Top 10 best learning apps for kids

We cannot deny that we are living in the era of digital technology, so children are exposed to smart technology from quite early on, leading to many positive aspects. There are a lot of free Android apps for kids which are primarily for thinking, creative, reflective, and intellectual development. Some of the software below will help your children to develop their abilities when they are in school, so have a look at the list to choose your favorite apps for free.

ABC Kids

ABC Kids is a well-known educational app. It is straightforward for children from 2 years old to learn the alphabet and sounds in English. The app includes a series of marking games to help children recognize the shapes of letters, combine them with pronunciations and test their knowledge through fun and hilarious exercises. With a friendly interface and funny pictures, children will memorize the English alphabet quickly. ABC Kids app has proven to be dominant app when it comes to helping your baby play while learning English in a simple but effective way.

Coloring Book

Coloring book is an object familiar to many “small” friends. It is the beautiful memories of many people. Coloring Book has quickly become the choice for of kids of all ages, as a new form of entertainment, enhancing the focus and affirmation of personality. Coloring Book includes light and relaxing pictures for the viewers. It can be abstract motifs, patterns, artwork or things that are close to our lives. Immerse yourself in the fantasy world of color and lines with Coloring Book – the perfect tool to relax, relieve tension and show off the artistic talent deep inside of you!

PBS Kids Video

PBS Kids Video is a great social networking video sharing site for kids. It contains a lot of kid-friendly content. The contents are not only of a high quality but also continuously updated. All of the programs on PBS Kids Video are fun, educational and entertaining. Although the app contains ads which show up at the beginning of the video. Therefore, it does not interfere with the baby’s audio-visual experience.

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Kids Preschool Puzzle Lite

Kids Preschool Puzzle Lite is the most downloaded game among children’s educational apps on Google Play. This game includes 20 puzzles to try before you decide to buy the full version. To complete the puzzle, you need to figure out the similar shape, rearranging the puzzle pieces according to the pattern. The games can enhance cognitive skills, visual skills, and recognition of shapes and spaces. With bright colors and the cute interface of the games, the app is sure to create fun for children.

Google Play Books

Google Play Book is considered the best book app for children and adults. Users can choose from millions of books on Google Play, including new releases, textbooks, New York Times bestsellers, and free classics works. You can also easily adjust the font size and further customize the reading experience. It enables you to read online or offline and read on your phone, tablet, or computer. Let’s start reading today!


ColorMe is the most popular coloring app today. It not only helps children to develop creativity but also relieves stress for adults. The app contains over 100 pages divided into various topics such as animals, love, food, ocean, and people. Also, the updates are added continuously. ColorMe app is really a game for both adults and children, and it is free for all ages.

YouTube Kids

This is the top YouTube channel dedicated to small angels. Anything inappropriate for a child is removed by the editor. YouTube Kids for Android contains an enormous variety of videos, multi-disciplines, and entertainment from short to long. Users may remove ads if you are a YouTube Redeem member.

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Kids Doodle

Kids Doodle is a painting app specially designed for children who want to explore the world of color and passion for painting. Kids Doodle owns a variety of color palettes and 18 brushes including neon, pencil,  rainbow, and crayon, giving kids an unlimited creative space. They can draw directly onto photos or canvas wallpaper. In particular, the app also offers a unique “movie” mode, which can be used as a small movie for people to watch. Download this app and give your children the opportunity to express their talent.

Kids Connect The Dots (Lite)

Kids Connect the Dots Lite for Android is an app that helps improve your baby’s English through games on Android. They will know how to recognize numbers, letters and help children pronounce easily. This is a fun and easy-to-use app for kids to learn English.

In the app, the children will draw the animals through the dots. The baby will recognize how to count the numbers through each dot fast. At the same time, they can quickly memorize English letters easily. The app provides over 100 images to help children learn creatively. The sounds are lively and the pictures are vivid.

Amazon FreeTime

Currently, malicious software and apps are still rampant on the Internet, causing many parents to worry about the safety of their children. With Amazon FreeTime, parents can comfortably use their phones and laptops without having to worry about it. This app will provide parents with a set of controls similar to Amazon’s tablet devices. Besides, it also selects over 40,000 YouTube videos and sites that are considered as safe and healthy for children through the FreeTime web browser. Up to now, more than 10 million children’s parents have trusted and registered to use Amazon FreeTime app.

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