is Open to Novella Submissions!

@19. We've extended by a month. As for categories - if your stories are set in the genres we described, then sure. But no stories without a science fictional or fantastical setting/plot/theme.


@21. Either. Unimportant at this stage.

Announcing’s Inaugural Novella List
malnpudl, the answer to your question is "Fairly". We have simply tons of information we'll be imparting over the coming weeks and months - we can't include everything in every post (otherwise, we'd only ever need one post, and it would be ridiculously long!) :-)
Announcing’s Inaugural Novella List
Mshab, under the "With additional stories from" list, we have at least 5 science fiction novellas coming from these authors, and we'll be bringing you details of these, soon. We also have a bunch more at contract stage - we're certainly not going to neglect one of my favourite genres! :-)