesn't currently have a sequel planned.

(Almost) Every SFF Adaptation Coming to Television and Movie Theaters!

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I did my best to be exhaustive in my research, but some projects slipped through the cracks. Updating the post with your suggestions.

Supergirl is a Metaphor for Being a Modern Woman

@1: Truuue, I was just hoping for a "swipe right/swipe left" kind of joke.

@2: I like your take on being "out"/"loud and proud" and hope the show incorporates that! I did find it pretty unbelievable that Kara shows Cat a photo of Supergirl and her boss doesn't see the resemblance. Then again, people get away with secret identities because others don't want to believe what's in front of them--which matches the themes in this pilot.

@9: I feel the same! This episode was pretty predictable, but fingers crossed it gets better. And you're right, evil twin Astra totally balances out the healthy/realistic/non-catty relationship between Kara and Alex, womp womp.

The Fake is a Lie in Ex Machina
@2: It seems like it's been out since at least SXSW, if not earlier. I think it got released in NY/LA today; other theaters might get it in a few weeks?
Blood is Thicker Than Water: Kushiel’s Chosen, Part 2
@6: True--Phèdre did get battered with the guilt stick in a number of ways. But I think that La Dolorosa would have driven her to pure (albeit babbling) madness, whereas she was able to overcome the thetalos.
Blood is Thicker Than Water: Kushiel’s Chosen, Part 2
@1: All great points, and picking up a few things I missed in this reread by dint of focusing on other parts. Yes! I knew Berengere was Amarante's mother; she's one of my favorite characters in the Imriel trilogy. And that makes a lot more sense with Bianca; when I went back to re-reread that quote, my mind was already looking ahead to Avatar. I didn't mean to say that Phèdre was susceptible only to Melisande's looks--I think her beauty is secondary to how powerful of a scion of Kushiel she is. That might've come out unclear. With regard to Ysandre... I've been intentionally not refreshing my memory with Wikipedia or such until I'm reading each book, so I'm looking forward to reliving Ysandre's fury and punishment. But your comment about the light and dark mirrors is especially apt when we look aheda to Imriel and Sidonie.
Of Masks and Mary Sues: Kushiel’s Chosen, Part 1
@15: Good catch! I had forgotten, at that point in the reread, that Percy de Somerville was involved in the betrayal of the crown. I actually found myself a little disappointed that he was the man on the inside, because I never really paid attention to him. (Which, perhaps was the intent?) I know that Barquiel L'Envers was a clear red herring, but Percy de Somerville seemed too much a choice in the other direction. Stuff to discuss in the next article... :)
Of Masks and Mary Sues: Kushiel’s Chosen, Part 1
@1: Yes, but the second half still has at least two epic voyages... @2: Thanks for the feedback! True, we could devote entire essays to the Midwinter Masque alone (especially bringing in the Imriel ones) or motifs like the ones we're pointing out here. @3: Definitely agreed that Phèdre needed to be well and truly alone at La Dolorosa, and learn to be more self-sufficient. I do wonder, though, if Joscelin's presence would have saved her from getting imprisoned in the first place. Also, yes, Melisande is an evil genius. I think I read somewhere that it's neither attraction nor malice that has her marrying older men, just a pragmatic middle ground of providing companionship in exchange for her husband's title/power after he peacefully passes. As we've established, her one true love is the intrigue.
Of Masks and Mary Sues: Kushiel’s Chosen, Part 1
@4: Especially because just a few chapters earlier, Phèdre bows to her when she does her daily walk on the balcony with Imriel! Rereading that, I almost started shouting at Phèdre: "Wouldn't you recognize her figure, even at a distance?" I bet Melisande recognized her.
That Which Yields is Not Always Weak: Kushiel’s Dart, Part 2
@2 +3: I think our society has begun to become better accustomed to the notion of sex without emotional attachments--or at least, emotional attachments that don't have to be true love--so I was glad at how the timing worked out to start the Kushiel's Reread. Of course the D'Angelines will be able to better compartmentalize, since they have their automatic defense of "love as thou wilt." But they're still using love as the basis of all those decisions and relationships. By the end of the book, once Phèdre and Hyacinthe have slept together the first time in Alba, she seems to compartmentalize pretty easily her feelings for him versus Joscelin. But I'm not sure I read it as Hyacinthe being able to do the same. For the entirety of Dart, sex was the one facet of Phèdre and Hyacinthe's relationship that they could never act on, because it would sully her honor/go against her servitude. That yearning does complicate their friendship in some way; and the way they get to finally consummate it, in the middle of battle and then when he's about to be imprisoned on an island for decades/centuries, is the farthest from what they ever envisioned happening. It still complicates their friendship, far beyond the friendships she has with other characters.
