The Future is Here and it Doesn’t Need You: Top Ten Movies About Killer Artificial Intelligence
Thanks all for some great comments! MadLibrarian--I actually had Nemesis on my alternate list originally. I think that's a solid pick. a-j--I had Dark Star too! But I didn't want the list to get so long it lost any meaning. There are SO many out there--just speaks to our fascination with the entire concept, I think. Demetriosx--I've had others mention The Demon Seed. That's another that I'm ashamed to say I haven't seen. My TBW list is growing... MDNY--You're right, some of these aren't exactly evil, but do things that would be considered evil. Another idea for debate. And I love the Puppet Master addition. Captian48--true, the machine wasn't AI--I was thinking more of Morbuis's brain once it had been "tweaked." More to the point, his ID, which goes off the rails. Not your traditional AI, but another interesting idea: at what point does an altered human brain become something else entirely?

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