Irene Gallo Promoted to Vice President, Publisher of

My only surprise is that it hadn't happened sooner. So huge congrats on your rise to Popeship (or is that to the Mothership?)

I guess I will need to devise a huge tea or dinner when next you come to the house. Make it to the Scottish house next time. You will have the prime guest room with its own bathroom. Ask PNH and TNH about it. xxxxJane

Medieval Matters: The Many Sins Of Braveheart

PS  I think the blue comes from the Blue Men of the Minch. Nevermind. Modern Scots have adopted it for sports events!



Jane Yolen

Medieval Matters: The Many Sins Of Braveheart

You have taken most of my 15 minute rant on BRAVEHEART. I live part time in Scotland. Had jut fbished reading the book, Braveheart, when the movie came out, The only god line init is when Melth Walce, riding a horse in his kilt (ouch) goes by and one of the Scottish foot soldiers says, "Funny, I thought he was taller!" In fact Wallace and King Longshanks were reputed to be the two tallest men in Britain! 

And re the Battle of Stirling Bridge--it's still taught in War Colleges as a perfect example of gorilla warfare.

Plus--you missed the ending, where Wallace--after being hanged and drawn, live r and light on his chest (but presumably before he's quartered ) sits up and shouts FREEDOM. Lie down, you silly git. You're basically dead.

Thanks for  the great read,


Jane Yolen

What’s Your Pick for the Best Science Fiction Film of the 21st Century (So Far)?

1. The The Martian

2. Serenity.

3. Of course Galaxy Quest missed by a single year, but I am still putting it on my list, but at number 3 because it didn't squeak in. So sue me!


Jane Yolen

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