Canadian, in Chicago, of a certain age. Write nonfiction for what I laughingly call a living, and enjoy it. Mostly. Love rock and roll. Oh, wait. I also love most other kinds of music. Unreconstructed FDR Democrat with a big helping of extra liberal. Doesn’t matter what my friends are, politically, though; they’re my friends. Love skiffy, the particular term of art I use to avoid the SF/SciFi religious wars. I read, but not as much as I should, since I have the attention span of a mayfly. I like fast loud and gaudy when it comes to films, love meta-heavy cult stuff when it comes to TV. Love niche stuff in general, love weirdities. Probably would like you, although I hasten to say that it would be because of your innately noble nature, not any pure essence of weird which you might, or might not, exhibit.