James S.A. Corey Says the Final Expanse Novel Has Been Turned In

@1: Amazon's release dates aren't always accurate, and Orbit hasn't provided a firm release date just yet. 

Babylon 5 Just Got an Upgrade for HBO Max


Just to note that nothing in the new remaster is cropped: it’s the show as originally presented. Yes, the live-action-only footage is no longer in widescreen, which is irritating, but it was either that, crop the CGI (which we know from 19 years of the DVDs looks terrible) or careen back and forth from widescreen to 4:3 and back again whenever a vfx shot cropped up, which would be wildly distracting.


Right, the live-action footage is cropped from how it was originally shot. It might be as it was originally presented, but it's not presented exactly as originally intended. 

Patty Jenkins Will Direct Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

@1 — that's certainly a possibility. The logo does have the older Rebel Alliance / New Republic-era X-Wing configuration, which makes me think it might be set in that time period. But we'll see! 

Apple Has Renewed For All Mankind for a Third Season

@3: Apple renewed the series. Apple TV + is the company's streaming service (they've produced a handful of original shows — here's a list).

The short version is that it's part of the company's push into services that supplement their hardware offerings. 

Hulu is Turning Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s Mexican Gothic Into a Series

@1, well, it's a limited series, so presumably, that'll be anywhere from 8-10 episodes. I can see it fitting into that box. 

Disney To Launch Mandalorian Behind-the-Scenes Series

@Austin : yep, and they've completed production. We'll see how the outbreak affects post-production. 

Coronavirus: The Sci-Fi/Fantasy Conventions Canceled So Far

@20 — feel free to leave a comment here or email me at liptakaa at gmail. 

Lucasfilm Reveals Next Big Star Wars Publishing Project: The High Republic

@9. I don't completely agree with that interpretation. Sure, Lucas had a story to tell aside from wanting to be financially successful, and there were certainly concerns that it wouldn't work. That said, there's a lot of evidence that they were aware of how to generate a lot of money, especially after ANH hit theaters: they put a lot of effort into merchandising, something that's remained consistent to the present. 

But, I don't think that a) people are tired of it, considering that the franchise has earned billions of dollars at the box office alone, and b) that even though it recycles a lot of tropes — there's still a lot of people who are meeting the films / books / comics / TV shows for the first time, and don't have that background awareness. Given how many films are remade and continued through sequels — and how successful they generally are — I don't think that unoriginality is really going to be a problem here. Sure, you might not like that Star Wars hasn't been the same since 1977s, but I don't think that's a widely-held view. 

On top of that, you can have sequels that are designed to continue the life of the franchise and also be good stories. Star Wars has plenty of those, in books, comics, films, and television shows. YMMV, of course.  


Lucasfilm Reveals Next Big Star Wars Publishing Project: The High Republic

@2: I wonder how long it will take before people are tired o this entire “universe”? When it first came out on celluloid, the idea was “fresh”, although it really did borrow tropes from many better written fantasy and science fiction sources. Now the whole project is just a money generating machine, with a “been there done that” feeling. There are so many better SF properties out there in the big world that deserve a wider audience, but people have gotten used to this old, used up idea.

Star Wars has always been a money-generating machine. 


The Expanse Casting Signals a Devastating Season 5

@2 — Amazon seems to have changed the spelling to Felip, at least according to IMDB. That's not unheard of in adaptations. 

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