Fabulous Beasts

It is wonderful. Happy to report it won the British Fantasy Award and was nominated for the Shirley Jackson Award. 


It's sf/horror, a major subset of science fiction for decades- in the tradition of "Who Goes There" by John W. Campbell (which was made into THE THING), The Fly, "Sandkings," "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream", and dozens of other stories, novels, and movies. 


Lucy Taylor has been publishing short fiction and novels for decades. You can check out her bibliography here:


How to Run a (Successful) Reading Series

We've been very lucky to be able to use the Bar for free all these years. We encourage the audience to buy drinks-hard or soft-and tip our bartenders well. 

Adult Children of Alien Beings

Fyi, there's a follow-up, which will be up May 24th.

In the Cave of the Delicate Singers

We'll have to agree to disagree then. As a BA in English lit I would use the word "hung". 

In the Cave of the Delicate Singers

POV character can say whatever she likes. It's her pov. Besides, even though "hanged" might be grammatically correct, most people still would say "hung". 

Fabulous Beasts

kittra: I've published several of her stories in anthologies-reprints and original and there's another story by her here on Tor.com, Rag and Bone  published in 2014. 

The End of the End of Everything

Thanks for the feedback. Btw, it just won the Shirley Jackson Award in the novelette category this past weekend.

The Color of Paradox
It's so good that it could be expanded into a novel, I think.
Rag and Bone
She has a new one coming on Tor.com in June (very different). And she has one out now in the anthology Nightmare Carvnival.
This Chance Planet
There is no book. (unless Elizabeth Bear plans to write one -but none in the works as far as I know)
Sleep Walking Now and Then
It was influenced by Sleep No more, which I saw with Rick.
Burning Girls
Brad: A new story by Veronica, a novelette called "Among the Thorns," will be posted on Tor.com April 30th.
2014 World Fantasy Awards Judges Announced
hey will be considering sci-fi/fantasy material published in 2013 right up to the June 1st cut-off date.--no it's fantasy and horror NOT sf.
Short Fiction Spotlight: On Land and Loneliness
Niall, just fyi,"Terrain" is a novelette, not a novella (9400 words)
Joel Lane, 1963-2013
He also just won the 2013 World Fantasy Award for his collection Where Furnaces Burn.
Morning Roundup: Xenomophs in a Bamboo Grove
The "artist" Kadrey is of course, the writer Richard Kadrey who while he has done collages way in the past (I have a couple) and is a photographer, is now known for his Sandman Slim series that I believe is being developed for the movies.
A Terror
Thanks for catching that--I'll try to get production to fix it Monday.
Rag and Bone
Nuts! You caught us all: Priya, me, and the copy editor. I'll see if we can get production to fix it. Thanks for pointing it out.
Welcome Ellen Datlow, New Consulting Fiction Editor for Tor.com
@Andy--been there, done that. I consulting for Tor in the oughts, acquiring and editing novels by Paul McAuley and Jonathan Carroll. ;-) Thanks Simon.
Welcome Ellen Datlow, New Consulting Fiction Editor for Tor.com
You're all embarrassing me. Stop it right now! :-) Seriously though thank you.
You Don’t Know Poe: 10 Weird Things About Edgar Allan Poe
Um, I meant Poe's Bicentenniel. Astin was really lovely and seemed delighted to be included in the funeral procession.
You Don’t Know Poe: 10 Weird Things About Edgar Allan Poe
I met John Astin at an event in Baltimore in honor of his Bi-Centenniel. Several actors played different people from Poe's life. Here's a little about it: http://tinyurl.com/7pkfqav here are photos from his "funeral" http://tinyurl.com/7wtaceu
Hugo Nominees: 1998
Stephen Dedman had at last three stories published in professional markets beginning in 1994 so I believe would have been ineligible for the Campbell in 1998.
The Future’s Not Bright…
To be fair SheilaRuth, many post-apocalyptic societies are dystopian.
The Future’s Not Bright…
Terri Windling and I have a YA anthology of dystopioan stories coming out in 2012. It's called AFTER, and each story takes place after some cataclysmic event where everything changes. We emphasized that we wanted stories with an energy and verve to counteract the possibly depressing circumstances of the characters.So far, we've gotten a magnificent variety. The anthology was a harder sell than novels as we believe that a whole book of many dystopic stories could be too depressing. We think we've avoided that.
Baltimore Cuts Poe House Funding
I took the tour of the Baltimore Poe house after participating in the various events celebrating Poe's Bicentennial Events in 2009. I'm really sad to hear about this. I've signed the petition and written a note to the Mayor. I urge everyone to do the same and I'm reposting this on my own blog/FB.
@ Imitorar "Miraposa" by Nancy Springer was published in FIREBIRDS not THE FAERY REEL. @Kij--Brava--I'm glad you didn't flinch (although I did).
Ralph Vicinanza, 1950-2010
Ralph was one of a kind and he'll be missed, both personally and professionally.
A Cthulhu Christmas, some gift suggestions—part three
I've... ahem... just given my set to a book dealer to sell for me ;-)
A Cthulhu Christmas, some gift suggestions—part two
Nick, I wasn't sure which editions to mention but sure, there are often cheap editions on offer in used bookstores and online. These posts are most definitely not meant to be all-inclusive. They're the books/items I'm aware of and that I really liked. There's sooo much more out there (some awful, some ok, and some brilliant, that I just haven't read or encountered) More recs coming next week.
A Cthulhu Christmas, some gift suggestions—part one
Sorry to just get here--I forgot to check for comments until now ;-). I'm also sorry to hear that there are so many typos in some of the books.