Love and Cruelty: Kushiel’s Dart, Part 1
@16/all: I actually drew up a dream cast a few months ago... Mine was a little less fancast because no Green/Jolie (I just can't imagine a reality in which they would be chosen for this project), but I'd be curious to hear other people's thoughts!
Love and Cruelty: Kushiel’s Dart, Part 1
@1: You're right, there is an epistolary element to it. Something that bothered me even on the first read was how Phèdre peppers in moments of hindsight (in the second half of Dart, she muses on how Phèdre's Boys still sing their bawdy song to her), and yet we get no sense of where she actually is by the end of the trilogy. Like, is she writing down her memoirs in a Temple of Naamah somewhere? That's the only way that the narration bugged me. @2: I like how you point out that this is the turning point for the D'Angeliens--it's like the Aristotleian notion of "why tonight?" for why the story is taking place. Really, I wanted so much more Melisande in the Imri trilogy, and I would be down with her undergoing the thetalos. But would she interpret it as blood-guilt, since she says over and over how much she loves the game of thrones above all? @11: I'll have to do some more research into how accurate it is that the D'Angelines are actually descended from angels. There's a part in the second half of Dart where Phèdre realizes the people living on the Master of the Straits' island are D'Angelines but not--i.e., not scions--and I can't tell if she's just dismissive or perhaps even pitying them.
Feed Me, Lowie, Feed Me Now!—Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights: Darkest Knight
@James Davis Nicoll - Haha, fair enough. I am not a newbie to KJA (and credit him with a lot of my favorite childhood books), but was trying to at least be a little nice in my observation.
Allons-y! It’s David Tennant’s 42nd Birthday. Bring on the Crazy Tennant Faces
I didn't realize that Tennant was in Fright Night until he strips off all of his Criss Angel-esque makeup... and what a fun surprise! Also, the "Allons-y" video is delightful.
A Shot-By-Shot Analysis Of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Trailer (Spoilers)
@4 - Sorry! Will be better about spoiler warnings in future posts. I'm just used to discussing the movies with folks who have already read the books, but fair point that some people are going into the movies unspoiled. @1 - Me too! Especially since Danny Strong is writing both Mockingjay screenplays. And yeah--they're seriously holding back on any Arena footage, which of course makes me even more eager to see it.
Their Fearful Symmetry: Upside Down
@hihosilver28 - I went to an advance press screening; usually they screen 1-3 weeks before release. But yeah, apparently this has already been out in the rest of the world for a year? @Geoff Coupe - You know, I'm not sure if I've heard of metaphorical fantasy as a genre, but that sounds really fitting. Would I know other movies/books that fall under the same category?
Get Knocked Around By the Awesome Kick-Ass 2 Red-Band Trailer
@Hedgehog Dan - Red Son is the BEST. In fact, I completely forgot it's on my shelf and am now tempted to quickly reread it... @hihosilver28 - That's interesting, 'cause I found that I really enjoyed the cartoonish bent. It's what made Kick-Ass so ridiculous for me. However, I also went in with absolutely no expectations, having not read the comic. What do you think of Hit-Girl being older--do you think it makes her more or less of a punchline?
New Catching Fire “Capitol Portraits” Barely Hide the Coming Revolution
Seriously! The green background almost matches the curtains in that first one.
Megan Fox Cast as April O’Neil in Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
@BatmanJesus - Good point! And one I meant to mention. I grew up with the cartoon, which is why I automatically went to the redheaded April.
It’s About Time the Saturn Awards Introduced a Superhero Category
@Aeryl - Right? They're just so disjointed! That's why I thought maybe the Saturn folks were trying to spread the superhero movies out across better categories, but you're right--they'll lose in most of them. At least if you put them all in one category, one of them wins. And yes, I don't think there's any way you can compare The Dark Knight Rises and Django Unchained unless it was Best Director.
