How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Watch Anime

Ahhh these comments are a treasure trove of suggestions! I love the look at other people's old and new favorites, some I've heard tons about and some I have never heard of at all. My to-watch list is never going to end, and I am completely okay with that. Thank you all! 

6 - I've seen the first episode or two of Banana Fish and it's *definitely* on the list, for when I feel emotionally prepared for it. 

8 - I know I need to watch both Death Note and Evangelion at some point. The only part of Death Note I've seen is the "I take a chip and I eat it" scene and I somewhat enjoy extrapolating the entire show from that scene and pop culture osmosis. But I will watch it! 

12 - Similarly, I know I must watch Madoka. My anime-loving friends will probably disown me if I don't get around to it soon. 

13 - I *just* watched the first ep of OddTaxi and I am into it! Love the noir vibes! (Also I love Demon Slayer unreservedly. It would have been in this post if I had watched it just a bit earlier in my anime evolution. The pilot episode was one of the earliest episodes I watched, and it's a good one for drawing you in!)

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