I grew up on Burrough’s “Tarzan”-series, followed by the works of Seton-Thompson, Scott and Stevenson (still love those). And though I have always loved stories with fantastical elements (fairy-tales! yaay!), my serious dip into fantasy came when inspired by the trailer of “The Fellowship of the Ring” I picked up “The Lord of the Rings”. Devoured them (months before I managed to see the movies), love them ever since. Then discovered “The Wheel of Time”, which made me read fantasy in English and a bit later led me to the work of Brandon Sanderson, and the rest, as they say, is history. All these books (and a lot others) have influenced my life immensely (not only by means of reading material but also by means of some choices I have made in my life), and I am grateful that there are so many fantastic and talented writers who give me along with all the other readers a chance to be a part of these amazing worlds and adventures.

I am a dreamer, and one of my dreams would see me spinning out a published story of my own one day (gee, what a surprise, eh? :) ), but since I haven’t managed to produce anything of significant length so far and even those short things I have are probably mediocre at best, the day that would see this happen is still in the hazy future lightyears away. In the meantime, I am totally grateful and happy that some brilliant people have created such a wonderful place as tor.com. Even though I have never met or actually talked to anybody here, I still feel like a part of some big, happy family. So here’s for you, tor.com bloggers and commenters (and anybody who might happen to actually read this)! Cheers! :)