Damien Broderick, a Senior Fellow in the School of Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne, has been dubbed the Dean of Australian science fiction. These days he lives with tax lawyer Barbara Lamar in San Antonio and Lockhart, Texas. He sold his first short story collection at 20 as an undergraduate at Monash university. His novel The Dreaming Dragons is listed in David Pringle’s SF: The 100 Best Novels.

He has written or edited some 40 books, seven with Rory Barnes (most recently I’m Dying Here, their screwball-noir crime novel from PointBlank Press). Winner of several Ditmar and Aurealis Year’s Best awards, he received the 2005 Distinguished Scholarship Award from the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts. In 2005-6, Damien held a two-year Australia Council Literature Board fellowship to write Godplayers and K-Machines, a diptych based on the Singularity, the topic of his ground-breaking 1997/2001 non-fiction book The Spike.

Currently science fiction editor for Cosmos magazine, in 2007 he published a study of recent parapsychology, Outside the Gates of Science; he edited the pop-sci original anthology Year Million, a look at the very far future with Gregory Benford, Pamela Sargent, George Zebrowski, Robert Bradbury (who invented the Matrioshka Brain hyper-structure featured in fiction by Charles Stross and others), and a dozen others. His latest collection is Uncle Bones, from Fantastic Books, with The Qualia Engine expected before the end of the year, along with revised editions of The Dreaming Dragons (as The Dreaming), The Judas Mandala (which coined the term “virtual reality”), and several others. His non-sf novel about a fandom-like super-Mensa group of nerdish misfits, Quipu, came out in the summer of 2009 from E-Reads.

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Photo credit: Cat Sparks.

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