Megan Fox Cast as April O’Neil in Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
@ImprobableJoe - Hah! I just imagined Megan Fox stealing the role of Cosette from Amanda Seyfried in Les Mis. Also, the Ewan McGregor comment brought to mind this great interview he did a few years ago where he talks acting opposite green screens. (The Star Wars stuff starts around eight minutes in.) @deihbhussey - No, let it out! I was about to say that the only good Michael Bay movie was Battleship, then I remembered he didn't have a thing to do with it. But really he should be doing mindless stuff like that instead of attempting anything vaguely intelligent. Although the ultimate question is... will Megan Fox as April O'Neil be more or less cringeworthy than Vanilla Ice changing "Go Ninja Go Ninja GO"?
Seven Science Fiction/Fantasy Martyrs Who Give Saint Valentine a Run for His Money
I don't think I've ever read a Valentine's Day article quite like this before, really digging it. Also, I love reading the posts you guys co-write because I like trying to figure out who penned which parts. @ClayG - I dunno, when I watched the animated story of St. Patrick's life in Catholic school, there were totally snakes... @booklegger451 - YES.
“We Make Our Own Minds”: Beautiful Creatures
@hstring - Maybe I'm too easygoing! Most people I've run into hated it. I'm curious which parts - without spoiling - you really disliked. Do you believe that if it had adhered closer to the book it would've been a much better film?
The 5 Soapiest Romances in the Star Wars Expanded Universe
@JeffR - Maybe I had the timeline backwards. I wasn't referring to her eventual death, but the fact that the writers realized there was no way the fans would be happy with Luke settling down with Callista once Mara Jade got introduced into canon. I would've gone more into Luke and Callista's final encounter, but this article started to get way too long! Which is also why I didn't go into Jaina/Jagged. Believe me, I would've come up with twice as many romances if I'd had the space. Maybe I'll pen a Part 2! (I realize I mostly dealt in human romances, and should throw some more aliens and droids into the mix.) @Cybersnark - See, you make Jacen's fall sound a lot more convincing! I had gotten about halfway through his NJO arc when I rage-quit that series, so the rest of my info on him is cribbed from Wookieepedia and friends. Maybe I'll pick up a few of the books and actually read through what he was thinking when he became Caedus.
New Oblivion Trailer Hints at the Politics of Tom Cruise’s Dystopian Earth
@taconista - I wish I were more amped up for After Earth. Maybe it's because it looks to be more action than mystery, and there is some secret explanation in Oblivion for why the Earth is like that. @spinfuzz - Good point! I definitely think Jack Harper's memory has been tampered with in some way, because if an attack really did happen "sixty years ago," then he can't be having those dreams about the girl in the spaceship. Also, that's a lot more insidious than aliens carving up the planet.
SFF Onstage: Nick Payne’s Constellations
This sounds like exactly the kind of play I wish I'd thought to write. Though I'd also be curious to see if the playwright picked up any sort of influence regarding the structure from David Ives' one-act It's All in the Timing. (For those who haven't heard of it: The conceit is the same shifting between multiple realities and outcomes, separated by the dinging of a bell.) I'm surprised it took someone this long to do this as a full-length. I'm so buying this.
Who Should Play Young Han Solo?
@Therru - You're right, it's the latter: Miller did an interview a few months ago where he stated, "I'm queer." Really, I meant this purely as an aside and not part of the larger "who should play Han Solo?" argument. I know that in some cases an actor's sexuality, though it's divorced from the character, can still affect viewers' perceptions of the character. Case in point, this article from The Daily Beast. That's the only point I was trying to make.
Who Should Play Young Han Solo?
@theliteraryomnivore - Sorry to have rubbed you the wrong way. That's not how I meant to phrase it, though I see how it came off that way. What I was trying to get across is that Ezra is so comfortable in his own skin and can easily say in interviews, "I'm queer" like it's no problem. So I meant "self-assured" as in "confident."
House Cleaning, Satan’s Rise, and Bureaucracy. Looking Forward to Being Human Season 5
I never bought into the whole "sexy vampires" thing until I saw Aidan Turner. Sigh. Also, props to Russell Tovey for realizing they couldn't recreate that dynamic! I feel like not a lot of other actors would think of the fans like that.
Who Should Play Young Han Solo?
