Introducing the Bat-Rewatch!

I was prepping for this! I'm just about a third into season three. I will set my Bat66-alarm clock so I don't miss a post and follow along wearing my Bat66-socks, drinking from my Bat66-thermos.....

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The galleries will be back but it'll take a little while. There are a few other features (plus the bug fixes) that we need to get to first. I miss them too -- they'll be back!

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Introducing Seanan McGuire’s Every Heart a Doorway, with Cover Reveal!
Cass: It gets a bit dark in the middle of the book. I think 12 might be a little young. It's meant for adults but I'd say it's fine in the 14 and up range, if one was the type of 14-yr old that is ok with a little macarbe.
Snap a Shelfie and Get an Ebook with BitLit!
@4 sef, You take a picture of all your books and then the app will tell you which are eligible. Once you've done that, you need to redeem them one at a time.
Announcing the 2014 James Tiptree Jr. Award Honors
You are absolutely right, I very sorry for having overlooked it. It's added in now. Thanks for the heads-up.
Introducing Tor’s New Home on iBooks
Complinebelle, Tor Books are availble throughout all retailers, same as before. Apple has given us the space to make browsing a little easier for readers. None of our books are excsuive to Apple.
Celebrating Women in Sci-Fi and Fantasy Art
LaurenL, Julie Dillon is in there and an amazing artist. Click through the link and you'll see.
Celebrating Women in Sci-Fi and Fantasy Art
They are not related but it's an easy assumption. They even look a bit alike -- not directly but certinaly they look like they could come from the same family. And they are both spectaular people.
Introducing Tor’s New Home on iBooks
Hi Guys, All Tor Books US/UK are DRM free, since 2012. Apple's FairPlay DRM (as well as the different DRM systems used by other retailers) are not applied to our eBooks.
The Shape of My Name
Daria, I apologize for overstating the warning. The author labeled the original manuscript with a trigger warning for the suicide in the story. We defaulted to our standard warning and I can see how that is misleading here. We did not mean to imply that the warning is about the issues surrounding the character's gender identity. We'll lighten it up. Irene
Oh No, She Didn’t: The Strong Female Character, Deconstructed
In some other life were I have more time, I want to write the illustration version of this artcile.
Rocket Talk Episode 41: Myke Cole
Thanks fo rconsidering for a Hugo! It seems to fall into a gray area. is a profeiosnal outlet but Rocket Talk is Justin's production and he does not earn a living from it. I wish I could say more than just take your best guess. (I'm not sure if it's in the rules to vote for it in two categories?) is on Hiatus From Short Fiction Submissions From February Through April
Sorry! (And thanks for the heads-up.) That was supposed to be, "February 1st until May 1st." We will be closed February, March, and April. Back open in May.
Some of the Best from 2014 is Free to Download Now!
@23: It's definitely in Amazon UK and all other retailers, globally. Did you do a search on the title there?
Some of the Best from 2014 is Free to Download Now!
Let us know what your favorites are. Some of the best from Some of the Best!
Beta Testers Wanted to Break Our Website (Very Meticulously)
Lisamarie: Our hope is that it's a lot cleaner and easier to use but that it still looks and feels familiar. We didn't want to go too crazy with it, I think people will settle in pretty quickly.
Announcing the 2014 World Fantasy Winners!
Thaks guys! It was a fun day. I know it sounds cheesey but I really felt just as good, if not better, about Ellen Datlow, Ellen Klages, and Andy Duncan's wins! In fact, high fives to everyone on the ballot.
The Well-Lit Knight Rises: How 1960s Batman Shaped Our Bat-Thoughts Forever
I still watch these, just as earnestly as I did when I was a kid. There's nothing wrong with a polite and progressive superhero, and everythig right about it.
Pre-order (For Free!) Some of the Best from 2014
Hi guys, This should be fixed now. If you ordered it for .99 it will default back to free when the book is released, you won't be charged.
Tell Us How You Use the Site and Win Some Neat Stuff
Hi guys, Thanks for commenting. We'll be following this thread as well as the survey so feel free to keep adding anything you thought wasn't clear or broad enough. As for sweepstakes, we do apologize. I wish it was otherwise but, unfortunately, international tax laws make it impossible for us to run sweepstakes outside of the US. Thanks again for taking the time to reply!
