Genre in the Mainstream: No One Belongs in SFF More than Miranda July
I was reading the headline, and it confused me, until I realized you spelled "Laurie Anderson" wrong. ...but seriously, great post. Love this sort of thing! ...but also, no, seriously, how does NASA call someone up and ask her to be their artist in residence, and we still never claim this person for SF? I demand Laurie Anderson as GoH at Worldcon. (Preferably one where the Hugos are held at Hayden Planetarium and hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson, who would also work ahead of time with Anderson to produce a SF planetarium show.)
And You Were There: the Reality of Neverland, Labyrinths and Places Where Children Are Forever at Play
Hook: delightful movie. There are a few moments where the sappiness goes too far for me, but I'm willing to tolerate them in order to love the film for the other 98 percent of its runtime. Hoffman is beyond awesome; Williams is great. (It did, I'll admit, leave me with an enduring desire to write an epic hero-back-from-the-grave story that would not have the cheesy bits of Hook.)
Matsumoto Is Back—Oh Yes
Star Blazers, along with Doctor Who, was probably the most influential SF television of my childhood. I am over-the-moon excited that the two Yamato trailers we've seen so far (the teaser and this one) look utterly perfect. (About halfway through season one of Battlestar Galactica, I remember suddenly thinking, "Holy cow, this is the closest there will ever be to a realistic live-action rendition of Star Blazers." Thrilled to have been wrong!)
Johnny Depp Starring in Big Screen Doctor Who Adaptation?
In a development that will shock absolutely nobody who was paying attention, io9 has now reported that the BBC categorically denies the whole ridiculous story.
Casting, Lots: A Movie News Roundup
I would like to go on the record as saying that John Krasinski as Captain America, for all its out-of-left-fieldness, is perhaps the most incredibly brilliant idea ever. It is a stroke of utter genius. Please, please, please let them cast him.
There is now…
Great column! I have been wishing for years that Asimov could have stuck around long enough to see Multivac realized in the form of Google. I suspect he would have noted that once again, just as with his positronic robots, he got the concept spot-on, only mistakenly based the intelligence in hardware instead of in software.
Show Us Your Tentacles: A Lovecraft Art Meme
Of course we have Steven Archer, the guitarist/songwriter from the band Ego Likeness, who did 250 tentacly Mythos-inspired mixed-media paintings for Weird Tales this past year:
Stubby, the rocket
Irene -- this is awesome. Thanks for letting us behind the curtain.
Becoming a better editor, or me and the Best of the Year
This bit --
I still pick the stories I 'like' the best, it's just that I believe I've arrived at a richer, better informed and more considered version of 'like' than I previously had. I found myself wanting to include stories that sat outside my comfort zone because I could appreciate their merit and see how they belonged in the book, even if they were not necessarily my comfort-food reading.
Yes. Thumbs up.
Disney Buys Marvel: Comic Book Fans Everywhere Die Little Deaths
I think we need to focus on what really matters here: Pixar potentially collaborating with Marvel.
Eleventh Hour: Surge
I cannot believe, here on this grand science fiction board, that you didn't mention Judd Nelson (Transformers: The Movie). The one from 1986, that is.

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