@McDude - Yes! Brilliant! I had such tunnel vision while writing this that I didn't even begin to contemplate who should play Lando. Boom.
Why AMC’s The Sparrow TV Show is Divinely Inspired
I'm so glad to see there are others who share my visceral reaction to this book! I still remember having my breath taken away in that scene at Anne and George's where Emilio and Sofia sing together. Jimmy Quinn thought he had it tough! (Wow, I seriously do not geek out about books as much as I am right now.) As for the ending... I think whether or not people know about it ahead of time, it will be chilling. It just has to be well-timed for the end of whatever season it's stuck into, not just to get a rise out of newcomers to the story.
House Cleaning, Satan’s Rise, and Bureaucracy. Looking Forward to Being Human Season 5
I'm impressed that Being Human is rebooting their cast; I'm used to that more in shows like 90210 or Degrassi. I will say, however, that I've always associated the series with George, Mitchell, and Annie--if only because of the different accents/inflections each one had in saying their own names. (Seriously, listen to them introduce themselves in the old episodes.)
Hunger Games Fans Are So Hardcore They Found the Catching Fire Cornucopia Photos On Google Maps
@jennygadget - I love that you did! I still remember reading Catching Fire a few years ago and halfway through going, "Wait guys... I think I've cracked it!" And then like fifty pages later Katniss is all "Derp, it's a clock."
J.J. Abrams, Star Wars, and the Homogenization of Geek Pop
Yes, to all of this. Thank you Ryan for articulating what I've been trying to tell people when all I can say is, "I guess it's OK...?"
“It Be Opening New Worlds, Mon”: John Dies at the End
@millernumber1 - I read the first chapter of John Dies at the End online, so that's what I was comparing to the beginning of the movie. And sure, I can't speak for the whole novel, but judging from the detailed Wikipedia entry I think I made a pretty good guess. Also, "faithful" adaptation doesn't necessarily mean (in my mind, at least) that they followed the book word-for-word, more that they captured the spirit of the book. Good example: Fight Club. Bad example (made shot-for-shot): Watchmen.
Upside Down Trailer Sells The Most Impossible Sci-Fi Love Story
@NomadUK - Well, I'm not a genre expert. But I usually distinguish fantasy as "multiple worlds" (i.e., nations, dimensions, spheres of magic, etc.) and sci-fi as "multiple planets." Re: the black-suited enforcers--truth! At least In Time tried to give their police villain a backstory. @Braid_Tug - Right? Although the first trailer does reveal that Adam and Eden met as kids. Sigh.
Open Mouth, Insert Foot: TBS’ King of the Nerds Surprisingly FTW!
@Emily - I knooow. That part still makes me cringe, because they so clearly need the money. @mordicai - The TBS site doesn't seem to have the episodes online, but I'm sure TBS will air them a million times before next Thursday.
Why Geek Reality Show King of the Nerds Incites All Caps Rage
So glad this article prompted such a passionate response! @Jhirrad - The notion of "putting the nerds in their place" after the success of The Avengers, et al, is truly creepy. But I wouldn't be surprised if that were the basis of this blowback. @SchuylerH - For a second there I wasn't sure if you were being sarcastic. TBS has definitely been around for a while, but originally it was for syndication of Friends and other sitcoms. They've been slow to add on original programming a la other networks like TNT and FX. @SallyTerp - You're very right! Reality TV -is- about mocking others. But deciding that geeks/nerds -deserve- to be mocked is a disturbing notion, same with Honey Boo Boo and her self-described redneck family. Kim Kardashian and her famewhore relatives are people I -am- willing to go after, however. They bring it on themselves. @mordicai - LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN. Tor.com reality show, boom. @Jayms - So you're basically saying that we're always gonna be stuck in high school? @sprrwhwk - Good point about RL awkwardness versus what we see on reality TV! Though I will say that I loved Breaking Amish when it was on TLC this year, because it was so balls-crazy. (Also, can you tell us which person you know on KotN?! Or did you have to sign some sort of agreement?) @Robby C - We definitely didn't want to come across as absolutely condemning the show after just the trailer. We'll certainly be watching come Thursday...
Morning Roundup: Ghostbuster Ackbar Refuses to Say That One Line
The Emma Stone thing is the kind of story I would've had to write at my old job just to drum up attention. Honestly I think it's just her having the Emma Stone equivalent of a nervous tic (which is, of course, still adorable) and not some secret body language.