Picturing Dragons
43. Steve Caunce, Thanks! I updated the post.
Picturing Dragons
Thanks for all the great adds, everyone! There's so much great work out there.
Trailer for Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings
@3, It's true! I loved Prince of Egypt. It doenst get the reckonition it deserves.
The Litany of Earth
@19. Priscus, Thanks for the catch. We're working to fix this now.
A Message to Our Community
30. flyingtoastr, Please restate your comment without name-calling or acquisitions.
The Wheel of Time Reread: The Final Post
Thank you, thank you, and thank you! You have been such a big part of's foundation. Thank you.
Sleeps With Monsters: How About Those Hugos?
Yup, unless I missed something, the only woemn in the history of the Hugos to be nominated in the Pro Artists category are: Diane Dillon (With Leo Dillon), 1969-71 Rowena 1982,83,84,86 Julie Dillon 2013, and now 2014 The only woman to win, Diane Dillon in 71.
Sleeps With Monsters: How About Those Hugos?
I'd have to check but, off the top of my head, I think more women are on this year's Pro Art list than have been on the past 20, maybe even 30 years, combined. is Seeking a Summer Intern!
I think you need to have a returning semseter but I'm not 100% sure. I would contact our HR department and ask them. is Seeking a Summer Intern!
James, If you're enrolled in college or grad school and looking for a summer internship with us, please feel free to conatct our Human Resources department for further details.
David A. Trampier, the Illustrator Who Defined the Look of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Has Passed Away, 1954-2014
Trampier was a huge part of my own sff orgins-story. I used to copy his drawings as a kid. I was a bit too young to try and keep up playing D&D with my older brothers, but I loved drawing from the manuals and making characters, and painting the minitures. So thanks, David. I owe you kinda a lot.
Download Free Ebook Editions of Nebula Award Finalist Novellas “Burning Girls” and “Wakulla Springs”
My apologies. Nook tends to be slower than most other retailers when it comes to price changes. It will be listed, presumabley today — they're just lagging behind a bit.
Announcing Glimpses of Radiance: Daily Previews of Words of Radiance
13. jeremyguebert This is what Carl was teasing about...But there's always some kind of new goodness to look forward to. ;-)
Announcing Glimpses of Radiance: Daily Previews of Words of Radiance
7. Guinevere We're looking into it. In the meantime, we will be sure you are registered.
When Pop Quizzes Lead To Books: Announcing Adam Christopher’s L.A. Trilogy!
I am biased, of course, but Brisk Money is great and seems to be collecting in-house fans. This'll be a fun project.
Hi Chuk, sorry about the typo. It's three stories.
Read the Entire Malazan Series in One Ebook!
This omnibus is available from all e-book retailers where Tor Books has the right to publish these novels.
Post-Binary Gender in SF: Introduction
Hi Guys, Stepping in while our regular moderators get home safe from the snow. I unpublished @29 for name calling and being overly antagonistic.
Michael Whelan’s Endpapers for Words of Radiance, Featuring Shallan
Zenbossanova: He re-worked the face a bit. We'll release updated wallpapers on that next week.
Michael Whelan’s Endpapers for Words of Radiance, Featuring Shallan
AG Rooster: We did shift things around for this. I don't want to commit to what went where, since the office closed this week and I can't double check my facts. But when you have a Whelan, you make room. ;-)
Stubby wins a Stabby! The Reddit Awards
We are certainly not dismissing it, we're thrilled! (Although, for the record Vatman, your guess is really not correct.)
In the Greenwood
I love this story! Thanks, Mari. And thanks to Allen, it's one of my favorite illsutrations as well.
Create a Six-Word Sci-Fi/Fantasy Story!
[Note from management: Damn, if ever we needed a "like" button, it's now. So many great stories here! ]
This is How Huge Door-Stopper Fantasy Novels Get Made
@15 Shay, In the old days, that was a "deckle edge." It was the thin feathery edge created when people made single sheets of paper. Nowadays publishers sometimes ask for a "rough front," which is a cheaper way to get that "ye olde story book" feel with mass produced rolls of paper.
Picturing Ray Bradbury
@35 and 36: Ack! Thanks. I put a note up top.
This is How Huge Door-Stopper Fantasy Novels Get Made
We actually have thought about commissioning a cross section drawing of the ole ship. Hmmm....

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