Firefly Re-watch: “Shindig”
Kaylee's arc auxilary? *sniff* I've long thought that the true story of "Shindig" was the unstoppable love affair between Kaylee and The Dress. I suppose I could fancy it up by saying that Kaylee can both be a girly-girl and an ace mechanic and is not just limited to being a tomboy; ie, she primarily is but she does not have to choose between these two identities. At the party scene she does not give up her smarts to be pretty, which is I think a great message to have.It's a nice companion piece too, to Zoe the warrior woman relaxing and having sexy time, yet not giving up her power to do so. Plus, the sheer glee when Kaylee is walking in-oh man, that has me smiling for days. So in one way "Shindig" is a meditation on the myriad forms of gender construction and femme identity presented by Kaylee, Inara and Zoe's storylines involving various constructed and deconstructed forms of womanhood. Or it could be the love story between a girl and her dress.

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