Where to Begin With Star Wars Books
I love you for writing this post. I'd also forgotten how many of these I've read! Courtship of Princess Leia might have been my first Star Wars tie-in novel... So many great memories tied in with that one, and I love what they did with Hapes and Dathomir. Weirdly enough, I read the junior novelization of Shadows of the Empire first, which is mostly the same except it lacks any of the racier stuff. So when I read the "adult" version with the Leia/Xizor subplot, it was jarring for my twelve-year-old self. I still haven't read any of the "Tales of" collections! I need to get on that.
How Does Sam Claflin’s Finnick Odair Measure Up In These First Catching Fire Photos?
@SKM - I keep hearing the argument for Jesse Williams! But a lot of fans freaked out because he's not white... which is ridiculous. I definitely think the casting should've been colorblind. @joelfinkle - Hmm! Did you know he was briefly considered for Christian Grey? I mean, what actor hasn't been really--but he's a contender I could've actually envisioned.
The First Four Minutes of Warm Bodies is a Sad, Funny Short Film About When Zombies Win
I haven't read the book, but my assumption from watching the trailers is that he's a biological zombie who's definitely decomposing. But falling for the human girl actually starts reversing his zombie-ism, kickstarting his heart and (as you can see in other videos) bringing color back to his face. Now, I'll be curious to see if this cause is because of pheromones and such, or if we're meant to suspend our disbelief. (You know, beyond already suspending it for watching a zombie movie in the first place.)
The First Four Minutes of Warm Bodies is a Sad, Funny Short Film About When Zombies Win
@Irene - I know, right? Really psyched for this. @ChrisB - Would you recommend reading the book first?
Wrestling Mountain Lions, Logic, and Plot Twists: Breaking Dawn, Part 2
@1 - Not only does it end boringly, it ends with this weird montage set to an Avril Lavigne song where they go through every single actor from every movie and the audience applauds obligingly. @2 - Yes, you're right! I should have clarified. It is indeed Alice showing Aro the future using her power and his power of tapping into other people's powers. (Also, anyone else think it's kinda lame how every vampire has a superpower? We don't need to make them into special snowflakes.)
What If Nathan Fillion Turned His Back On His Fans? Castle‘s Firefly Episode “The Final Frontier”
Wow, so many comments! I should write about Firefly more often. @1 + @14 - That was illuminating to hear, because I never want to come across as that kind of person! I'll try to reign in the Firefly love next time, but I -was- expecting more Firefly references based on the news reports that had come before and Fillion's prior jokes. @3 - Good point with the weapon! It did seem pretty unrealistic that no one would care about someone carrying around what's basically live ammo at an event with so many people undefended. @4 - I think I was too busy cringing at "Creavers" to even make the Firefly connection, haha.
Superman and Wonder Woman Are Dating Now?
@MichaelWalsh - Thank you for referencing "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex"! I read that ages ago and it never fails to make me giggle. @Kato - I had no idea about the circus inspiration for the costumes! Very cool. I really liked the Wonder Woman/Superman romance in Mark Millar's Red Son, but then I guess you can consider that that was more of a nifty plot twist to replace the standard Clark/Lois stuff... Still, there's some nuance to it, and it made the case pretty well imo.
Our First Look at Next Year’s Superman Reboot: Man of Steel
@SF - Yeah, I definitely realized that the two clotheslines were from different timeframes; I wasn't clear. My reaction came from the fact that -this- was apparently the visual the editors had decided would hint at the iconic costume.
Our First Look at Next Year’s Superman Reboot: Man of Steel
I feel like I'm watching The Perfect Storm... And the clothesline bit was odd: "Now it's blue clothing! Now red clothing!"
Sibling Rivalry Takes Center Stage In Sci-Fi Trilogy’s Cathartic Conclusion Sovereign
Great point! I had to keep the reviews spoiler-free since they ran during the shows' runs, but I would love to write some comprehensive piece about all three that freely discusses spoilers. In the meantime, however, let me point you over to Danny Bowes doing just that (mapping out spoilers, themes, and overarching plotlines) on his blog: moviesbybowes.blogspot.com/2012/07/form-content-and-genre-honeycomb.html

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