Audioslice: John Lindqvist’s Let Me In
thomstel - I'm one of those people with a bias against American remakes. (If there's more gore, of what is there less?) Re: new I just need a personal dice carrier to obsess over. And not one of those Crown Royal bags.
Audioslice: It Goes To 11
Qooop - audiobooks do have the advantage of being hands-free entertainment, LOL...I keep hearing about how awesome the iPad is for comics, but I haven't seen it for myself yet. mrburack - added the narrators...will be sure to include the links going forward. Liz
Audioslice: It Goes To 11
seguesue--Narrator, for sure next time. (Or on Monday, LOL) mrburack--Happy to oblige...but, links for which part? Liz

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